1960’s Artist Ahead of Her Time Finally Gets Recognition

Hairy Who artist Suellen Rocca with her painting “Curly Head” (1967), unidentified materials and unspecified dimensions (photo by Bob Kotalik, Chicago Sun-Times, courtesy Pentimenti Productions)

Hairy Who artist Suellen Rocca with her painting “Curly Head” (1967) (photo by Bob Kotalik, Chicago Sun-Times, courtesy Pentimenti Productions)

Sometimes recognition comes early, then the attention fades. Some artists are appreciated late in life. Lately, there has been a revival of Mid-Century Modern (1950’s era art and design) and 1960s and 1970’s under-appreciated artists.

Suellen Rocca and the other Hairy Who artists are part of a larger group of 1960’s Chicago based artists known as the Chicago Imagists. You can find out more about each these artists and view their work on the website The Chicago Imagists here.

On The Chicago Imagist site, click on the circle of color bands to review the artists–or click the image below–

Screenshot 2015-12-14 at 7.13.15 PM


Hyerallergic has a lengthy article on these artists here.

Suellen Rocca, Game, ca. 1966-67. Oil on canvas, 27¾ x 30⅞ inches.

Suellen Rocca, Game, ca. 1966-67. Oil on canvas, 27¾ x 30⅞ inches.

Commission Your Portrait From African Artist Moses Marquis Okpeyowa Now in Chicago

Double Expectation by Moses Marques Ob

Double Expectation by Moses Marques Okpeyowa

Select your reference photos or create a new selfie, then chat with African artist Moses Marquis Okpeyowa of Nigeria who now lives in Chicago, and discuss portrait ideas (email Moses Marquis Okpeyowa <marquis22@hotmail.com>  telephone the artist in Chicago: +1 312 659 1921 ). Find artist Moses Marquis Okpeyowa on Facebook here and on his site Marquiskreationz Fine Art here.

Sweet Dreams painting by Moses Marquis Ob

Sweet Dreams painting by Moses Marquis Okpeyowa

Do you want her to create your portrait painting on canvas or paper? Decide on the materials and size for the finished portrait art during your consultation with the artist.
Nigerian Couple, pencil portrait by Moses Marquis Okpeyowan

Nigerian Couple, pencil portrait by Moses Marquis Okpeyowa

Provide your reference photo or photos to the artist so he can get to work and he will send you a work-in-progress photo!

artwork in progress by Moses Marquis Ok

painting in progress by Moses Marquis Okpeyowa

Portraits Africa–based in Amsterdam, Netherlands–holds your international currency payment until the portrait is complete and delivered to you. Only then is the money is paid to artist. Contact Portraits Africa via email: editor@negativeentropy.net -or- by telephone: +31 20 672 78 06

Mother and Child painting by Moses Marquis Okpey

Mother and Child painting by Moses Marquis Okpeyowa

While a portrait drawing on paper may require less time to complete, a painting on canvas will take more time. If you have an anniversary, birthday, or other date you’d like to receive the completed work, just let the artist know.

portrait drawing by Moses Marquis Okpayowa

portrait drawing by Moses Marquis Okpeyowa

Final photos are sent to you for approval. The artist Moses Marquis Okpeyowa packages and ships the finished portrait to you. If you are in Chicago, you may be able to meet the artist by contacting his for an appointment via email Moses Marquis Okpeyowa <marquis22@hotmail.com>  or telephone: +1 312 659 1921 .

artist Moses Marquis Okpeyowa

artist Moses Marquis Okpeyowa


Constantly Consuming Culture’s Crowdfunded Exhibition Projects: Chicago and Miami

Constantly Consuming Culture is a Chicago based organization using annual crowdfunding campaigns to produce group exhibitions.
You get real art as perks when you fund their Indiegogo campaign for Constantly Consuming Culture–The Waterfront.
These art perks are Chicago waterfront themed works by artists John Airo and Gretchen Hasse, and include acrylic on wood paintings and quality prints of drawing and photo montages–one painting pictured above. The artist John Airo is also offering a personal portrait for a pledge of $1500.
Help fund their campaign here.
According to organizer Patrick Ogle, they are planning two shows featuring Chicago and Miami artists–one in Miami (Feb 2015) and another in Chicago (April 2015). “We are still looking for a few artists from both cities,” he stated.




RFP for LEVEL Experimental Interactive Art Installations in Chicago



LEVEL, held September 11 – 20, 2014, is a free, ten-day annual architecture and art event that showcases site specific and often experimental interactive installations that embrace Chicago’s rich cultural landscape.  During LEVEL, architects, designers and artists transform unique, hidden spaces within the Downtown Chicago Loop into destination places for visitors and locals alike.  LEVEL is being held during EXPO CHICAGO contemporary art fair as a complementary design and new media experience.

