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Results of My *Pay What You Wish Week* Gives Artists Ideas For Earning Passive Income


As I mentioned in my previous articles here and here I’d like to share the results of my Pay What You Wish week ( Oct 30th – Nov 5th).

One artist wrote–

“Dear Marie,  hope you’re well, :-D! I’ve just purchased 2 of your wonderful ebooks from your “pay what you wish” campaign. I’m in not-so-good economic times and I could only provide a small amount of 5 dollars per ebook. I know the value of your ebooks is much higher. And I know you’ve worked hard to write them. I can’t  pass up the opportunity to get this great stuff, but I feel bad about not being able to pay a fair price. I hope you do not consider an offense, my small contribution, and accept a compensation from me. I can send you an original piece of my art, an original drawing, for example. Maybe, after reading your ebooks it’s time for me to open an eShop and start selling online! :-D”
I really love this artist’s note. Also, I did let the artist know that I’d use his kind words for my article, and that I consider that full compensation–though I do love his offer of to send me an artwork!
But he absolutely got my point. I want to give artists ideas for setting up their own “Pay What You Wish” digital files. These could be digital images of artwork for download as wallpaper/screen savers, or e-books sharing various “how to” details of their art-making practice. The possibilities are endless.
Now, I will share some insights and statistics from my week of allowing buyers to pay what they wished for the items in my webstore here.
First of all, I noticed that most of the sales came on the first day and the last day of Pay What Your Wish Week.  I posted an announcement on my blog at the start of the sale and another on the last day of the sale. I tweeted about it on the days in between.
Here are the Stats from my *Pay What You Wish* week of webstore sales-
33  sales at minimum item price of $1.95/$1.99 = $64.70
8 sales at $2= $16.
24 sales at $5. =$120.
1 sales at $5.95= $5.95
1 sale at $8.00 = $8.00
4  sales at $10.= $40.
71 sales totaling   $254.65
Allowing buyers to Pay What They Wished netted a little over 10% of the total amount of 67 sales at regular prices ($2355.15).
So basically, artists may choose to sell select items to buyers at higher set prices, and have a few Pay What You Wish items for a higher volume of sales– perhaps achieving sales that they may not have gotten at the higher prices.
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For a Limited Time: Pay What You Wish for Artist Resources E-lists and E-book




Generosity pays, according some who have adopted a pay what you wish model for their e-books, even calling this the future model for e-commerce e-books, and said to that holds such virtues as increased income and a new method for determining one’s full target market.


But I’m always interested in trying new things. So, for a limited time–now through November 5th–pay what you wish ($1.95 minimum) in Artist Marketing Resources online store here.


Keep in mind that I’ve put a lot of work into these resources for artists and continually work to update them!

That’s right, I’m giving everyone reading this the opportunity to obtain the Artist Marketing Resources e-book guide for artists and all e-list resources–art galleries, art consultants, art magazines, art prints, art licensing, Photography Resourcesart sales sites, and the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook  — for whatever amount you wish to pay!


This is supposed to make everyone happy, result in more money overall and other rewards. We’ll see what happens!  I’ll report back next month.


Best Wishes

Marie Kazalia

Artist Marketing Resources


Get Online Portfolio/Site Review + One Hour Chat + E-book Guide for Artists at Special Price

A special package deal from Marie Kazalia, owner of Artist Marketing Resources–I will review your online portfolio and artist website, and chat with you about your art and goals for one full hour via Skype or PopExperts + send you a copy of my Ebook Guide for Artists, all 3 for a special package price of $40.

If you want to take the Skype option, and make payment via PayPal invoice, let me know via an email sent to:

If you’d like to schedule via PopExperts click here. You will need to do have the Google Chrome web browser to use PopExperts.


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Our Artist Resources Are Now in a New Store

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Our International Art Gallery Directory and other artist resources are now available in our new Selz store, with more payment options.

Click on these links to our other resources in our new store:

Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook

Directory of Art Consultants

1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art

Photographers Resources 

Art magazines, art blogs, art directories e-list of art publication resources for artists 

Art Print Sales Resources for Artists 

E-Postcard Marketing Service for Artists

Recent Feedback from Artists About Artist Marketing Resources

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Find more magic realism photography designs, such as on the iPhone 6 case pictured, in the Joyce Dade Art shop here.


It’s great getting unsolicited feedback about our resources and services, such as in a tweet that we received from artist Joyce Dade regarding the $39.95 price of our International Art Galleries Directory. Joyce tweeted to us @TransArtGuide “A very decent price for such an art directory.  Paid $100 years ago for Italian version. I forget the name of publisher.”

Artist Alexis Avlamis, an artist curated into the Drawing Center New York City and featured on the Art21 interview blog wrote to us, in part:

“About two months ago, I stumbled upon your websıte and bought both the Transmedıa Artıst Guıde to Makıng Artıst Submıssıons and the Internatıonal Art Gallery Dırectory Share Lıst. I found them very professıonal, well wrıtten, ınformatıve and eye openıng, especıally when ıt comes to untanglıng the mysterıes and meshes of the art world.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 8.18.20 AM

This week an artist in Europe wrote in an email:

“Hi Marie, I just wanted to say thanks for doing a good job…” an except from an email we received after our submission got this artist a much-needed magazine feature, a requirement to obtain an artist via to the USA. We are also assisting this artist in completing the USA Artist Visa application.

