Artist-Writer Stephen Futral: Living an Auspicious Cross-Cultural Life


“I went from being a Zionist, to living in India and being Hindu, to finally being Buddhist,”  Stephen Futral said. “So, yes, my paintings are images of my belief system and my passionate relation to life.”

Stephen Futral’s autobiographical book-length manuscript titled Don’t Die Wondering– A Chronicle of Auspicious Coincidence and Choice, needs a publisher.

Stephen Futral lived and painted on a kibbutz near Jerusalem and in an ashram in India. He was at Woodstock and featured in the movie.

Chapters one through five of Futral’s autobiographical manuscript have to do with his travels to India and with Woodstock. “We opened Woodstock,” Futral said of the 1969 music festival that was captured by documentary filmmakers and became the Academy Award winning 1970 movie Woodstock. Later, he created sets for a Martin Scorsese film.

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