Artists, Designers, Gallerists Call to Submit to Apollo Art TV

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Apollo TV which is based in Berlin, Germany and has dynamic art videos from art fairs, exhibitions and visual artists in their studios, is actively inviting international artists to become contributors! Submit to Apollo TV!

Apollo TV is actively seeking collaborators to feature. Just submit your work – whether it’s photos, raw video footage or ready-made content, their creative post-production team will package it up to make into artful television.

Apollo TV has millions of viewers and works Artists, Designers, Curators, Architects, Innovators, Gallerists, Museums and more.

Art TV is just one category in our Art Magazines, Art blogs, and Art Publication Resources e-list available here and in our new Shopify store here.


New Art Gallery, Art Magazine, Art Book Publisher


Since Artist Marketing Resources became a part of what’s happening online, beginning in 2008, we’ve noticed more multi-purpose organizations springing up–such as Tumuult, based in Berlin, Germany–which has both online and live art projects. Tumuult is scheduled to open in November of this year as an interdisciplinary art gallery focusing on up-and-coming artists and environmental issues,  working with both artists and scientists. Tumuult will be engaging with their public via pop-up installations and lectures.  Plus, they are a creative agency involved in Interior Design and furniture design, and publishes limited edition prints, an art magazine, and art books in English, French, and German.

Submit to the first issue of their magazine here. Find out more about their Pop-up projects and Tumuult publishing here.

These are all areas of interest to us–art magazines, limited edition artist prints, art exhibition venues, and Interior Design art sales– since we promote and submit artists’ work to art magazines and provide publication resources to artists in our e-list here, and have gathered together an extensive list of art print resources for artists here, provide an e-list of over five-thousand art galleries here, and a resources e-list of art consultants which includes select Interior Designers here, as well as Art Sales venues here, and Art Licensing resources here and photography resources here.

Please get in touch for unique solutions for your projects.



“Set Of Books In The Shape Of Flower” Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at
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Found on Flootie: Urban Scenes and Cityscapes

Last month we featured art Found on Flootie in our blog article here. For August, we’ve found so many great artworks on Flootie that fit the theme of urban cityscapes. These artworks depict images buildings and people in US cities coast to coast, border to border. As well as scenes from such European cities as Amsterdam and Munich, Germany. Then off we go, all the way to Israel, to share some paintings of the city of Jerusalem.

Rememberance, Carolyn Hancock

Remembrance, Carolyn Hancock

We’re starting this image set in Washington D.C. with artist Carolyn Hancock’s scene of the Vietnam War Memorial–titled Remembrance. Click here to find out more about this painting.

The Workshop, Barry Westcott

The Workshop, Barry Westcott

In The Workshop, and 3 O’clock, artist Barry Westcott captures everyday scenes in an unnamed American city, rendered in his photo-realistic style of painting. Find the full details for these paintings on Flootie here.

3 O'Clock, Barry Westcott

3 O’Clock, Barry Westcott

Memories of a favorite Spokane, Washington restaurant Bob’s Chili Parlor, from back in the 1940’s and 50’s, with vintage automobile parked in front, come to life is a brilliant colored pencil creation by Craig Shillam. Click here to view the artist’s Flootie portfolio.

This colored pencil drawing is of an actual restaurant in Spokane, Wa. back in the 1940's and 50's is beautifully framed with conservation matting and framing. The framed size is approx. 32" high x 29 1/4" long.

Bob’s Chili Parlor, Craig Shillam

With Juke Joint, artist Mike Handley takes us inside the club life of a city at night. Find more of his work here.

Juke Joint, Mike Handley

Juke Joint, Mike Handley

Another night scene of neon street lights of the Radio City Music Hall, New York City is a color photograph by Gloria de los Santos. Find her full portfolio of artworks here.

Radio City Music Hall, Gloria de los Santos

Radio City Music Hall, NY, Gloria de los Santos

To the southern border of the USA, these New Mexico scenes, Naco Border Crossing, and,  El Rancho Hotel, give as a different flavor of American life.

Naco Border Crossin, Darrell Sullens

Naco Border Crossing, Darrell Sullens

El Racho Hotel Gallup New Mexico, Darrell Sullens

El Racho Hotel Gallup New Mexico, Darrell Sullens

Along with the artist’s tribute to times gone by and the Ashcan School of American painting, below, and on Flootie here.

Ashcan Revisited, Darrell Sullens

Ashcan Revisited, Darrell Sullens

Off to Europe, with John F. Thamm’s Munich Train Station Wedding Party, and, Marcela Rogel de Pepper’s Rainy Day in Amsterdam.



