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@GalleryGray began following me on Twitter this morning. I took a look at their Twitter profile and yes, I followed them back. This out of the ordinary online gallery  site seems more like one for an upscale brick and mortar gallery.

Visit Gallery Gray ( to view the July  solo exhibit of paintings by Ellen Siebers.

The online Gallery Gray accepts artist submissions for Solo and Group Shows. Click the *contact* tab on the site for full submission guidelines.

Southern California Gallery Accepting Email Submissions from Artists

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Artist email submissions are becoming standard. Usually the gallerist who say they don’t like email submissions are the ones who receive hundred or even thousands of unsolicited artist submissions each week. But, I expect to see more of the smaller galleries putting out calls for artist to submit with submission guidelines requesting email submissions only. I have noted that more galleries post a *Submissions* heading their gallery website, that  list their submission guidelines and email address.

Also, lots of calls to submit links show up on Twitter. I just re-tweeted this call–follow me on Twitter @TransArtGuide

So I thought I’d share it here too:

This gallery is accepting email submissions. All the details here:

There are two galleries in San Francisco with open calls to submit. One is online and brick and mortar and the other a physical gallery only. Both are listed in my share list of several hundred galleries (I don’t recall the names of these galleries at the moment). But If you’d like to get into more gallery submissions, here is a link to my Gallery Share List: