Harpo Foundation Now Funding Individual Artist Grants

HARPO FOUNDATION is NOW FUNDING INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS DIRECTLY–they are pleased to announce an important change in the Foundation’s grant program. In 2013, starting with the April 5 deadline, the foundation will accept proposals from individual artists as well as from non-profit organizations. Previously, artists were unable to apply for direct support. This restriction has been lifted and artists may now apply on their own behalf using the same application procedures as non-profit organizations.DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A LETTER OF INQUIRY IS APRIL 5

Harpo Foundation receives many more applications than it is able to fund. Therefore, as a way to guide applicants through an open process, the foundation uses a 2-step application process to review proposals submitted by artists, non-profit institutions and fiscal sponsors.

2013 Letter of Inquiry for Individual Artists
2013 Letter of Inquiry for Organizations and Fiscal Sponsors

For more information about the foundation’s guidelines and process, please visit www.harpofoundation.org.