A National NetWork of Art Installers to Serve Art Collectors, Art Consultants, Art Fairs


Scott S. Solda, President, of the Art Installer Network contacted us with details on the co-op of freelancers he has assembled– “The ART INSTALLER NETWORK has essentially eliminated the need to pay for an art installer’s travel expenses. We have experienced and insured art installers in every North American city! Insured and experienced local professionals will install your art at affordable prices.”

In Las Vegas Market THe ARt INSTALLER NETWORK installed about 500 pieces in a week

In Las Vegas Market the ART INSTALLER NETWORK installed about 500 pieces in a week

“We are a co-op of freelance installers. Prices have been standardized. Sales, scheduling and billing are handled efficiently by the central office. Installers agree to work at a discounted rate and savings are passed on to our customers, a mixture of designers, framers, facility managers and homeowners.”

The ART INSTALLER NETWORK does a lot of art installation in corporate settings, and in the Las Vegas Market their art handlers installed roughly 500 pieces in one week. “We’ll do this twice a year for art providers who show their products in the markets of Atlanta, High Point, and Dallas,” said Scott S. Solda.

Artists, let your collectors know about the Art Installer Network to help make the  sale–


I asked Scott S. Solda how visual artists might use the services of the ART INSTALLER NETWORK. Perhaps artists would like to recommend the services of the ART INSTALLER NETWORK to their collectors for home installation of larger paintings, sculpture/3D art installation projects?
“Artists and photographer​s have occasionally referred us to install their work, though more often than not, the projects are those of a designer. In regards to residential vs corporate installers, we have both.  An installer working a large scale install in a senior living facility uses different hardware and skill sets than one installing in a private residence. Our best large-scale installers have a strong FF&E background and deal well with the logistical challenges of large commercial installations.  We have a few Interior Designers working as installers and they work very well in residential installations. And yes, we have installers who work with sculptures, mural installations and a few as museum preparators, too.  We don’t get many calls for work in galleries.
A number of years ago, when working a job in Dallas for a Milwaukee-based art provider, I met an art installer local to that market who had recently installed in Milwaukee for a Dallas-based art provider. “What a waste!”, I thought. That meeting was the impetus for creating the Network.”