New International Platform Where Indie Fashion Designers Make Money from Their Designs

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Founder David Szendzielarz asked us to publish news about his disruptive fashion design platform It’s a new concept where students and designers can upload and make money from their fashion designs, whilst gaining exposure to industry professionals and peers in an online fashion design community.

David says, “We see the site as a way to bring democracy back into fashion – where people with real talent and creativity gain a platform to showcase their work to fashion houses and industry professionals, without having to jump through the traditional hoops.”

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6 Dollar Shirts: Submit Your Design For Weekly $400 Cash Prize

Some artists looking for ways to create many multiple streams of income, may do well to consider t-shirt design sales. Some t-shirt sites pay royalties or a percentage of sales of you design. The site, 6 Dollar Shirts pays a cash prize–Submit Your Designs for Cash — 6 Dollar Shirt Design ContestPrize Award: $400 Cash + $100 Store Credit!One winner (minimum) is picked weekly based on staff and community voting.

Submit here.

Create a T-Shirt design (maximum of TWO ink colors) that you think the world would like to wear. The Subject of your design can be anything (ex. Funny or topical slogans, pop culture and political references, or strictly artistic designs). One thing to remember: Soft gradients should be turned into halftones to facilitate the printing process.Note: Please do not use any third party property such as logos, trademarks, or copyrighted material.
Login or Create a User Account. Next, upload the title, description, and 3 images of your finished design: A 600 x 600 detailed version, a 350 x 400 placement version, and a 185 x 185 thumbnail version.The placement version is an image of your design on a t-shirt. Please download our Photoshop or Illustrator template to help create the placement version.
Sit back, relax, and wait for your submission to go live and be voted on by the community. The criteria we use to pick winning designs is the overall score, the amount of votes, critiques and comments, and, of course, the design itself. We try to pick 5 winners per week depending on the amount of submissions received and our production capacity.Weekly prizes are awarded as follows:Winners recieve $400 cash + $100 store creditIf your design is selected, we will contact you and request a high resolution image of your design for printing.Your design will be voted on in our submission gallery for a maximum of 21 days. If it is not selected as a winner in 21 days, it will be moved to the archive gallery.