Packing and Shipping Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Giclee Canvas Art to Buyer

Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray 20 x 13 inch stretch canvas Giclee printed –buy on here.

Once the order came in, artist Chris Osborne had this Jimi Hendrix Giclee canvas art print custom printed, stretched and varnished, to ship to the Amazon buyer. She snapped iPhone photos as she packaged the artwork for shipping.



 She wanted to package the canvas print with care– “I start with foam core larger than the piece then attach a margin of foam core strips around the edges.  Add an extra layer on the outside of cardboard.  Finish with lots of final packing tape around the outside edges,” Chris Osborne says. “Done!  Phew! I spent one and one-half hours carefully packing the limited edition artwork.”
“P.S. the shine on the print in the second photo is the plastic wrapping around the print.”
Protective layers of foamcore and cardboard around the Giclee canvas print–for a protective sandwich ready to be inserted into shipping box and sent to buyer insured.
Also in our Amazon store:

Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray- Limited Edition Poster available here.

And a larger, 23 x 35 inch, Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray here.

Jimi Hendrix + 1969 Corvette Stingray limited edition poster, from a painting by Chris Osborne, is the best selling item in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store

Jimi Hendrix + 1969 Corvette Stingray, signed limited edition poster, from a painting by Chris Osborne, is the best-selling item in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store



Remix to Earn Commissions on Juicy Canvas Site Sales

Sign up to become a Juicy Canvas innovator –earn commissions. Sign Up for the Private Beta :

This video shows you how it works–

Our 2nd Gallery Wrap Canvas Give-Away!

Last March– about 8 months ago–  Artist Marketing Resources did a Sunbelt canvas give away.

Our artist readers enjoyed and appreciated both the give-away and learning about the canvas and wood panels this American manufacturer has to offer. So we want to do a another giveaway! This time Sunbelt is generously providing two 16 x 20 gallery wrap canvases to two winners!


LINK TO ENTER via a Rafflecopter giveaway. Artists may enter daily. The two highest scoring participating entries each win a canvas + free shipping. (In case of a tie with more than two entrants an online random number generator will be used to select two winners).

Juicy Canvas is seeking +Artists +Designers +Illustrators to be part of their beta launch!

Yes, that’s right–Juicy Canvas is seeking +Artists +Designers +Illustrators to be part of their beta launch!

For Artists, Juicy Canvas offers–
+ Greater Marketing Reach
+ Increased Monthly Revenue
+ Potential for Commissioned Work

Want to be part of the Juicy Canvas collection? Send in your portfolio! Use this link to the Juicy Canvas site and submit your art by Friday Nov 30th, 2012

What is the Juicy canvas market?
Juicy canvas allows art-lovers  to discover and customize ( just a little ) emerging art that is rendered on a high-quality canvas or archival paper.

Raw Canvas Accepts Submissions For Gallery Representation

English: Mixed media On canvas

English: Mixed media On canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raw Canvas is an art house, gallery, art rental venue that provides packing and shipping art world-wide, and more.


Raw Canvas is interested in contemporary media including painting, printmaking, drawing, mixed media and photography.

Raw Canvas welcomes submissions from artists seeking representation throughout the year. They accept proposals for single exhibitions as well as for gallery representation.

Due to the cost involved in producing and mailing printed submissions, the gallery encourages email submissions. Please ensure your email subject line reads “Portfolio Submission”.

Artists seeking representation in Raw Canvas should email submissions to:
or mail Attn: Miriam Naumann
Raw Canvas
1046 Hamilton St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2R9


Kathy Blankley Roman’s Expressive Abstractions on Canvas, Paper and Board

Kathy Blankley Roman has a background in illustration and calligraphy, then began painting expressively since 2010. In late 2011 she began exhibiting her paintings, was a winner  in 7th Annual Emerging Artist Winter Exhibit at Morhpo Gallery in Chicago. “I was one of the winners, and will be featured there in a group exhibit in October 2012. Behind me: scent of pine through the woodsong, fog, Shakin’ it Up BeLow, and Edges.”  Kathy Blankley Roman

Kathy recently had her art featured in an ebook titled, Walk into Abstraction-Vol. 4, and will be curating and participating in an all encaustic exhibit in August 2012.

