Hellsheart Call for Entries: Get Your Art Shown in a Feature Film



You must be a member of BrooklynArtProject.com to upload submissions. Membership is free and open to artists globally.

Deadline: July 10, 2013

Get your artwork shown in a feature film and a Brooklyn, NYC art exhibition http://bit.ly/17y1HLG #callforentries #hellsheart #brooklynart

How To Enter

1. Your piece should explore any of the following themes: Hell, Afterlife, Spirituality, Love, Symbolism, and Catholic Iconography. Feel free to make a new piece or submit one you already have. Any size.

2. Upload the artwork to BrooklynArtProject.com and include the tag#hellsheart. You must be a member of BrooklynArtProject.com to upload submissions. Membership is free and open to artists globally.



The Human Factor: ELMUR Call for Video Art

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Video Challenge – 360º Around The Human Factor

Wherever you come from north, south, east or west of the continent if you are a creative citizen which loves to capture ideas and little big moments in life… this is your challenge!

To celebrate our 5th anniversary ELMUR.NET global visual dialogue invites you to submit your creative videos under the theme: 360º Around the Human Factor, creative perspectives on human values.

In a globalised digital world where human beings are closer than ever, we would like to visually reflect about those things which unite us all.

What makes you feel close to others? What is valuable to you or to humankind? After all, what makes us humans? A feeling, a moment, an idea? Are you able to capture it with your camera, visualize it with images, graphics or with an animation?

Show us your talent and perspectives, share your creativity, inspire us and win amazing awards!

UPLOAD YOUR PROPOSALS at http://www.elmur.net

Submissions open from 01.06.13 until 18.06.14

Monthly awards throughout the challenge!

What can you get?

Best videos will be screened in public spaces and cultural events in an international context. You will be able to promote your talent and present your creativity to wider audiences in amazing in places and events like ESPACIO ENTER international Festival of Creativity, innovation and Digital Culture (ES) and BILDERFLUT public screenings in Berlin (DE) among others.

The board of experts from ELMUR.NET will do review and give you feedback of your proposal.


1 x “Best Video of the year“ Award

12 x “Best Video of the Month” Awards
Every month ELMUR.NET will select a video to be presented in the ELMUR public screen installation in Lleida (Spain). It will be highlighted at elmur.net website and social media channels and promoted within ELMUR.NET international network.
Get connected with updates on complementary awards for all participant videos. Register at www.elmur.net and follow us at Facebook or Twitter (elmurnet).


No entry fee.
Open to all, no age or nationality restrictions.
We encourage amateurs and professional creatives to take part in the challenge.
Open to all styles and techniques: creative video, storytelling, animation, video art, video poetry, experimental, video collages, remixes, vj mixes, etc.
No limit in the number of works submitted per entrant.
All videos will be published under Creative Commons Licence: attribution, noncommercial, share alike.

Take up the Challenge! Upload your proposal at http://www.elmur.net

MORE? Download attached PDF or write us at info@elmur.net

Link: http://www.elmur.net/index.php/news/index

Deadline: Wed Jun 18th, 2014

different locations
Berlin and others, 13353

Women Painters West Accepting Applications for Membership

Now Accepting Applications for Membership
Applications due by March 30, 2013

For application forms and more information about WPW
Please visit:
To download an application,
Click on “join”  tab

For more information, please see website: 
or email:
Diane Karpel, Membership Chair:
email: membershipchair@womenpainterswest.org

Colour In Your Life- Australian Art TV Show, Art Shop and Artist Community

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Colour In Your Life– Australian TV Show, Art Shop & Artist Community

Colour In Your Life is a web site that is run by Artists for the purpose of building a ‘Library of the minds of Artists’. The site enables investors, educators, students, teachers and people all over the world to have access to the enormous creative energy that is part of the minds of right-brained people.

Art and what it does for our society is incredibly important to the spirit and the souls of all that see it. Forty percent of the people on this planet are supposedly right-brained. Unfortunately we all live in a left-brain world; a cradle to grave mentality. We will only be able to change this if we can find a place where we can get in touch with the right brain of our species.

