Artist Marketing Resources: Full-Stack Art Marketing

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Image courtesy of dan at

There is a new term going around the net–“Full Stack Marketing.” By telling you that Artist Marketing Resources is all about Full Stack Art Marketing, we’re letting you know that we’re able to do it all:

1. Keywords / SEO–We understand how to drive traffic to your site using targeted keywords, embedded keywords and #hashtag keywords, and by link building and social media sharing.

2. Article Marketing–We create compelling headlines, unique content in our feature articles and blog posts and understand how to share our content with those who want to read it.

3. Content Marketing–We know how to create content relevant to your market and drive traffic to your site. This could be blog posts, guest posting,tweet campaigns, or any  other form of content that drives links and traffic to your blog or site.

4. Email Marketing–We know how to harvest email addresses using permission marketing via newsletters and special promotions, and understand how to craft individual targeted emails.

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5. Life-cycle Marketing–We know how to send the right email at the right time in email marketing campaigns.

6. Social Media–We are active across several accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and other platforms–with thousands of followers on each account. We share our content (articles & blog posts across all our accounts!)

7. Positioning–We know how to take steps to attract the audience best suited for your art and arts related products.  This may or may not include paid Advertising–We prefer article marketing (See 2. above) but we have experience with paid ads. Did I mention that we see more value in article marketing than paid ads? Yes. Yet, we know how to create and test write Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads etc–and we can even get new clients some discounts!

8. App Store Marketing–We have experience marketing Apple Store Apps.

9. In Product Marketing–We Understand who, why and how buyers use your art and art products and drive more users to your site.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

10. Public Relations–We know how to submit your art to art bloggers, art magazines and arts journalists and specialized art projects.

11. Blogging–We’ve been actively blogging on our Artist Marketing Resources blog for over 7 years and understand how to write feature articles that are both interesting and compelling to your target market.

12. Customer Service–We’re constantly communicating with our audience, clients, and customers via email, phone, chat and in person.

13. Pitching–We know how to pitch features and articles to other bloggers, art magazines, public art projects seeking art, gallerists, art licensing companies, and to bigger companies to partner up with.

14. Distribution–We know how to generate lots of content in daily feature blog posts, sharing other’s projects and calls to submit–we receive more and more requests to share!

15. Growth Hacking/Business Development–We’re constantly working to find others to partner with in ways that will help us both grow faster–this is harder than making a sale! It’s about putting together projects and being able to implement and coordinate them from start to finish.

16. We’re always learning– Full Stack Market is about searching, researching, finding and experimenting with new ways to expose artists, their art, art projects, and art products. We know how to get the ball rolling!  We’re always learning by doing and trying everything for years!

17. Story Telling–Why and how we know so much about storytelling is a rich and interesting story in itself–ask us sometime! Contact: Marie Kazalia Email:


Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at