Plus, last week we received a thank-you gift of an original art piece in the mail from an artist we work with!

Artist Marketing Resources would like to thank all the artists who sent such positive feedback. We’d like to make this a regular monthly feature on our blog. So if you talk about us online, please let us know, and you could get mentioned along with an image and link to your site.

Click here to find the International Art Directory, Artist Guide ebook and other resources for artists mentioned above, plus details on our e-postcard marketing services.

Artists: Would You Want Your Art Printed on Condoms?




We always have an eye out for new ways manufacturers use art printed on their products and this one stood out (or up?) as hard to miss (pun intended). A site new to us–that we discovered when they began following us on Twitter– the Bounty Hunter offers up contests and competitions. While the winner of the art printed on condoms prize will get $1000 US Dollars, artists may wish to think through such contests. Is this art on condoms project a one-off novelty or a new trend? Will art on condoms become standard, much like art on skateboards? If soon all condoms will have art printed on them, then an art licensing royalty contract could net any artist much more than the prize amount. Or perhaps winning the prize would be a good start?

If you decide that you’d rather have an art licensing contract and receive regular royalty payments, then how do you go about finding those companies that license art from artists?

Artist Marketing Resources maintains e-lists of the best opportunities for artists here.  Find our Art Licensing resources for artists here.

You may be wondering how to make your approach to art licensing companies and artist agents with your art?

We also offer our guide to artists that includes cover letters that you can use. Get the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook here.

Or perhaps you would like to try simpler print-on-demand sales of your art as prints on paper or canvas or printed on products. Then get our Art Print Sales Sites + Other Print Resources here.


New Ebook by New York Artist Barbara Rachko Available on Amazon Kindle

BlogFrom Pilot to Painter Final

Here is the link to a good description of the book, plus the first reader’s review

You don’t have to own a Kindle device to read this ebook. You can download a free Kindle app as follows:

Here is the one for MACs:

Here is a link for the rest:

Kindle Cloud Reader – Read instantly in your browser

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Happy New Year: Walk New in the New Year 2014

Each new year in Hong Kong and other parts of China, the Chinese people throw away their old shoes and buy new shoes. This is a wonderful symbolic gestures to walk in new shoes in the new year or to not walk in old ways. While you may not wish to throw away your shoes, you can *walk differently* or take a new approach on a new path in your art career. Take positive steps this year by starting off with new information in this ebook guide.

CoverwithNameguide to making artist submissions - 600 x 900

Get yours here.

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Pay With a Tweet or Facebook Post for ebook

Now you can Pay With a Tweet  —  to get a copy of the 40+ page PDF ebook of clickable links to art magazines, art blogs, fine art publishers and more, just tweet about it as payment.

Don’t use Twitter? There is also an easy option to pay with a Facebook post, or to pay with a LinkedIN update.



My Review Article of the Ebook: How to Be a Press Friendly Artist

How to Be a Press Friendly Artist– the Latest Ebook by Art Licensing Mentor Tara Reed

published  by Yahoo!

ebook available: Guide to Making Artist Submission



Published April 6, 2011

86 pages, PDF file ebook

$26.95 USD

Buy Now Google Button and PayPal Button, here:

Artists, Do You Need a *How To* Guide for Making Submissions?

There are a lot of *How To* titles around, and more and more for visual artists. From the unrealistically comprehensive How to Make A Living As an Artist –such titles tend to be autobiographical but marketed as a How To guide– to the more specific niche market selling guides, such as, How To Make Money Selling At Art Fairs How to Make Money Selling Your Art on Ebay , and Digicamcash–Use Your Camera and submit your photos online for money.

Hobbyists may gain insights from reading such publications. But usually the titles are deceptively simple and many, many hours of effort and cash expenditures are required to succeed at selling on ebay, selling your photos online for money, selling at art fairs, and making a living as an artist.

Then there are print books and ebooks that are purely theoretical (no dirty money talk) containing advice from art professionals on how to set up blogs, and how to write artist statements, and how to buyer a printer and print your own giclees, and how not to approach galleries, also containing some good, if broad, advice. (You can sit around and talk about this sort of stuff for ever, but unless action is taken it all just remains in your head unproven/ untested by you).

My ebook, the  Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions, includes cover letters that artists can adapt for their own use, and lots of specific tips and how to advice on such things as, *must use words*, when taking action and making art submissions to museum curators, gallerists, art licensing companies, potential art sponsors, corporate art consultants, interior designers, art magazine editors, art poster companies, book jacket publishers.

Many artists lack the confidence to write letters and make submissions to key people in positions to help them in taking the next step up in their art careers. Get started with my proven letter layouts and wording and adapt them to your own use to gain experience making submissions. I include a letter I used (real names removed) to obtain a contract for an artist with a top art licensing company, a letter I used to obtain overseas contracts with art consultants for international giclee sales, and letters I used to obtain solo exhibitions and gallery representation for artists, letters requesting sponsorship and in-kind donations of materials and services for art exhibitions. From working with artists I know that letter writing is one of the big stops when it comes to moving forward. So let me provide the letters for you to use in my forthcoming ebook.

My ebook, the Transmedia Guide to Making Artist Submissions will be available in two weeks.

Marie Kazalia