The TV show has been a wonderful tool for all the Artists that have been involved. With over forty percent of galleries across Australia closing in recent years, Artists have been struggling to make themselves seen and heard. Colour In Your Life can change that.

Graeme Stevenson, CEO of Colour In Your Life, has been a practicing professional Artist for 30 years. He currently works with the TV show ‘Fine Art Showcase‘ based in Los Angeles, and also a number of large corporate clients and many of the worlds leading Fine Art Licensing agents. As a long time professional artist, Graeme understands the many battles and trials that Artists go through to make a living out of their craft.

Colour In Your Life is a web site that, through the TV series ‘Put Some Colour in Your Life‘, will enable many Artists and viewers to better interact with each other; to be able to exchange information and ideas.

How the Web Site works

The Colour In Your Life Gallery is for all artworks – whether they have sold or are for sale. The Gallery is simply for showing the world what an artist can do.

The gallery plays host to many artistic talents, delving into abstract, impressionism, all the way to super-realism. Anything is welcome, from photography, calligraphy, water-colour and sculpture, to animals, landscapes, portraits and web design.

With thousands of images having already been uploaded in the last few months, the Colour In Your Life Gallery will soon become one the biggest Art Hubs on the web.

Listing images in the Gallery is free, and is the best way to start promoting your work. Thousands of people come looking for artwork everyday, and if it’s not there to see, how will people find you?

The Colour In Your Life Shop is for those artists that wish to sell their artwork online. The artwork must be registered with Colour In Your Life, and while it does not cost anything to list the work, a commission rate is taken upon sale of the work. The seller must also be the owner/creator of the work and be legally allowed to sell the piece.

Copyright: Colour In Your Life will take all measure to protect the copyright of artist’s work registered with the site.

About Graeme Stevenson

Graeme Stevenson was born June 29th, 1958, in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. From a young age Graeme was fascinated with the world, beginning his career by painting and studying animals, including the Australian parrots he bred.

His reputation as an artist started to grow after he obtained his pilot’s license and began exploring the vast areas of Australia, photographing, sketching and painting the animals he studied.  He then began travelling across the world to study animals, painting and becoming published – in 1988 he was commissioned to produce ‘The Atlas of Parrots’, displayed in New York, Paris, and the London Natural History Museum.*

*for a more extensive history, please head to the Colour In Your Life website.

Graeme is working with ‘The Celebrity Shopping Network‘ in Los Angeles, and  is on the show about three times a year selling his work to a potential audience of 70 million viewers. His work hangs in galleries and private collections throughout the world.


The Colour In Your Life Community is the home for all Artists. With it’s own chat boxes, chat rooms and groups, it’s just like Facebook for Artists.


The Colour In Your Life TV show airs on channel 4Me nationally  (in Australia). Since going to air, late March 2012, artists that have been involved with Colour In Your Life have confirmed that the interest in their work has accelerated, with some even selling out of their stock due to demand.


The Colour In Your Life website also has a ‘Tips & Articles’ for artists section, a Colour In Your Life blog, and a competitions page. Colour In Your Life hosts competitions from its major sponsors such as Chroma, all of which can be found on the website. Some of our art prizes have included a $5000 art set from Canson and monthly vouchers from Chroma.


If you’d like to know more, or have any questions about the website, television show, or other Colour In Your Life queries, please contact admin@colourinyourlife.com.au .

Preview, Attend and Bid on Expressive Renderings or Detailed Realism In Our Live Online Art Auction Nov 4th!

Yes, we have it all. From Expressionistic faces to portraits of vintage celebrities!

Put a Little Art in Your Life You’ll Feel Better! Terry Luc original artist designed t-shirt available in sizes S/M/L/XL in our live online art auction Nov 4th

Faces series, painting on canvas, Jacqueline van der Veene

Elvis and 1955 Cadillac Limo, by Chris Osborne

Conversation 2 people, alabaster on granite pedestals, by Robin Antar

Revolution, Terry Luc original artist designed t-shirt available in sizes S/M/L/XL in our live online art auction Nov 4th

Steam Punk Pig, print on paper, Jerry Gonzalez

Flowering Fantasia, limited edition print by William Busciani

Marilyn and 1955 Pink Lincoln by Chris Osborne

RSVP today and you will be notified one hour before the auction starts at 11:00 a.m. EST.