Rainy Day in Amsterdam, Marcela Rogel de Pepper

Rainy Day in Amsterdam, Marcela Rogel de Pepper

Irene Dahl’s Two Sides of Jerusalem, and Entry into Old Town are both found in her Flootie portfolio.

Two Sides of Jersulem, Irene Dahl

Two Sides of Jersulem, Irene Dahl

Entry into Old Town, Irene Dahl

Entry into Old Town, Irene Dahl

Find these and many more wonderful artworks on








Wish-Cushions : Call Out for Artist Participation for Schlachten Contemporary Arts Festival

Ocean, Emily Putter

Ocean, Emily Putter

Artist Emily Pütter, one of the artists in our Amazon store–view her art on Amazon here— is exhibiting her painting Ocean at the Schlachten Contemporary Arts Festival. The Festival site is in English and German here.

The Theme of the Festival, in June – July, is Displaced2015, Displaced Persons Around the World


Poster Design by Emily Putter

Poster Design by Emily Putter

Wish-Cushions : Call-Out for participants

Join us! Cushions needed! Wish-Cushions, filled with your good wishes for those who have suffered and need to start all over again.

Sew a colourful pillow, put in it your good wishes for the refugees who arrive in the state of Brandenburg from around the world, and we will place it inside tents provided by the German Red Cross, ready for you to comfortably sit on and watch the films and videos we have lovingly selected for you which explore this important issue.

The tents will be erected within the Mendelsohn Hall, whose architect and the original owners were exiled from Nazi Germany in the 1930s: a reminder and an opportunity to uncover to what extent flight, displacement and expulsion are woven into our lives.

The messages you all send us inside your cushions, placed in the restored hall, will be a colourful, soft, and joyous welcome – an opportunity for interaction and discussion.

We’re very grateful for your participation!!

If you have any questions about the Wish-Cushions, please send us an email to (subject: “Wish-Cushions”) or fill out the form on the site here.

Annual 5 International Artist Grants: Application Deadline June 15th

International Grant Program 2013/14, Lepsien Art Foundation, Düsseldorf

The Lepsien Art Foundation

Annually, the Lepsien Art Foundation accepts applications for their International Grant Program, as this grant schedule 2013/14, for ‘Emerging Talents’ in Fine Art. A total five grants will be awarded to international artists in the disciplines of Painting, Sculpture and Photography.

Artists can apply annually,  beginning 1st of April. This year 2013, the deadline for applications is  the 15th of June. Usually more time is allowed for applicants to submit, but  due to high number of applications last year, the application period has been reduced.  For the first time, the foundation has a dedicated online application tool for all artists applying for the program on their website:

Basic criteria for the application:
The candidates must already have a degree from a recognized national or international art college/university and must have already gained some first public recognition (e.g. exhibitions, publications, etc.).  Applicants should not be older than 39 years at the time of applying for the grant program.

An integral part of the grant program is the provision of studio spaces in the Art House Düsseldorf, Germany ( where the five awarded artists will work together for the period of the program. Furthermore the program includes the production and publication of limited art editions (Edition Lepsien Art Foundation) jointly with all grant holders. At the end of the grant program a joint exhibition of all artists will take place and an annual catalogue will be published with the Kerber Group in connection with the final exhibition.

Berlin: Team Titanic Gallery Call for Submissions

Call For Submissions

On June 14th 2013 team titanic will host a group exhibition dealing with the subject

palin (πάλιν; „again“) and dromos (δρóμος; „way, direction“)

Praised, forgotten, sampled, reloaded.
Group exhibition tracing the signs of a culture of transformers

For our upcoming show we invite artists, poets and scientists to contribute artwork, patterns and ideas.

Deadline: June 9th 2013
Online Submission:

When: Friday, June 14th 2013
Where: team titanic
Flughafenstraße 50, 12053 Berlin


Deadline: Sun Jun 9th, 2013

team titanic
Flughafenstrasse 50
Berlin, 12053

Thousands of Artists Vie For Wall Space/Thousands Queue-up to View Deutsche Bank Exhibit

outside the Berlin Deutsche Bank exhibit, photo courtesy of Emily Putter

outside the Berlin Deutsche Bank exhibit, photo courtesy of Emily Pütter

On April 3rd, along with many other art news sources, we published this opportunity for artists to hang their paintings in the new Deutsche Bank exhibition space.