There are a total of 11-15 artists, designers and architects (individuals and teams) that will be selected through this proposal process and by invitation to participate by creating installations for downtown concourse walkways, building lobbies, outdoor plazas, rooftops, and other ‘hidden’ architectural gems. Overall, they are seeking installations that react and respond both to the architecture/environment of the sites, and to the public audience that views them.

Installation sites are indoors and outdoors. The outdoor locations will consist of open courtyards, building rooftops, plazas, or alleyways. The interior locations include building lobbies, unoccupied building floors, and covered walkways/concourse. Most of the locations are ‘hidden’ from public view, in that they are private, normally closed and/or inaccessible to the public. All of the locations will be viewed at night, thus the proposals should respond to this condition.

The exact locations of projects will be determined upon receipt of all proposals in order to provide the most suitable match of site to project. Images of past installations can be found on the LERATA website at http://www.lerata.org. 

To best understand installation and site typologies, please see images at http://www.lerata.org.

RFP deadline for LEVEL, due June 20, 2014.

More information about the LEVEL event is located online here.





Chicago Temporary Art Market Deadline Approaching


March 15-16, 2014


Multiples. is a temporary store opening for one weekend in March and October 2014 showcasing objects produced as multiples. Editions and series of work will also be included. Conceived as a more fine art version of a renegade craft fest, Multiples. is an affordable option for contemporary artists and crafters looking to expose their practice and sell their works in Chicago. Please click here apply link above to showcase your work at our Spring or Fall stores, or the about link to learn more about art multiples.


For a $450 table fee, you can apply for a standard table arrangement to sell your multiples. Applicants can apply as individuals, or with a group, though applications for groups should include the names of all participating artists, contact info and websites.

For a $225 table fee, you can apply for a shared table. If you have another vendor in mind with whom you’d like to share your table, please indicate their name(s) in the application. Otherwise, the Multiples. team can find another vendor to pair you with from our list of applicants.

For a $225 fee, you can also apply to sell your wares from a small roving exhibit, which could be a bicycle, cart, or even a handbag (what, you’ve never heard of Clutch Gallery?) instead of a standard table. This is a fun option for those whose showcase benefits from being able to move freely about the event.

Next show: March 15-16 taking place at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse; auditorium pictured above.

December 15, 2013 – Entry Fee: $15

January 15, 2014 – Entry Fee: $25

February 7, 2014 – Entry Fee: $35

The Arts Initiative, a newly formed collective dedicated to placing interactive visual art in public venues

Newly-Formed The Arts Initiative Announces Inaugural Installation At Fashion Outlets Of Chicago (via PR Newswire)

MIAMI, June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Arts Initiative, a newly formed collective dedicated to placing highly interactive visual art in public venues, today announced a lineup of more than 10 nationally and internationally recognized contemporary…

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Artist Marketing Resources: Park Schreck Gallery, Chicago, currently accepting artist submissions

Artist Marketing Resources complied an extensive list of art galleries internationally as a resource for artists–our International Art Gallery list PDF http://artistmarketingresources.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/2969593

We share this art gallery opportunity with you now—get the PDF and get more!

Park Schreck Gallery: Looking for abstract artists, emerging and mid-career

Park Schreck Gallery is currently accepting submissions. The gallery primarily shows abstract work by up-and-coming artists.  If you are not sure if your work would be a good fit for the gallery, please take a look around their website to see work in some past shows.

In an email to submissions@parkschreckgallery.com, please make sure to include the following information:

1. high quality jpegs of your work (or link to corresponding website)

2. title, year, size, medium, and price information for each piece

3. upcoming availability

4. artist statement and CV

Due to the high volume of submissions we cannot respond to everyone individually.

Read the full submission guidelines here.

Park Schreck Gallery

1747 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL 60622

Open Artist Submissions for EMERGENCY6, August 12 Deadline

EMERGENCY6 Aspex Biennial Open Submission (via http://www.michalbrzezinski.org)

EMERGENCY6 Aspex Biennial Open Submission Deadline: 12 August 2013 submission fee: £15 (£10 students) CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS  Aspex’s biennial open submission competition Deadline For Submissions: Monday 12 August 2013 Exhibition: 25 October 2013 – 19  January 2014 aspex seeks emerging artists working…

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Be Part of the Constantly Consuming Culture Art Show Now Nearly Funded

Space may be available in the show he is producing, says Patrick Ogle,who is planning a series of art exhibits in Chicago and Miami

“Also here is an interview with me going into more detail on what this is?”  bit.ly/11bao6d  “I really need help with the last push!”

paogle's avatar

His Kickstarter project is nearly funded  kck.st/18pQFpe  Patrick says, ” it is my kickstarter for an art show sponsored by my website.”