Kathy Blankley Roman’s paintings explore the process of emergence and dissipation and the interactions (polarity) of opposing elements: eg. angular vs. curvilinear, geometric vs. organic, using an earthy palette. Building up her paintings in layers, using acrylics and various dry media on different surfaces – various papers, canvas, board – first making marks or scribbles, then painting over, repeating this process many times – acting and reacting to the marks, she works with what emerges from her impulses of the moment,  going through many transformations. The artist has experimented with adding collage to her paintings, process painting without brushes, digital painting, and encaustic,often combining any number of these processes into one painting. Lately, she has experimented with adding more color into her artwork while maintaining the warm earthy tones. “I found that the layering and immediacy of the process translates easily to encaustic, a relatively new medium for me,” she says.

Confluence, Kathy Blankley Roman, 12 x12 inches, acrylics, charcoal on canvas.

Epiphany, Kathy Blankley Roman, 16 x 20 inches, acrylics, charcoal, graphite on canvas.

Hummer, Kathy Blankley Roman, 12 x 12 inches, acrylics, graphite, charcoal on canvas.

Under/Over the series, Kathy Blankley Roman, Encaustic and mixed media on cradled birch 8 x 8 inches each 

Kathy Blankley Roman

All-Over Realism: the Paintings of Leslie Parke

Leslie Parke in her studio.

American painter Leslie Parke paints abstract compositions from the real life subject matter of gold trimmed China dishes and recycled disposables.

Recycled Paper Sasebo Japan, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

One day, on a walk with a friend in Sasebo, Japan, she passed a recycling center stacked with bales of recycled paper. “The image of their surface was striking to me,” said Leslie Parke, “ like a Harnett trompe l’oeil painting, and the structure of the bales made me think of Don Judd’s boxes.”  For Leslie, the bales contained the history of painting– “[they] carried everything from Lichtenstein’s cartoon paintings, to Jackson Pollock’s all-over composition,” the artist stated.

Compacted, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

Later, on a trip to Maine, Leslie discovered bales of crushed cans at another recycling center. The shiny metal and circular lids suggested new visual elements for her canvases– circles, folds, bands, and also reflected light.

Recycled Bottle, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

Much like Monet’s Water Lily paintings and Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings, Leslie Parke paints her images cropped, close in, with no visible horizon line. She enjoys painting in oil on linen or canvas as large as 60 x 70 inches.

Plates in the River, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

One day, after giving a party, she began painting piles of her Grandfather’s gold trimmed English porcelain.

Cascade, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

“Up-close these works painted in oil on linen or canvas, seem to be merely flecks of paint, … but from a distance appear photo-realistic,” Leslie Parke describes in her artist statement.

China Heap, oil painting on canvas by Leslie Parke

Leslie Parke is the recipient of several prestigious foundation support grants. She was also an artist-in-residence at the Claude Monet Foundation in Giverny, France.

She has exhibited widely, including  several exhibitions in museums in both North and South America. Parke has a BA and MA from Bennington College.  Her work is in numerous corporate and private collections.

View more images of her amazing artwork on her website:

Sunbelt American Made Artist Canvas vs Asian-made Discount Canvases + the Winner of Our Canvas Give-away!

Sunbelt Canvases with packaging

Yesterday UPS delivered a box from Sunbelt containing two sample 12 x 16 inch canvases.  What I noticed right away was the weightiness of each canvas — the substantial good quality canvas stretched over wide wood stretcher bars, with consistent super tight flat corner folds. Consistent corners are always something I look for.  I noted the labels (pictured above) listing the materials—cotton canvas, acrylic titanium white primer, precision squared.

I  removed the clear plastic wrap on the canvases and examined the white primer coats. I noted right away that the tooth of the canvas was visible and present and the finish matte. This is important!

Do you use Asian-made discount canvases? Check the corners, the wood frames, and the labels on Asian discount canvases before you buy. Is the primer matte or glossy and slick. Usually  labels do not mention materials used. Why is this important?

Did you know that lots of artists have had issues with the primer coating on those super discount canvases made in Asia (Vietnam, China, etc)?  In fact, many artists who use an Asian discount canvas will first take the canvas outdoors, spray it down with a garden hose to give it a good soak and then give the canvas surface a good scrub with a hard bristle brush to remove the primer!  The extra labor off scrubbing off the primer and the mess and extra expense of applying a coat of gesso makes that bargain canvas much less of a bargain. Why scrub off the primer? Because acrylic paint doesn’t stick to the primer on some discount Asian canvases! There have even been reports of entire paintings peeling right off of Asian-made discount canvases!

If you are an artist in the US it makes sense to buy American made canvases such as stretched canvas sold my Sunbelt—the canvas is consistent high quality,  the corners tightly wrapped, the coat of white primer is a titanium white acrylic with a matte finish, as it should be, and the wood stretcher bars wide to prevent warping.

