These Celebrities Bought Art From Artists on Instagram!

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The theme here of late has been selling art on Instagram.  Just last week I posted details on how to create a shop for art sales on your Instagram profile–read the article here. I also featured the news that artist Caia Matheson sold one of her paintings within one hour of creating her shop and posting her first painting to Instagram–you’ll find the article here.

So I was wowed by the news that celebrities Lindsay Lohan and Leonardo DiCaprio purchased art from artists after discovering their work on Instagram.

After reading my articles, New York artist Jane Dell asked what is the difference–a  link to her website on her Instagram profile or the shop? So the answer is that no matter your method, buyers see your work and buy it on Instagram! Just make it easy for them.

Artist Sold Painting Within One Hour of Posting to Instagram With This Sales App

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On Monday, I posted my article about using the Spreesy app to add a shop to sell your art on Instagram–read the article here.

Artist Caia Matheson read my article, signed up for the Spreesy app and posted her first painting for sale on Instagram.  It sold within one hour! Caia also sent a “Big Thanks” to me for introducing her to this sales app! You can see it on your Instagram post.


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Caia Matheson also added the link to her Spreesy store to her Instagram profile, as recommended. She uses a lot of great hash tags to her posts to help get the word out too. Congrats, Caia!


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I got an offer on my painting, also within one hour of posting to Instagram–but it’s still available in my Spreesy store here.

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