ArtSlant 2013 Showcase Series: Enter by May 11th

This past weekend, I entered the next installment of the ARTslant Prize – 2013 Showcase Series that has over $20,000 in cash and exhibition prizes. Why not–I only paid the $2. entry fee.I’ve known about the ArtSlant competition series for years, and I know some artists who have come close to winning one of these competitions. Today, you will also find a blog post here on Artist Marketing Resources featuring the recent ArtSlant 1st Place winning artist Kevin L. O’Brien aka kLoB.

1st Prize Winners from the first 7 rounds of the ArtSlant competition will receive a month-long exhibition in a storefront gallery in Chicago’s Loop on the corner of State St. and Adams St. thanks to Pop-Up Art Loop! The Top 3 overall winners exhibit at Aqua Art Miami. NEW this year: Juried Select Winners will all receive a free one-year subscription to the ArtSlant SalesRoom.The are cash prizes of 1-3 thousand dollars + $15,000 in Exhibition Stipends and $5000 in Purchase Awards

How do you enter?

  1. Go to your ArtSlant artist profile. Dont’ have one yet? See how to open yours (here).
  2. Find the Manage My Profile box on the right side of your page. Click on enter Showcase in the box. The entry form opens.
  3. Complete the Showcase entry forms as indicated.
  4. There is an entry fee of $2 for each Round. You must have a Paypal account or a major Credit Card.
  5. Showcase Winners in each round can select the $20 premium placement to enter into the Juried Round. The winner of the Juried Round will have his or her work shown in a storefront in Chicago’s famous downtown Loop. Year’s end winner gets to show their work at Aqua Art Miami during Art Basel Miami in December.

If you have not opened your ArtSlant Profile yet, please see our FAQ’s for assistance. Or sign in to ArtSlant and click on ADD on our menu bar, then Add Your Profile.


For more information on the ArtSlant Prize Showcase Series and to learn how to enter, please visit our FAQ here. 

Two Art Contests–

Yicca Contest 2013 has started!

A.p.s Moho Association has announced the official opening of the Yicca 2013 contest.

12 (twelve) artists will participate in the final exhibition.

From the final 12 artists participating in the exhibition will be announced first and second ranked who will win a prize of 3000 (three thousand/00) and 1000 (one thousand/00) euro.

The works of selected artist will be published on “YICCA 2013” catalogue which will be distributed free of charge to the finalist and will be available for professionals and institutions invited during the inauguration of the event.

The finalists of the competition will have the possibility to stay in city of the exhibition for free during the opening day, as well.

The contest is open to all artists or groups of artists and professionals from any country of the world.

All information about the terms and conditions of registration can be found on the official website www.yicca.org and Subscribe to YICCA 2013 contest!


Bucketfeet http://www.bucketfeet.com/index.php/NextBucketFeetArtist/

We want you to be the #NextBucketFeetArtist!

BucketFeet’s mission is to find a new artist to design each pair of shoes.  Thus, we are proud to launch our first ever Be The #NextBucketFeetArtist Contest.  Anyone with an artistic spirit and a passion to create can enter.  The top 10 will be featured on our website for the world to see.

The first prize winner will receive a BucketFeet artist contract, a trip for 2 to Chicago (including 2 VIP tickets to Lollapalooza), free shoes and $1000 in cold hard cash. 

Head over to www.bucketfeet.com/NextBucketFeetArtist now to learn more and submit your designs by May 3, 2013.

Our next new artist could be you!

The BucketFeet Team

Abstract Art by Leon Sarantos in “Mad World” National Juried Exhibit Until 4/6

Organic Creatures Going To The Beach. Leon Sarantos

Organic Creatures Going To The Beach. Leon Sarantos

Paintings from Leon Sarantos’ Organic Creatures series are on view until next Saturday, April 6, in the Mad World, National Juried Exhibition, at Union Street Gallery, 1527 Otto Blvd, Chicago Heights, IL 60411.   Sixty artworks from among 271 submissions were selected by juror Natalie Domchenko (Director: Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago).  Over 250 people visited the gallery during the opening night reception.

The Mad World exhibit features art that is absurd, surreal, and simply MAD!  Mad World displays art by 33 artists from 11 different US states.  Some of the art on exhibit depicts bizarre or imagined worlds, crazy structures not bound by the laws of the gravity, whimsical inventions, and strangely absurd scenarios that appear to be straight out of fantasy or science fiction!

