#Art and #Artists : The Brilliant Works of Ula Einstein

I’ve been thinking about Ula Einstein’s art over the past several months, ever since she contacted me about her work. My overall impression is that her artworks are simultaneously detailed and minimal. It can become something of a conundrum thinking about this dichotomy. Yet that’s what stays with me–her lightweight airy paper works so complexly patterned. Even the color spots in the artist’s mixed media originals and prints contain an illusion that they are free-floating forms.

As she encompasses so much territory, Ula refers to herself as a “multi-disciplinary” artist “engaged with fragility and substance.”

Ula Einstein burned paper piece is light and airy, employing minimal tools and techniques, yet richly patterned and detailed.

Ula Einstein burned paper piece is light and airy, employing minimal tools and techniques, yet richly patterned and detailed.

Ula Einstein’s “mixed media” materials include paper, fire, hot glue, color pencils, and inks, as she employs the active techniques of burning, cutting, crumpling, tearing, piercing, erasing, taping, and stitching, among other actions. Ula sums up all this activity by simply stating — “making is part of the content.”

Vortex in Orbit #4, mixed media on paper ©Ula Einstein

Vortex in Orbit #4, mixed media on paper ©Ula Einstein

The art originals in Ula’s 2014-’15 Vortex in Orbit series, ©Ula Einstein, consist of Prismacolor premium color pencils, fire, and hot glue.  Limited Edition prints from the originals are digitized on a Cruse Scanner and professionally printed using archival pigments, and then signed and numbered in the edition by the artist.


Vortex in Orbit #5 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd edition prints 11 x 11″ $185. (Custom size available) - See more at: http://ulaeinstein.com/visualart/recent-work/vortex5/#sthash.yXtz93QL.dpuf

Vortex in Orbit #5 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd edition prints 11 x 11″ $185.

Prints and artworks can also be commissioned to larger sizes to meet your needs. Contact the artist via her website here.

Vortex in Orbit #19 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd edition prints 14 x 17″ $225. - See more at: http://ulaeinstein.com/visualart/recent-work/vortex19/#sthash.YND6ywbG.dpuf

Vortex in Orbit #19 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd edition prints 14 x 17″ $225

Ula Einstein also creates installations in components in her studio, which she then reconfigures for each exhibition.


Vortex in Orbit #3 ©Ula Einstein Ltd. edition prints 9 x 11″ $180. (Custom sizes available) - See more at: http://ulaeinstein.com/visualart/recent-work/vortex3/#sthash.CXDg5M4m.dpuf

Vortex in Orbit #3 ©Ula Einstein Ltd. edition prints 9 x 11″ $180


Ula Einstein is a highly visible New York City artist who exhibited several of her paper works at the 2015 Flux Art Fair seen here in photos published in a Hyperallergic feature. Üla’s work is internationally exhibited in galleries, museums, and non-profit art spaces, and are in numerous art collectors private art collections.


Vortex in Orbit #16 ©UlaEinstein Ltd. edition prints 14 x 17″ $225 - See more at: http://ulaeinstein.com/visualart/recent-work/vortex16/#sthash.QyRoytm6.dpuf

Vortex in Orbit #16 ©Ula Einstein Ltd. edition prints 14 x 17″ $225


Below are more artworks in the artist’s Vortex in Orbit series, as well as more on her materials and studio practice.


Vortex in Orbit #9 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd. edition prints 11 x 11″ $185 - See more at: http://ulaeinstein.com/visualart/recent-work/vortex9/#sthash.ZGKsloR8.dpuf

Vortex in Orbit #9 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd. edition prints 11 x 11″ $185


Vortex in Orbit #17 ©Ula Einstein- Ltd. Ed. Prints 14 x 17″ (ask me about custom sizes) - See more at: http://ulaeinstein.com/visualart/recent-work/vortex17-2/#sthash.Q4i7TGCg.dpuf

Vortex in Orbit #17 ©Ula Einstein- Ltd. Ed. Prints 14 x 17″ (ask Ula about custom sizes. Contact her via her website.)


Ula describes her art practice in this interview in her studio–


Ula Einstein's tools for her art practice

Ula Einstein’s tools for her art practice



Studio Visit Site for Making Reservations to Visit Artist Studios


Jacks Pollock's studio floor in the Pollock Krasner house.

Jacks Pollock’s studio floor in the Pollock Krasner house.

