iArt-4 Collective of New York-based Artists at The Armory

Armory Show NYC, Interior

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Hi Marie.
Below is the blurb created by the group for the Fountain website.
Their website is http://www.fountainartfair.com/home/

The show takes place March 9 through 11 at The Armory at Lexington Avenue
and 25th Street in New York City.

This will be a fun and eclectic show of both galleries and independent artists…..

Thanks for posting this.

Mike Krasowitz

Image above right: Interior view of the 1913 Armory Show

iArt-4 Collective is a group of New York-based artists who allow their
subconscious to guide them in the creation of art. Over time, imagery
and ideas have developed and matured as they encourage their art to
evolve.  They embrace the melding of aesthetics with ideas, and remain
open to the greater eclecticism of contemporary art.

Michael Krasowitz is a life-long artist whose interest lies in
producing the truest expression of his inner-self. Krasowitz’s
artistic journey has had many stops, evolving from photography, to
printing making and drawing, and ultimately to painting. His current
canvases depict gestural mindscapes of subconscious forms.

Helene Mukhtar’s latest paintings concentrate on different textures,
thicknesses and brush strokes combined with an energetic and pulsating
color palette. She strives to reconnect with the spontaneity and
freedom of her inner child while celebrating the resilience and
strength of the human spirit.

Robin Noble-Zolin is a NYSCA winning photographer whose take on city
life discovers moments of urban still-life amidst the bustle. As a
recognition of her work on the changing face of Times Square,  The
Times Square Visitor’s Center features one of her photographs in its
orientation video.  Noble-Zolin’s photography is also included in the
reoccurring exhibit, “Here is New York.”

Steve Zolin’s art evolves like a living thing. His swirling human
figures have transformed over time into abstract rhythms. With a
strong interest in curved perspective, he explores the structure of
space itself, which he sees as an infinite whirling machine. He
exhibits regularly in New York and abroad


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