Attend our live online art auction on November 4th, 2012.

You will find the link to RSVP and to attend below.


RSVP Today and attend our live online art auction coming up soon! Before we know it November 4th will be here and the auction will begin at 11:00 a.m. EST. Be there to bid on and win expressive paintings, carefully detailed works of realism, hand-carved sculpture, hand-painted photographs, posters, and artist designed t-shirts! There are 100 art items listed in our auction! Here is the link to RSVP and to attend: http://tophatter.com/auctions/7666?campaign=community

Submit Your Art to Lost At E Minor

I’ve read Lost At E Minor for a couple of years now. Zolton has a knack, and the good taste, to present the most interesting art stuff around.

You can SUBMIT YOUR WORK for a feature!

If you want to submit your artwork, photography, music, website or anything else creative that you do, in the hope that you’ll be featured on Lost At E Minor, please send three images via the form on their website here. Jpegs should be:

* 480pixels wide at 72dpi (height doesn’t matter)
* Less than 70kb each image, or you owe them a soda.

If you’re more interested in writing about someone else whose work you like, then you can post about them under your name on Lost At E Minor via their contribute a post section.

(Any readers of this blog, Artist Marketing Resources, who would like to take this option please let me know–I may be interested in writing an article about your art. Marie Kazalia email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com)

Or now, if you’re an artist, photographer, musician, and you’re not fussed about having one of the Lost At E Minor writers cover you, you can post about yourself on Lost At E Minor and introduce your work to their readers. Hooray! Check out their new(ish) contribute a post section and knock yourself out. Not literally of course!

Yes, Zolton love samples, except for Burmese aphrodisiacs and running shoes made of wood. So please, for the love of all that’s good in the world, stop sending those. But send everything else to:

Zolton Zavos
Lost At E Minor
C/O – Link CoWorking
2700 West Anderson Lane (Suite 205)
Austin, TX, 78757


Zac Zavos
Conversant Media
Level 1, 16A Bolton St
Newcastle 2300 NSW

ArtWeb.net Soon to Add Artist Prints POD Services

Colin Mansell, founder and owner of ArtWeb.net announced yesterday that the development work to add art print services to the ArtWeb.net  site is underway and will be ready for testing in about a month.

The primary prints format will be fine art paper, 100% cotton, single-sided, acid free, woolen felt textured, archival quality paper, printed on 285 – 315 GSM paper depending on where in the world the buyer is ordering from. Artweb.net will also be selling prints on canvas and are  looking into offering postcard print options and printing onto acrylic.

All of the formats will be optional to each artist member when they upload their image files to their site profile. The images artists upload will be checked for quality before they become visible on the site, to make sure the jpegs are high enough resolution to produce a quality print.

Artweb.net has decided to move ahead with two print partners, one in the USA and one in Canada. Here are their web links for your reference and review of their credentials and approach to quality:

As Artweb.net continues to expand globally, the site owner is currently investigating possible print partners for the UK, Europe and Australia.

A Wonderful New Artist Testimonial for Artist Marketing Resources

I worked with William Montgomery  August and September 2011. He had a family emergency and had to take some time off. We resumed working together recently. Here is what he wrote about my efforts:

Testimonial from William Montgomery

“Before working with Marie Kazalia I had tried working with a few consultants costing thousands of dollars with absolutely no results. Of course I tried marketing my work personally as well, with no results either. Last Fall 2011 Marie was able to introduce me to a company in the UK who licensed 15 of my images for print on Canvas and archival paper. They are Art Consultants working globally. A week ago she was able to get me a deal with a New York company which licensed eleven of my latest pieces for distribution on canvas in two sizes in Australia, Italy and the US and they are working to establish a company in Great Britain as well. I modified the files so that I am able to continue marketing the originals without competition. She has sent out a little over 100 letters of introduction to art consultants and interior design companies here in the US and other countries. We have an interview coming out shortly  in My Spotlight Gallery blog. I know Marie works very hard at this for me because I find emails at all hours of the early morning to late evening with questions, check this or that, what do you think, etc. We maintain very close contact online and we are now starting to converse on the phone occasionally which really helps to clarify any issues at hand. All in all, I have found Marie to be extremely knowledgeable and is building new alliances all the time. She excels at web networking, so if you need marketing assistance I highly recommend her company.”