Many artists have noticed the low retail price list on the Sunbelt site and made them their source of supply for canvases, wood panels and silkscreens.

Thanks to all who tweeted and sent our promotional canvas give-away blog post to Facebook!

 Winner of our Canvas Give-Away

Seven artists left comments on our blog post making them eligible to win. We assigned each artist a number 1-7 then put the numbers 1-7 into a hat, and then (without looking) drew out a number. The winner # 1  Brenda O.  We’ve given Brenda O’s mailing address to the people at Sunbelt canvas so they can ship the 16 x 20 inch gallery wrap canvas to her.

Artist Marketing Resources Exclusive: *F*R*E*E* 16 x 20 Inch Gallery Wrap Canvas Offer

Sunbelt Mfg. Co. has manufactured quality American made artist canvas since 1982. At one time Sunbelt was a large supplier for stretched and gallery wrap canvases in the U.S. Since the China explosion onto the U.S. market they now focus on professional artists and art instructors, working hard to give their customers exactly what they need. Sunbelt provides all types of custom canvas supports at competitive prices.

As a special promotional offer exclusively for Artist Marketing Resources blog readers and Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIN group members Sunbelt will give one artist a 16 X 20 inch Gallery Wrap canvas.

To be eligible for selection to receive the canvas, all you have to do is use the share buttons at the bottom of this blog post to Tweet this post and share it on Facebook, then leave a comment below.

One artist will be selected from those who comment and will receive the 16 x 20 inch canvas sent to them at no cost!

Leave comments up until Wednesday March 20th, noon EST, to be eligible. One artist selected will be asked to provide their U.S. mailing address to receive the canvas. P O box addresses are *not* eligible.

Visit the Sunbelt site to view the other products they offer, including wood panel supports for artists and silkscreen frames. The artist section on the Sunbelt website shows some of the artists that use their canvases. They will always be glad to place the work of other artists in their feature section.

Sunbelt Cradled Panel

Condo Painting–A Video On Artist-Painter George Condo

Recently, I watched the video Condo Painting, a 10 + year old documentary on painter George Condon. The video is available for viewing on Netflix.
At one point the video takes an unexpected turn when George Condo paints over one of his large canvas paintings. The film captures Condo going through some inner turmoil and a working-through phase that ultimately results in a radical change in his painting style. It is a fascinating video. The video also contains other enlightening aspects of the creative process captured on film. If you have a chance I recommend viewing this video.

YouTube has a few more recent videos of George Condon exhibitions and George Condo discussing his art. Here is one short video:

30% Off All Benjamin L.M. Paintings in Amazon Store

For a limited time, the Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store  offers one of a kind art for sale by Benjamin L.M. at 30% off retail price.

Benjamin L.M. - You Can't Miss The Point Of Life, You're Already In It, acrylic painting on canvas

People Take Flight Across and Up, painting on canvas by Benjamin L.M.

We Get Higher By Working Together by Benjamin L.M.

painting on canvas Love Is Sacred by Benjamin L.M.

Abstract Artists Site Working to Bring Exposure and Understanding to Hard To Approach Paintings

What does this painting mean to you?  How does it make you feel?

Many people have a hard time approaching abstract painting or dismiss such non-objective art as interior decor.

Jaison Cianelli, creator of Abstract Artist Gallery, stated that “the very nature of abstract art exemplifies creativity. It is hard to tell someone what is good about art and how to appreciate abstract art. Using three paintings, as examples, I can bring you through my own [appreciation] process.”

Harry Gruenert, Abstract 45, Acrylic on Wood and Canvas, 42 x 42 inches

“In Abstract 45 there is a split feeling created when the simple planes and limited use of color combine with the worn and weathered wooden panels. I am reminded of something that has lasted the test of time, made up of components that are different but all part of one. The violent vertical lines on the lower portion are straight up and down while the deep heavy horizontal line is bowing ever so slightly to separate the lighter open plane in the upper region, all a balancing act of space and movement. Overall, this is a work of powerful feeling where the minimalism suggests you simply take it into your senses and turn your brain off for a while,” Jaison Cianelli

Abstract artists explore their imaginations and express their minds using   intuitive senses to create what pleases him or her. “Often times, the abstract artist enjoys the pure creative expression in the present moment as if it were a form of meditation, shutting out the chatter of the mind and exploring the depths of the soul.” Abstract Artists Gallery, Understanding Abstract Art.

