A Solo Exhibition of paintings from Gabriella Cleuren’s  BRAVE NEW, OLD WORLDS series.

From 29/08/2013 until 22/09/2013

Church Sint-Nicolaas, Apostelplein 9100 Sint-Niklaas Belgium

Through my fascination with the work of Goya, who expressed his criticism in his etchings and Black Paintings about his contemporaries, memories, testimonies of the war between Spain and France in the 18th and 19th centuries and the 19th century spirit of intolerance, I detect parallels with my time. Two hundred years later, the human condition has barely improved. War is pervasive and spreads across our planet like a wildfire with terrible consequences. Like biblical catastrophes, mankind destroys his environment, his habitat, his existence, his fellow man. One only needs to collect news images to reinforce this vision on which this installation of my paintings has been assembled.


Widows 2009

My limited edition book contains images of many of my paintings that are not on display in this exhibition. The book contains an essay on my Brave New Old Worlds series of paintings written by Bart Vandenabeele, Professor of Aesthetics and Philosophy at Ghent University. The content–durable images that introduce an important aspect of our era, the 21st century.

© Gabriëlla Cleuren 2013

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Meaning of Light— New Painting in Artist Gabriella Cleuren’s Brave New Old World Series

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The Light symbolic.

Light is a condition for seeing. It is so normal that we are rarely conscious of it. It makes everything visible, but remains unnoticed itself. Nonetheless, it is a graphic means for the artist, which she or he directs, or a given which she or he copiously directs her/himself in their work and in their observation. Because light is decisive for the atmosphere and thus it announces or transfers something to the viewer without him or her becoming aware of it. Light feels nice. It gives brightness, clarity and is the bearer of old archetypal meanings which any person of any culture whatsoever intuitively feels. Light stands for cleanliness, goodness, sincerity, truth, spirituality, simplicity and modesty, strength, wisdom and beauty; in short, for the divine. Thus it is positively set.

© Gabriella Cleuren 2013


                  Meaning of light 2013 73 x 54 cm ( 28 3/4 x 21 1/4 inches)
Art of the Prom Nice France from  June 7 until June 9  2013.
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