What I learned From Offering Article Marketing Services to Artists on Fiverr Last Week

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Last week, after being contacted by someone who claims to earn $4000 a month on Fiverr working only 8 total hours per week, I decided to put Fiverr to the test for myself. I put out the word that, in order to better understand the site, I would offer a service on Fiverr for a limited time–read my article here— offering feature articles for $5.

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I had five orders placed via Fiverr my first week on the platform. What a relief that there weren’t more. If twenty had ordered this service that first week I would have been overwhelmed, especially since I had set up delivery at 7 days maximum per order. I also offered an extra service of magazine submissions for $20.

Four of my Fiverr orders came from artists I already knew. Also, one additional new person has shown interest in my services on Fiverr.  So that out of 6 interactions, two are new, or about one third. So that I’ve begun to think of Fiverr as a fun and interesting platform for making new business connections

I’ve since added another Fiverr service that will be much easier for me to quickly fill-–I will add your website link to my site blog roll for $5 on #Fiverr click here.

I must admit that I didn’t expect to like Fiverr as much as I do! Things happen fast on Fiverr and it’s super easy to use the Fiverr control panel on my account track orders. Plus Fiverr is automated create and flag reminders on your personal TO DO list, making managing your orders a minimal task.

Consider using Fiverr services as an alternative to paying for Facebook Likes and Google ads to get click-throughs to your site–

On Fiverr its easy for artists to order useful services–for instance, if an artist has an exhibition announcement that they want published and promoted on social media, they simply place the $5 order via my Fiverr feature article offer, upload their image or images and include a link to their site plus some suggested text or focus for the article.

Then the clock starts ticking. I have 7 days to fulfill the order–that is, to put together and publish the article. Once it is published, I complete the order via Fiverr by sending the link to the client. That way there is accountability on both sides–if a client who places an order is demanding too much, then I can offer a custom order at a higher fee or simply cancel the order. This also an easy way for artists to manage their marketing and fees paid for tax purposes.

Those controls and options within Fiverr are what make the site most useful. Otherwise, working for $5 has little appeal!  But with a volume of orders and higher priced extras and custom service options, all managed from the Fiverr site, I do see the potential for at least supplementing one’s income.


Although the majority of my first Fiverr orders came from familiar faces, I now have their positive reviews on Fiverr profile.*If you are thinking of trying Fiverr to suppliment your income, try offering several simple services rather than just one or two. You can also offer physical items that require shipping. Fiverr is set up to handle all that too.Whatever you are offering–services or products–add extras to give buyers more choices and so you can make more money. For instance, if a client needs the service completed quickly, you can add the optional service of fast delivery for an additional fee. Fiverr makes it all super easy to set up–so that those options are automated.*

Why do a feature blog article with us? Published blog articles are better than paid ads because our articles become a permanent part of Google and other search engine search results. When you pay for *likes* and ads,  your exposure stops when you stop paying.

Additional Value:  After we publish your article, we tweet the article across 5 twitter ACCOUNTS. We share your article on multiple Facebook pages that we admin, share it on Google+ and in Google art groups, post to our Tumblr blog and share multiple images with links on Pinterest and post as a discussion in our Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIn Group

For a limited time we are offering our $5 Feature Article Plan on the platform Fiverr –take a look here.

And our additional new service-–I will add your website link to my site blog roll for $5 on #Fiverr click here.

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