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For Artist Marketing Resources readers–Here’s a new opportunity for artists sent to us from Andy Derrick, Head of Artist Community at artsquare–

Hey Marie,

Hope all is well! I wanted to let you know I’m hosting a 30 Day Artist Jumpstart Challenge with a teammate of mine…participants will get daily lessons and practical directives all geared towards helping them get sales traction. They’ll also get access to a private chat group where we’ll all chat through progress, answer questions, share successes, etc.
It’s $15 to join, but I’d love to offer your readership $5 off. They just have to click through this special link.
Let me know what you think!


Exclusive Art Competition for Emerging Artists on ArtSquare

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At ArtSquare they know how important it is for artists to have high-resolution images of their artwork– it’s essential for selling online, making prints, submitting to magazines, etc.

Any artist can sign up for a free portfolio and start getting their work organized and resized, even if they do not have their work digitized by ArtSquare.

The ArtSquare website is a platform for artists to easily connect with professional photographers for creating high-resolution images of their art. ArtSquare has vetted photographers in their local area and are working to make this process easier than it’s ever been. They’re currently in over 60 cities across the U.S. and when there is an appointment request in a new city they can open there in 2 weeks or less.

After an artist’s appointment with one of our photographers they receive their image files in their own free ArtSquare cloud storage portfolio. Each time a high-resolution image is uploaded, the artist portfolio automatically creates 7 different JPEG versions optimized for different common purposes.

ArtSquare LOVES finding fun ways to promote the work of ArtSquare artists…so they’re hosting their first online competition. Any artist with an “Emerging” Portfolio Plan can submit to be part of the competition for free.

They’ll choose a winner on April 20th and the winner will get their artwork printed on a run of T-shirts by TeeSpring. ArtSquare will create AND promote the TeeSpring campaign, TeeSpring takes care of shipping, and the winning artist keeps all proceeds from T-shirt sales and retains all rights to their artwork.

All you need to do for a chance to make money from your art on a T-shirt is:

  1. If you don’t have an Emerging Portfolio Plan, click here to upgrade.
  2. Go to the competition submission page by clicking here.
  3. Follow the submission instructions and after a few minutes you’ll be entered in the competition.
  4. Sit back, we’ll let you know if you win and then do our best to sell as many T-shirts for you as we can– then you get paid 🙂
Upgrade to Emerging Plan

We hope to see you in the competition. Stay tuned for more opportunities to get your artwork out in the world– much more to come over the coming months!

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Copyright + Copyleft: Free Webinar On Issues + Imitation for Artists on Dec 17th



On monday, I shared details in an article here about the new platform called ArtSquare, where artists get photos  of their art made into high-resolution files for printing and publishing.

Andy Derrick, Head of Artist Community at ArtSquare, wrote to thank and to tell me about their webinar on December 17th called “Copyright & Copyleft.”  It’s going to be a conversation with Robert Panzer (Director at VAGA Rights) and Gwenn Seemel (artist/speaker/author) about their different perspectives of how artists can view/handle imitation and copyright issues.

This free webinar with two very interesting people and perspectives– should be great! Andy says, “I thought this might be up your alley. If you want to include an invite in your newsletter or social media feel free to do so.”

Artist Marketing Resources artists are invited to attend this free webinar hosted by ArtSquare about artist copyright issues and imitation with a couple leading voices on the subject. You can sign up for free here



New Platform Helps #Artists Get High-Rez, Print Ready Image Files of Their Artworks


Artists, ArtSquare helps you get high-resolution, print-ready image files of your artwork and store them in a convenient image portfolio storage platform. It’s free to store your portfolio images on the ArtSquare site. Then, when you need to get one or more images digitized into high-resolution files for Giclee printing, art licensing products, or for art prints on canvas, paper, or metal, the ArtSquare site connects you with an affordable source.

ArtSquare offers 100% Artist Protection guarantee while sourcing local services near you.

This resources allows you to get high-resolution images of your art made from your existing photos, for as low as $15, and without having to physically take your art in to be scanned (which often costs $100 or more).

This is such a valuable resource for artists that Artist Marketing Resources is sharing the link with you today.

ArtSquare offers artists a portfolio and secure storage vault for art images.

Once you have your high-resolution images of your art, you will find many platforms for print sales on paper, canvas, on fashion clothing items and home products on our Artist Print Sales Sites and Resources here:

Many art magazines and publications require high-resolution images as well–findArt Magazines, art blogs, art publication resources e-list here:

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Drips of cyan, magenta, yellow, black printers ink below courtesy of Idea go at