We took a few days off during the Christmas holiday week and now we’re back to share the really great Studio Visit site that artists and collectors will want to know about. It’s an artist studio reservation service that is provided completely free to artists and collectors.

Studio Visit is a website for collectors to make reservations to visit artist studios searchable by city and country. So far, the main studio locations listed are cities in Germany, Spain, Mexico, Belgium and the Netherlands. Once you add your studio location your city will appear in the available locations.

Artists simply register with their studio address, name, and at least one picture of their studio. Artist/studios can add up to ten pictures of their studio space, up to ten images of their artwork, a Google map view, artist CV/Statement and other menu options.

The Studio Visit website provides a booking system. Through this system potential buyers and collectors will request a studio visit only on the days, times, and for the duration that the artist or studio configures. The booking system will ask for basic contact information from the collector that will be seen only by the artist/ studio they request to visit.

Once a collector books a studio visit reservation the studio will receive an email. In the studio account menu option RESERVATION MANAGE the reservation booking can be approved or rejected. If approved the collector will receive an email and can only go ahead with the studio visit appointment with this confirmation email.

News of this service is provided to you by the Artist Marketing Resources blog For the past six years, Artist Marketing Resources has been providing information to artists. Some of our resources and services include: The International Art Gallery Directory  available hereArt Licensing companies agencies + artist agents & artist reps hereTransmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook hereDirectory of Art Consultants here1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art E-list herePhotographers Resources of International Photography Reps and agents, galleries, print sales, publishers + more hereArt magazines, art blogs, art directories e-list of art publication resources for artists hereArt Print Resources for artists here , Featured Artists here, and our E-Postcard Marketing Service for Artists here.

Artists Submit to Sight Unseen Magazine and Online Shop

We’ve added these to our extensive list of art magazines and blogs, and our list of online sales sites

Sight Unseen wants to publish professional designer’s, photographer’s, or artist’s work created to keep rather than sell, including homemade objects or gifts for loved ones for the magazine’s ARTISTS’ PROOF section. If you have an interesting home interior with lots of personality, decorated with your possessions, collections, or artworks, submit photos for the Sight Unseen At Home With section or the INVENTORY section for your interesting collections or other group of objects that says something about your creative process, and you’d like to visually catalog it.  If you have a book, magazine, or exhibition you’d like Sight Unseen to excerpt, or If you own or are working with a factory on a project, and have professional or near-professional photos submit them to Sight Unseen. If you’d like to invite Sight Unseen to visit your factory or studio–if your studio is visually intriguing, full of special details, and can communicate something about your creative process in photographs. For STUDIO VISIT: TECHNIQUE, let Sight Unseen know about a unique physical or conceptual technique in your work that you can trace throughout several of your projects. If you’ve created something with a riveting enough backstory or production process to hold a few hundred words for the Sight Unseen to THE MAKING OF section.  If you can look out the window of your studio and see something that’s spectacular, inspiring, or just pointedly mundane Sight Unseen may be interested in photos for their THE VIEW FROM HERE section.

Sight Unseen is also interested in working with artists who would like to put together a custom creative project that can be presented digitally for sole publication on Sight Unseen and artists’  sketchbooks — or h series of sketches for a specific project — that go beyond the obvious. For the WHERE THEY’VE BEEN section, Sight Unseen is looking for images and projects creatively inspired by a trip or a location and documented it by way of photographs, drawings, etc.

How to Submit
Sight Unseen is always on the lookout for interesting people and subjects to feature. We are open to anyone working in a creative field. To submit your work, please send low-res jpegs or a link to your website or portfolio to submissions [at] sightunseen [dot] com. We cannot respond to every submission we receive. If we are interested in creating a feature around your work, we will be in touch! All product and paper submissions can be sent to 611 Warren St., Suite 3, Brooklyn, NY 11217, but please note: Sight Unseen does not accept products or compensation in exchange for editorial coverage. All coverage is at our sole discretion, and all sponsored posts are clearly marked as such on the site. Please consider submitting story ideas with categories outlined above, and be sure to submit low-res images.

The Sight Unseen shop is dedicated to the sale of handmade and one-of-a-kind wearables and housewares by artists and designers, who approach those objects as a platform for experimenting with materials and techniques.


Video: UK Painter Martin Finnin At Work in His Studio

I want to share this video interview of a UK artist. I love his angst-free descriptions of his painting process and love of the light in his studio, simplifying the complex process of painting into something pleasant and interesting.

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