Organic Creatures Slurping Up A Mango Smoothie, painting on canvas, Leon Sorantos

Organic Creatures Slurping Up A Mango Smoothie, painting on canvas, Leon Saran’s

Leon Sarantos’ Organic Creatures paintings combine a feeling of whimsy with a sense of bizarre absurdity.  Here is how the artist described his process in creating these paintings– “For the first of these artworks, Organic Creatures Going To The Beach, I actually envisioned it in an instant behind my eyelids as I was rubbing my eyes after some tiring work.  I tried to apply the image to canvas immediately, adding all kinds of color and quick composition, while keeping the main figures true to my vision. When finished, I looked at the painting and felt that here were some strange creatures doing something, and sensed that they were on their way to the beach.  I then created more oils of this same family of creatures moving about in different settings.  My other paintings for this exhibit include Organic Creatures Taking The White House Tour, and Organic Creatures Slurping Up A Mango Smoothie.”

Organic Creatures Taking The White House Tour, Leon Sarantos

Organic Creatures Taking The White House Tour, Leon Sarantos

 Leon Sarantos also writes–“I’ve gotten a lot of helpful information from your blog, which recently led me to join Artsia and Xanadu, along with lots of other helpful posts.”

Find the artist on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ArtByLeonSarantos

Leon Sarantos website —http://www.leonsarantosartist.com


It’s Auction Time: Bid in Our Live Online Art Auction Nov 4th 11a.m. EST

It’s auction time! The 1st of November has come and gone and our live online art auction is coming up on Sunday November the 4th starting at 11:00 a.m. EST (East Coast USA/New York)

That’s one hour earlier in Chicago, two hours earlier in Denver, 3 hours earlier in California. If you are in Europe it will be at 4-5 PM your time–check  the international time zone chart here.

You can preview the auction items now.

Here is the link to attend: http://tophatter.com/auctions/7666?campaign=community

In our auction, view and bid on original paintings on canvas, collage artworks, hand-painted photographic prints, fine art photos, hand-carved stone sculpture, Giclee prints on canvas and paper, posters, and artist t-shirts.

Two of our auction artists are offering perks to bidding buyers–bid on and win a Penelope Moore painting and you also get a private wine tasting for 4 in a California winery. New York City sculptor Robin Antar is offering bidding buyers of her sculpture the option to visit her studio in Brooklyn. Keep these perks for yourself or give them as gifts!

Hope to see you there.

Clare Haxby: Two Paintings In Our Virtual 3D Gallery Exhibit

Horse 1, painting by Clare Haxby

I love it when artists make the most of their opportunities and find interesting ways to promote themselves.

Clare Haxby wrote:

Marie, I have put the link on my news page on my website.

Thanks again for including me


Here is the link to Clare Haxby’s website promo piece– http://www.clarehaxby.com/#!newsblog/c1fl0  

YouTube Art Critic Hennessy Youngman


He brings his own style to his reviews and that’s brought him recognition and this interview article: 25 Questions for “Pedagogic Pimp” and YouTube Art Critic Hennessy Youngman

YouTube Art Critic’s rapper style take on Damien Hurst. Put your big girl panties on and watch and listen to this point of view. Yes, Hennessy Youngman uses rapper language (aka profanity) throughout. If that is too hard for you to take, then please do not watch this video


Open Grant Application For Chicago Artists

Artadia Grant Applications
for Chicago Artists Now OpenDear Artists,Artadia Chicago Grant Application Process is now open.

Not only does Artadia give grants for $15,000 and $3000 dollars, but winners get a lot of attention and

Artadia follows up indefinitely with assistance and publicity for their Grant Recipients.

– – – – – – 

Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue is accepting applications for the Artadia Awards 2012 Chicago from all visual artists living and working in Cook County, IL. Individual artists and collaboratives working in all media and at any point in their career are strongly encouraged to apply.Awardees will be selected in the fall of 2012 through Artadia’s two-tiered jury process. This is Artadia’s sixth awards cycle in Chicago.Application deadline: August 20, 2012 at 11:59pm (CST).
Artadia is pleased to partner with EXPO CHICAGO for this awards cycle: Simultaneous to the second round, works by the Finalists will be on view at the Artadia booth at EXPO CHICAGO September 19–23, 2012 including a press conference announcing the Artadia Awardees 2012 Chicago.