The news spread, and Berlin area artist Emily Pütter reports that more than one thousand artists, all carrying paintings, stood in a queue several kilometers long along the main streets of Berlin hoping to hang their work on Deutsche Bank exhibition space walls. Artists arrived on bicycles, by car, and walking, only to talk and laugh with the other artists who also had no chance of getting in. Many stood in the snow and cold for hours hoping to hang their art. Emily says, “There will be another one at the end of the month.” So apparently Deutsche Bank plans to do this every few weeks.

Later, after the show opened to the public, Emily attended the exhibition–waiting 2 hours to get in–while Deutsche Bank provided hot tea, coffee, and sausages to those waiting on the street in the cold.

Once Emily got inside the show– “there were piano players, food and drinks, and a great ambience,” she said.

Deutsche Bank exhibition, photo courtesy of Emily P

Deutsche Bank exhibition, photo courtesy of Emily Pütter

Thank you Emily!

Visit Emily Pütter’s website to view her work.

Emily was feature in the March issue of ArticulAction Art Review 


Image courtesy of artist Emily Pütter


Image courtesy of artist Emily Pütter

OPEN CALL: THINKABOUTSPACE + IKONO Open Call for Berlin Painters


Calling all artists, architects, curators, or theoreticians–– do you have ideas regarding new forms of public monuments that you’d like to share? Here’s your chance.

As one element of the international group exhibition Open Monument at Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Germany, running from May 3 to Jun. 16, an online platform of your ideas will be open for submissions. This unique exhibition explores multimedia and transformative historic monuments through the platform THINKABOUTSPACE, alongside 10 international artists’ works in the gallery space–– from installation to documentation of architectural design. Even walking tours through Berlin will be conducted by various residents showing their special, hidden places–– their personal monuments.

The online platform THINKABOUTSPACE will include everything from image, text, sound, video, and architectural models referring to possible ideas for a new historic monument. The stipulations are almost none, the possibilities endless. Material gathered for THINKABOUTSPACE will be infused in the exhibition and projected alongside the works of Open Monument. The deadline for submissions is April 20 and contributions can be nominal or anonymous. Send material to with the subject line: “proposal for thinkaboutspace”




ikono invites Berlin based artists to take part in a year-long series of open calls held in collaboration with Artconnect Berlinto promote the visibility of the arts on a local and international scale.

Every other month in 2013, ikono and Artconnect Berlin will encourage submissions of artworks from local artists. Two artworks will be selected from each open call and presented on our local and international media platforms throughout the following months. Each call will focus on a specific artistic medium as a criterion for submission: sculpture, photography, painting, installation and drawing.

We are really happy with the results of our first two open calls, sculpture and photography! We are now ready to move on to the next one: until May 13th, we are searching for submissions of paintings from Berlin based artists. There is no specific theme.

The two artworks selected from each call will be showcased in two unique films produced by ikono. They will be broadcasted on its two internationally viewed HDTV channels, ikonoTV (Germany) and ikonoMENASA (Middle East, Northern Africa and Southern Asia). The videos will also be presented on Artconnect’s and ikono’s blogs, alongside with in-depth interviews with the featured artists conducted by Artconnect Berlin. At the end of 2013, ikono will produce a short retrospective film highlighting all selected works to conclude the series.

The entire collection of open call interviews and films will remain available as an archive on Artconnect Berlin’s and ikono’s websites for general public access.

How to submit:

  1. You will need an artist’s profile on Artconnect Berlin’s website, which is free and easy to create under Feel free to upload as many files as you want, as this is a great tool to connect with other artists in your area and share your art!
  2. For the #3 Open Call for Paintings, you should submit one artwork documented through still images. As a general rule, we ask you for up to five images (Max size per image: 1MB). Upon acceptance you will be required to upload a full quality version of the artwork along with full credit information. However, if you want to submit more than 5 images, feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below.
  3. You must include the following production information in your submission: applicant’s name, country of origin, contact, link to your website (if you have one), link to your Artconnect Berlin profile, a small bio, a short description of your work.
  4. The artworks must be your property and you must own the full copyrights of it. This applies to all visual and written content.

If you have all the information mentioned above, you are now ready to submit. You can do it at the following link: !

We are really looking forward to seeing your paintings! Good luck!

Please send any further questions to:

Call to Artists: Hang What You Can Carry in Deutsche Bank New Space


Deutsche Bank just announced their inaugural 24-hour exhibition in its new KunstHalle will accept works by any artist who wishes to exhibit in their new space.