Paul Bennett Dawn Rising, Oil and Gloss on Canvas, 64cm X 64cm

“Taking a look at Paul Bennett’s Dawn Rising I am taken to a place. The first feeling I get is that of warmth and a little bit of excitement. I feel like there is a collision of land, sea, and sky elements. The golden tones make me feel safe. Something is going on that I want to be there for. There is a beauty in the turbulence or textured area. Now I start to see technique… there is the building of gradual layers from those light golden tones to the dark brown. The light from above seems to be cascading in. Everything is so fluid and well blended. The lighter areas have no texture while the darker areas have thick textured lines, which accentuates light and dark, and again more depth. The lower portion seems to be more worn, almost as if he painted it and then wiped away some paint, again reminding me of earth and water. That same blue green color is used ever so slightly in the upper right portion, which helps to balance the painting. Overall, the piece is beautiful and I enjoy the subtle reminders of nature.” Jaison Cianelli.

Eelco Maan, Sundance, Mixed Media on Canvas, 200 x 120 cm

“Ok, now taking a look at Eelco Maan’s Sundance— You have to imagine it’s fairly big at 200 cm or 78 inches wide. So I am basically engulfed by color– happy color. The form of color is surrounded by light so it reminds me of the sky and creates the feeling of atmosphere. It is so inviting, like walking on a cloud. Looking at technique, I notice how the color gradually falls off the canvas on all four sides. It makes the experience of whatever it is feel more real. Overall the blending and gradation of color is very good. It is right in between rough and smooth. The light in the center that is coming through is balancing the four corners and it is slightly off centered. There are dark spots and grey areas that accentuate the color. They are so important, without them the painting might seem boring. Even the grey is happy, with a slight tint of blue or purple, which happens to also be the complimentary color of the orange and yellow ochre. Overall, a well balanced happy and inviting force of color that is never forceful.” Jaison Cianelli

According to Cianelli, his Abstract Artist Gallery site, which is only four months old, is really an online portal he has quickly built up to a high Google ranking. “Out of over 25 billion websites that show up on Google for the term “abstract artists” we are already on the first page”, said Cianelli. “Reaching out online is fun right now. I really just want to build the website, market it effectively, and keep the creative energy and quality of artwork high so we can all help each other.”

Artworks on the Abstract Artist Gallery site include abstract photographs, digital works, and even abstract landscapes in an online community of one hundred artists gathered together to share and appreciate abstract artworks exclusively.

Article first published as Abstract Artists Site Working to Bring Exposure and Understanding to Hard To Approach Paintings on Technorati.

Jimi Hendrix, Bo Diddley, and Marilyn Monroe

Now in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store

Jimi Hendrix & his 1969 Corvette Stingray, by Chris Osborne, Giclee on canvas

Bo Diddley & his '57 Chevy, by Chris Osborne, Giclee print on canvas

Marilyn & her 1954 Thunderbird, By Chris Johnson, Giclee print on canvas

Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store Opens

The Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store is open! With New listings of artist-made items added daily.

Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store link:

The first items in the store are a series of 7 paintings on canvas by artist Benjamin L.M.

People Take Flight Across and Up, painting by Benjamin L.M.


Katherine Fabrizio featured on Artist Spot

Artist Spot | Original Art Prints & Canvases by Emerging Artists

“Redrawing The Map” by Katherine Fabrizio

Katherine Fabrizio | Raleigh, NC

Katherine Fabrizio loves throwing paint, adding copious amounts of water and playing with drips, in what she calls bohemian gypsy all-out unabashed love of beauty. …read more.

Success for Fine Artists

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for access to the free podcast:

“ElevenTips for Success
for Fine Artists”

In this recording, Aletta, (amid a long list of actions artists can take) recommends that artists: “Write a story about each piece of art you create.”

Even my abstract painting titled “Resistance” has a “story”. Read what I wrote below:

Resistance, mixed media on canvas, by Marie Kazalia


Artist: Marie Kazalia

48” x 48”

Date: July 2010

The title, Resistance, refers to the painting techniques used–which are the Process Painting techniques of layers, stain and poured paint. The silver acrylic paint layer (over yellow and texture on canvas) acts as a resist to the watery splashed on dark paint stain, so that it does not soak into the canvas as in traditional Stain Painting.  The stain layer of watery paint bleeds out to break from the confines of the hardedge forms based on military camouflage patterns. The artist mixes much of her own paint using painting mediums and dry pigments. In this case, the artist mixed silver aluminum powder into an artist grade acrylic medium as the pigment binder, to create the silver paint used in this painting.