Fashion Designer Mary Katrantzou + ArtStack + You: Upload Your Art

Art Fair + Fashion Designer+ ArtStack + You = Crowdsourced Exhibit

It’s interesting to see how things combine–a fashion designer creates an online exhibition of art images on the ArtStack social media art site and invites all artists and art lovers to participate by adding images. The theme is art inspired by letters of the alphabet and you can add images of art found while at the Frieze art faire, add the art of an artist friend, or if you are an artist you can add their own art for visibility.
To participate, take photos of art you love using the award-winning ArtStack iPhone app or submit work on the ArtStack website.
When you upload an art image to ArtStack you will see this option:
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Mary Katrantzou x ArtStack – see the exclusive show now!

This Frieze week, ArtStack partners with leading fashion designer Mary Katrantzou to bring you a series of curated digital exhibitions inspired by her latest, limited edition collection, Mary’s A To Z. In these exhibitions, Mary showcases her inspiration and invites the ArtStack community to participate in her creative process by crowdsourcing works inspired by the alphabet.

Pictify, Pinterest, the ArtStack, ffffound,MeeWork, and We Heart It

When I see a comment that Pinterest is a waste of time, I know that they just don’t get it.  Both Pinterest and the ArtStack are great places to find reference images, organize, research and study –that is, examine a subject–such as a painting style–in a way that isn’t boring or tedious! If you are a visual thinker–and most artists are–then image sharing sites are for you. (When I want to view images of a historic artist’s work, I search Pinterest and ArtStack before I do a Google search).

ArtStack and Pictify are the two major sites that are all about publishing photos of art–your art, art you love, and historic artworks that inspire. Pinterest has an art category but users share images of everything, not just art, while the ArtStack and Pictify have only art images.

I’ve used Pinterest and ArtStack for a while, but only recently joined Pictify. I’ve also discovered a few smaller image sharing sites– ffffound , meework, and we heart it.

No matter what you call it– collecting, pinning, stacking, bookmarking, posting, or finding–when you put together interesting collections of art images you will attract others to view them, including gallerists, curators, art collectors, interior designers, and home decor shoppers! So be sure to have images of your own art and the art of your artist friends uploaded to these sites too.


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Guest Blog Post by Marcela De Vivo: How To Best Use theArtStack


How To Best Use is a new social networking site, that on the surface, seems to be the resulting mixture of Pinterest and Instagram. While ArtStack does allow users to curate content in a similar manner to Pinterest (instead of “pinning,” you’ll be “stacking”), the network is specifically reserved for both creators and consumers of fine art.

An exclusive art community isn’t the only unique feature of this popular site. Pictures are bigger than what you’ll see on Pinterest and the content feels much more valuable, simply because of the exclusivity of the site’s members and the fact that it is by invite-only. Though the site is in beta mode, it does allow you to request an invite from the home page or via your Facebook account.

You’ll also get all the standard features that you would expect from any good social network site in 2013– the ability to follow people, upload your own work, comment on other people’s material and a newsfeed filled with content from the people you’re following is all part of the gig.

It’s essentially a social mechanism that allows you to become a virtual art collector.

For those of you who are in fact, artists, it’s a tremendous tool that can help you get a lot of recognition, as the site is designed to be an “art discovery tool.”

So, here are a few ways that you can use one of the most recent social media fads in the art world to market your artwork and make a name for yourself, at least as far as the online art enthusiast community is concerned:

1. Adding your own artwork — ArtStack provides an “Add to my Collection” option once you’re signed up with a profile. There, you’ll be able to upload your own photos and sort them into different groups and collections.

Remember that ArtStack is designed for artists who want to showcase their work, so it’s not “frowned upon” to upload a ton of your own stuff. That’s what the site is there for.

Once you upload, you’ll have the ability to name, sort and comment on your own material.

2. Stacking other people’s artwork — As previously mentioned, you won’t hurt your credibility by adding a lot of your own artwork, and if it’s good, you’ll see it get stacked by other members. That being said, it can definitely help your credibility if you stack other people’s art work along with your own material.

Even while it is exclusive to artists, it’s still considered social networking, which is always going to be a world of give-and-take. If you want to get recognition, you’ve got to make the effort of giving it yourself.

 If you curate content that you think is good and worthwhile, other’s will see that and find your own material more interesting and credible.

3. Following other users and networking — Just like Twitter or Pinterest, ArtStack allows you to follow and be followed by other users. Since the site is still invite-only, this is a great way to network with other artists, share your work and connect with people who share the same passion as you.

Make sure that you avoid following a bunch of people in the hope that they’ll follow you back. Stick to following those who you actually find interesting, and chances are that you’ll make some helpful connections.

Take Advantage of the Exclusivity

If you’re lucky enough to be a member of ArtStack, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a powerful tool in its earliest stages, while it still has value. Over time, social networks tend to lose their value because of spam, content inflation and constant abuse (Twitter is a good example) from people who just want to use it as a get known, or get rich quick scheme.

Fortunately, ArtStack hasn’t fallen victim to that yet and is still holding its value, so if you’re lucky enough to get the invite, take advantage of it. It’s certainly a viable art promotion option.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional from Southern California. She specializes in social networking, web hosting and content development, and understands how a networking site, like ArtStack, can help artists from all over the world gain exposure and recognition. Follow her on Pinterest today!

A Thank You From ArtStack

I hope he doesn’t mind that I posted his email(below). I’m glad to have my blog noticed by a large and popular site like ArtStack. The note of appreciation and the help getting my ArtStack *follow button* in my sidebar was unexpected! This is the email I received:

Thanks for posting about ArtStack!

Hi Marie,

Thanks so much for posting about ArtStack on Artist Marketing Resources – I really like what you’ve stacked so far!
You can also add a ‘Follow me on ArtStack’ button to the page by copying the code straight from here: – this works just like the code for the ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button, and if someone who clicks the button hasn’t already joined ArtStack they’ll be able to sign up from directly; they’ll also follow you when they join.
Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts about the site – I’d love to hear your feedback and please do spread the word!
Ezra Konvitz
Co-Founder, ArtStack