The Deets

  • From 10am to 7pm Friday, April 5th through Sunday, April 7th, artists in Berlin are invited to bring their artwork to Charlottenstraße 37/38. Submissions will be taken until the walls are full, so get there early.
  • The requirements are simple: the art has to be able to be hung on the wall. So leave your sculptures at home and bring your best two-dimensional work––paintings, drawings and photographs will all be accepted.

Click here for the full details.

How Artists Make Sales of Their Art Using Auction Apps on Their Blogs, iPhone

In Germany, artist Wolf-Gunter Voight holds a twice weekly auction of his Pad Paintings. In each auction he makes one of his iPad paintings available for easy purchase via a Fine Art Auction App on his Blogspot blog. In the screenshot above you will notice that the information and instructions are in both German and English.

Auction apps is a big topic and I am just beginning to explore the many options out there which will take some time. Live Auctioneers offers a iPhone auction app for selling art, antiques and collectables. Get an account free.

Caspio has an online auction and Facebook integration. They offer a two-week free trial. Read this successful case study.

6 International Art Magazines

image courtesy of

artclue is an Eastern European art magazine based in Romania  Visit the artclue Website:

Kunst Magazine, as you may have guessed from the name, is a German art magazine. There is an *English* button on the  site to read an English version of their blog:

THE BEAUTY OF SCUM! – International Artscum Magazine (including artwork from Europe, USA, Australia, and the World) –the magazine containing Paintings, (Digital)Collages, and Sculpture–is based in Germany.  The publishers describe their magazine as a bizarre, low brow, surrealist publication. Take a look at their website here: and their blog:

Artist Portfolio Magazine!  You can get your art into this magazine by way of their art contests:

PARK art magazine, launched in 2010, is based in Portugal–their aim is to bring together as many creative minds as possible, from different backgrounds. Artists willing to share their work through a home-grown printed publication dedicated to art & culture, making its way into the web as a digital online edition in the form of a flip mag as well as a downloadable PDF. The very anatomy of the magazine will rely on a (hopefully) an ever-growing list of contributors. PARK wants to make its publication as diverse and challenging as they can. Submit your art via the submissions guidelines on their site:

Art magazine  is published by the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol England. You can download the Autumn 2012 Issue of the Magazine free on their site 

Innovative Idea For Presenting Art Images and Generating Sales

This is an innovative and clever way of presenting art images in an interactive art exhibition and generating print sales!

  • TWIN INFINITIVES IS an interactive photography installation.
  • A special library of images created by the artist are combined and recombined by an application built into a computerized display, to present randomly generated ‘twins’ of images, each lasting only a few moments.
  • Thousands of combinations will appear over the course of the exhibition, with each pair appearing only one time. If a viewer likes a particular pair, they can press a button built into the display to ‘capture’ the current pair and a print will be generated. Each print will be one of a kind, unique to that particular chosen moment, and titled with its own unique time code.
  • Once all combinations are generated, the application shuts down and the display is destroyed, leaving only the collection of prints VIEWERS have purchased as the record of the exhibition.

Feroz Gallery  Prinz-Albert-Str. 12, 53113 Bonn, Germany

  • Feroz Gallery
  • Burbacher Str. 58
  • Bonn, Germany, 53129
  • Phone: +49 228 24 27 413
  • Website:Official Website

A Call For Unrealized Projects

You are invited to contribute your own unrealized projects to AUP’s growing archive. Contributions can include text (DOC) and image files (two JPEGs or PDFs up to 2MB each), and can be submitted online at

Please include one paragraph describing your project.

A call for unrealized projects
Unlike unrealized architectural projects, which are frequently exhibited and circulated, unrealized artworks tend to remain unnoticed or little known. But perhaps there is another form of artistic agency in the partial expression, the incomplete idea, the projection of a mere intention? Agency of Unrealized Projects (AUP) seeks to document and display these works, in this way charting the terrain of a contingent future.Though the state of being unrealized implies the potential for realization, not all projects are intended to be carried out. In other instances, artists deliberately leave works incomplete, to record interesting “failures” or experiments. Other planned projects involve consciously utopian, non-utilitarian, and conceptual spaces that were not made available for realization. Whether censored, forgotten, postponed, impossible, or rejected, unrealized projects form a unique testament to the speculative power of non-action.AUP follows “Unbuilt Roads: 107 Unrealized Projects” collated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Guy Tortosa following several years of international research conducted in the late 1990s (and published in form of a book in 1997, Gerd Hatje, Ostfildern-Ruit, Germany), with contributions by 107 artists, from Vito Acconci to Rosemarie Trockel. Under the name of AUP these artist projects were first presented as a digital public archive by e-flux in 2009 followed by an open call for unrealized projects published by e-flux in 2011 and an AUP exhibition in Basel in 2011.This new open call for unrealized projects is launched on the occasion of a Berlin edition of AUP in collaboration with the Berliner Künstlerprogramm/ DAAD. The AUP will take up temporary residence at the daadgalerie in Berlin from September 9th to October 20th 2012 to present newly submitted projects as well as the existing inventory of the AUP archive. The daadgalerie installation of AUP will be accompanied by a public program of lectures and presentations with numerous guests considering artistic and philosophical perspectives of the “unrealized” or the “unrealizable.”

