Slanted Magazine CUBAN POSTER ART Project


Slanted magazine is a major design, illustration, and photography magazine based in Germany. Their site is in English and German and has a translation option, as well, for translating the site into other languages. If you have a book project of your own to promote, or other design related artwork, you can show your projects to Slanted magazine readers with a free portfolio account that you will receive when you buy Slanted magazine issues in their shop. On the Slanted magazine website, you will see in the upper menu *Portfolios* which has a drop-down menu list that includes Design Portfolios, Illustration Portfolios, Graphics, Interactive, and Typography. If your artwork fits any of those categories, a portfolio of your work included their could bring you visibility.

The current Slanted magazine project is a special poster issue and exhibition series–


The New Generation

Special Edition – SLANTED MAGAZINE #21 will be released in spring 2013. This special issue will be released as 320 page volume of Cuban poster art by the most brilliant artists working today including exhibitions complementing and illustrating the publication internationally.


This special issue of Slanted, CUBAN POSTER ART – The New Generation, will be released in spring 2013, attracting attention to an international level. This project has the goal to raise € 10,000 (≈ $ 13,000) additionally to our usual budget. We want to cover expenses we usually don’t have:

  1. For an exhibitions with original silkscreened posters, touring from city to city. Shipping, organization and insurances for first shows in Berlin, Leipzig and Paris will cost € 4,000 (≈ $ 5,200)
  2. Translations: The magazine will be bilingual (Spanish/English). With a volume of 320 pages we will have to translate all interviews and texts either to English or Spanish. This needs to be done professionally and will be € 4,500 (≈ $ 5,800)
  3. Additional print of 1,000 copies that will be shipped to Cuba. Whoever has been in Cuba knows how hungry Cubans are for good printed matter. Extra printing: € 1,500 (≈ $ 1,950)

This project funded will enable us to share what we see as being an extraordinary inside view into Cuban design, reflecting the reality of life in Cuba and the beauty that lies within its complexity.

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