For eligibility requirements and to access the Web-based application, please visit www.artadia.org
Since its founding, Artadia has awarded over $2 million to more than 225 artists in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, and the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2009, Artadia launched a New York residency program for Artadia Awardees at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP), Brooklyn. Most recently, Artadia inaugurated a national publications and Exhibitions Exchange program offering Awardees crucial exposure on a national level.

Raw Canvas Accepts Submissions For Gallery Representation

English: Mixed media On canvas

English: Mixed media On canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raw Canvas is an art house, gallery, art rental venue that provides packing and shipping art world-wide, and more.


Raw Canvas is interested in contemporary media including painting, printmaking, drawing, mixed media and photography.

Raw Canvas welcomes submissions from artists seeking representation throughout the year. They accept proposals for single exhibitions as well as for gallery representation.

Due to the cost involved in producing and mailing printed submissions, the gallery encourages email submissions. Please ensure your email subject line reads “Portfolio Submission”.

Artists seeking representation in Raw Canvas should email submissions to:
or mail Attn: Miriam Naumann
Raw Canvas
1046 Hamilton St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2R9


Some New Opportunities for Visual Artists

Sub Mission

Sub Mission (Photo credit: aquababe)

THE MISSION presents: THE SUB-MISSION, an alternative installation project space created to encourage and promote artists living and working in Chicago.

Now in its second year, THE SUB-MISSION is located below the main gallery. The space is a natural progression toward fulfilling their mission statement. Specifically, THE SUB-MISSION was created to showcase local artists and provide an opportunity to create a dialogue between themselves and the surrounding community.

This to be a unique project– a raw space available for artists to transform, bounded only by their own vision.

To be considered, please submit the following items:
– Current CV
– Brief artist statement
– Detailed summary of installation project; including materials, installation timeline, and layout.
– Self address stamped envelope (If you’d like materials returned)
– Contact information; including phone number and e-mail address

Deadline for submissions October 15, 2012

Please mail submissions to:
Sarah Syman
1431 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60642

For a floor plan of THE SUB-MISSION, images, to see the specific artist guidelines or for any additional questions e-mail sarah@themissionprojects.com
Only one submission per project.
No phone calls please.

THE MISSION promotes art of the Americas by organizing exhibitions of contemporary and historically significant artworks. THE MISSION initiates dialogue among local, national, and international contemporary artists. We are dedicated to supporting artistic innovation and experimentation in light of art historical contexts.

Link: http://www.themissionprojects.com/

You can submit your art to Tumblr blogs which accept submissions–


If you are looking for new and interesting art galleries to show your art, here are 3 I found yesterday–

Platform Gallery in Seattle, USA http://www.platformgallery.com/

Circuit 12 Gallery in Texas, USA http://circuit12.com/

Gallery B15 in Denmark http://www.galleryb15.dk/

Our international gallery list has many more. Find the list here.

Jackson Junge Gallery, Chicago, Immediately Seeking Artist Submissions

Apocalypse 2012 : Genesis 2013


Jackson Junge Gallery is immediately seeking artists’ submissions for an upcoming juried exhibition titled “APOCALYPSE 2012 : GENESIS 2013”.   It is a common belief that both Nostradamus and the Mayan Calendar predict 2012 as the year that life, as we currently know it, will come to an end.  If these doomsday predictions were to become a reality, the dawn of a new era would be upon us.

Artists in all media are encouraged to submit any work, or sketches and supporting documentation for proposals of future work, that gives their artistic interpretation of what this apocalypse would look like or, more importantly, looking forward to what a new world might resemble.  Some occurring themes might include:

–      New Relationships/Attitudes Between People of the World

–      Changes in Communication

–      Political Revolution

–      A Change in Environment or Atmosphere

–      The Anticipated New Landscape or Architecture

Any interpretive pieces with environmental, moral, political or socially relevant tones will be welcomed.   Priority and preference will be given to new works of art.  This exhibit will begin in September of 2012 and run in conjunction with Chicago Artist Month.

Please send jpegs, title, medium, size, price and a brief description of how your piece relates to the theme of the exhibit to support@j2gallery.com or mail disk to Jackson Junge Gallery 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave.  Chicago, IL  60622 no later than June 21, 2012.  Artist will be notified by July 1, 2012 if their work has been selected to be included in the exhibit.

Join IN THE PINK: the 1,000,000 People Art Project

Chicago based artist Connie Noyes has been working on her IN THE PINK project for the past year and a half. With Kickstart donations and the support of the Fractured Atlas organization the artist recently launched IN THE PINK, a Ning Site artists may join here.  I was the 7th member to join a few days ago and now there are over 20 site members. How long will it take until IN THE PINK reaches a membership of one million artists? Read the IN THE PINK blog for more details.