Submission for possible inclusion in AUP at the daadgalerie in Berlin will be accepted through October 20th 2012.

“Agency of Unrealized Projects” is a project by e-flux and the Serpentine Gallery London devised by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Julia Peyton-Jones, Julieta Aranda, and Anton Vidokle. The Berlin edition of AUP is conceived in collaboration with Berliner Künstlerprogramm/ DAAD.

Zimmerstraße 90/91
10117 Berlin
Hours: Mon–Sat 11–18

T +49 (0)30 261 36 40

Would You Like To Exhibit Your Art in Berlin Germany?

Berlin at night. Seen from the Allianz buildin...

Berlin at night. Seen from the Allianz building in Treptow, showing the Universal building on the right at the river Spree and the TV-Tower at Alexanderplatz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are invited to apply to participate in the “2012 PROJECT BERLIN – MAY BE (R)EVOLUTION” project.

Factory-Art Gallery accepts art from emerging and established artists in all media:painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, digital art, video and mixed media. Submissions are open to all artists without any restrictions based on age, sex, nationality or other qualifications. 12 artists will be selected to  participate with three (3) or more artworks. Gallery reimburses artist expenses.

Exhibition: 10 May > 8 June 2012

Early Deadline: 7 April 2012
Final Deadline: 15 april 2012

Sign up here:

View their first two exhibition catalogues:

Share List: Directory of Art Consultants

For artists–

By request, I am sharing my personally researched Contact List of 500+  art consultants, in a PDF share file. The Directory of Art Consultants is 100+ pages, and growing, and consists of email addresses and clickable site links. Many of the listing include notes on the speciality or style or type of art the consultant is currently seeking, such as corporate, hospitality industry, health care industry, Giclee prints, photography, sculpture, etc. The Directory of Consultants contains mostly US corporate art consultants listed by region and state. There are also several listing for art consultants in Mexico, Europe –UK, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands–as well as some listing of consultants in Asia, Dubai, and South Africa.

Here is the link:

Pittsburgh: R. WEIS – Compositions of Manipulated Sound

R. Weis, in collaboration with photographer Arthur Tress, created the sound for Requiem for a Paperweight that has been presented in installation form along with the physical photographs (view installation shots,  and as a two-projector slide show, originally at University Art Museum, California State University Long Beach.  It has since traveled to The Bridgewater/Lustberg Gallery in NYC, to German museums including The Ludwig Forum – Stadt Aachen, and in slide-show form at the 1994 CMJ Music Marathon in NYC.  The sound score for Requiem for a Paperweight was also heard as part of Arthur Tress’ retrospective “Fantastic Voyage, Photographs 1956-2000” at The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

“…a richly textured, haunting vision of life in the future…a dazzling morality play, its hero, the Everyman of late-20th-century corporate life. A stereotypically overworked, anonymous cog in the Japanese business machine, the protagonist exists in a high-tech, migraine-inducing netherworld of garish neon color, charts and lab equipment, glossy ads, and business statistics. Haunted by shadowy memories of family and childhood and elusive promises of health and happiness, he faces a future in which bankruptcy, unemployment, and forced retirement are the preludes to his own cosmic apotheosis in death. His desperate search for meaning is met only with shiny, deceptive dreams.
“Enhanced by the score of composer R. Weis, who works with language and manipulated sound, the installation format works brilliantly for Tress. The dark-painted walls and vivid light reinforce the impression that we are witnessing, as in a medieval chapel, a kind of contemporary morality play.” 
Peter Clothier
, ArtNews, 3/95

Requiem for a Paperweight Part One

Read the full article by Marie Kazalia, at: