New Artists Added to ArtRegards: Contemporary Art On E-cards

Perhaps ArtRegards is adding artists to their site slowly. I submitted my art a couple weeks ago. Yesterday, ArtRegards, which is a site based in Switzerland, curated me in. I posted several images of my art for anyone using the site to send out on e-cards. Each time someone uses my art on an e-card, I receive a royalty payment. Several of my art images are now available to send on an e-card on ArtRegards.

I noticed a few artists I know on the ArtRegards site as well. It is a fairly new site, and they are accepting artist submissions. ArtRegards, and the site I posted about yesterday, Sandalista, are both simple types of art licensing for artists to do. If you think you might want to try submitting to larger manufacturers who print art on products, Artist Marketing Resources offers an extensive list of art licensing companies –you will find the list here.