Ownza: Easy Way to Make Money Online

I signed up with Ownza. When I made some purchases on Amazon, Ownza gave me the option to share each item. A couple of days after I made my purchases, I received email notifications:

Good news. You have a payment of $1.59 pending to be credited into your Ownza account for purchasing something through Amazon for $69.35.

Good news. You have a payment of $1.86 pending to be credited into your account for purchasing something through Amazon for $69.24.

It’s easy to sign-up for Ownza and share your online purchases for cash back.

Artists, Don’t Wait For Collectors to Find You: 3 Ways to Connect With Collector Communities


Wikicollecting is a project to create a free, up-to-date and reliable guide covering everything about collecting. Wikicollecting.org is a free, open-source guide to the world of collecting. It features thousands of encyclopaedia entries, auction catalogues and realized prices, top 10 lists, collecting guides and collectibles news from around the world. Users can create their own pages, or add their knowledge to existing articles – with the aim of building the world’s largest free online collecting community.


   World Collectors Net is a large collecting community by collectors for collectors. Founded by Darryl Kirk. Follow Tweets on all things collectible @collecting.

Connect with collectors worldwide on World Collectors Net  at: worldcollectorsnet.com


Buy and  Sell to collectors on Picollecta   https://www.picollecta.com           https://www.picollecta.com/user/1576/pics