New Video Art Streaming Service To Pay Artists Royalties on Fine Art Videos


Recently, we featured an online only art gallery as just one of many unique alternative exhibition sites out there. We will be presenting more. Today, we’ve discovered another idea taking shape in a site that combines a subscription service to art patrons and a venue for visibility with art licensing and royalty payments to artists.

Videothèque art stream is on a mission to become a video library for artists and art patrons and to provide a channel for video artists to display their works to the public through a closed system web-based portal. This new curated subscription-based video art streaming service is based in New York City and will offer high quality, curated video art to global customers through the Videothèque secure streaming service.

We’ll be watching to see how this new site takes off. It’s an interesting combination of art magazine, online gallery, and art licensing company.
“Laptop and Film” Image courtesy of cooldesign at
“Old Television” Image courtesy of suphakit73 at

Video: Artist Metrov Responds to Curators Request to See His Process

California artist Metrov demonstrates his skills as an artist, film editor and filmmaker in his “Making Of” documentary video A Study in Body/Psyche Ratios. Below:(runtime: 7 minutes).

Metrov wrote this introduction to his video–

“Last year, I made a (30) minute documentary video about my life in the arts. Though it was well-received, I had a few curators tell me they are mostly interested in the artist’s “Process.” I also got a fair amount of feedback suggesting the video should be shorter. This new video is (7) minutes and focuses solely on “the Process.” Since I’m an experienced filmmaker and editor, it was relatively fun and easy to produce this kind of presentation. I believe the video should help viewers more deeply understand and identify with the work. However, I’m not inclined to write much about it as it should speak for itself. Anyone is welcome to contact me should they want more info.”

A Study in Body/Psyche Ratios (Warning: Adult Content)

Metro’s video demonstrates the “making of” work in his new 2015 series: A Study in Body/Psyche Ratios  — eleven 24″ X 18″ mixed media paintings on archival photographs and two 36″ X 24″ mixed media paintings on canvas. Each original is accompanied by ten 40″ X 30″ signed, limited edition prints. For more information, please contact the artist.


Find more film and art by Metrov on his website here.



Zalez Video: West Is Yours

An artist in France, Zalez, creates a wide variety of work. Zalez sent us this video of a trip to Los Angeles. You may or may not appreciate wheat paste art or street art, but we decided to share this Zalez video with you today. Video length: 3:27

“West is yours”- Zalez from Zalez on Vimeo.


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