Working with William has been a great pleasure. I have watched  confidence in his artworks grow daily. You may view over 2000 original artworks on the artist’s websitehttp://www.abstractfineart.com ranging from 1993 to the present.

Marie Kazalia

Artist Marketing Resources

Raven Prints by Beth Surdut in Our Virtual Gallery

2 Ravens, by Beth Surdut, one of 3 prints by the artist included in our virtual gallery exhibition (inquiries to: Marie Kazalia, at email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com)

Here is the link to a preview of our current virtual gallery exhibition: http://youtu.be/bPLZXcCTDHo

you can attend the online show by clicking this link:http://gallery.exhibbit.com/exhibition/b72b2895-1fa8-4169-9443-cb7e9457748c/

New Amazon Store Seeking Art

Dear Artists

I am opening a new Amazon Pro Shop. An Australian artist already sent 8 of his paintings to me, and I agreed to post them for sale on Amazon. I would like more items to fill out my store ready early for the holiday shopping season.

Amazon takes 15% commission on most items.  For somes item, such as CDs, books, and DVD, they also take an addition $1.39 per item sold. Since I must pay $40. per month for the shop, and maintain it, I also will take a commission.

I am looking for more art items to add to my Amazon shop. Original art, artist cards, posters, Giclee prints, artist books, 3D items. I require samples sent to me to list them in my Amazon shop.

PDF file of terms and Call to submit:


To discuss more details, feel free to email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com     Also available on Skype.

International 100:Words Project

Hello Marie,

I hope this finds you well and in good heart.

I’m a visual artist living in Ireland and I am writing to invite you
to take part in an on-line project I recently started called 100:WORDS.

It examines and celebrates loss, love, life and the passing of time and asks
people to describe the life they have experienced using 100 words or less.

You can see the project at www.lifein100wordsorless.wordpress.com or on facebook 100words
So far I’ve received submissions from the USA, Canada, Finland, Italy, France, Australia,Russia, Australia, Venuezela, Ireland, India, Lebanon and the U.K.

I’m hoping that there will be a publication and short film to accompany the project but
this will be determined by the amount and type of submissions received.

Please feel free to pass the details on to anyone you feel maybe interested in the project.

Take care and all the best,




Benjamin L.M. Hits:2003-2010 Exhibition at Juxtapose Studios

Hits:  2003-2010
Art Show
1 Night Only!

Juxtapose Studios
Adelaide, Australia

6 Cinema Place, Adelaide
Friday 13 May 2011, 6pm

Hits:  2003 – 2010 is the first retrospective of paintings by Benjamin L.M.  A wild display of the beginning.  Strong ideas, memorable images, all the hits are here.  A powerhouse of modern colour and monotone nature.  Loud and quiet, all the ground is covered.

Take Flight is the first solo show on American soil for Benjamin L.M.  He will be flying with 10 new paintings to New York in June.  The short art film by Benjamin L.M. called Out Of Nowhere has just been re-cut and loaded into YouTube, the music is licensed from and made by Moby.  It was all pulled together by the film clip maker and photographer Beau Lambert in Los Angeles, USA.

Silver Slide “The Wheel Begins To Turn” is the debut recording by Benjamin L.M. and Roland Black.  A digital EP recorded in France and Hungary, released by Gradpeak Records and Clear Colours.  The cover art is by Benjamin L.M., his 4th album cover.

For information and a preview of the show:  Mia Dion – Phone  0404 368 318