The Blessings of Water in the Portrait Art of Ghana Africa Artists


Dripping wet faces with water drizzling from chins caught my attention in the portrait art of African artists in sub-Saharan Ghana.

Some of the artists refer to their wet imagery as the blessings of water and showers of blessings.




It’s true that all humans everywhere on earth need the amazing resource of water to live.

But these contemporary Ghana artists–Theopencil, Kwabena Nature, Enam Bosokah, Jeffery Appiatu– uniquely portray water in a visual anointing of their subjects in the wet portraits above and below.


"Monica Belluci", 29 cm x 42 cm. 2015, Charcoal and graphite, Jeffrey Appiatu, Accra, Ghana, Africa

“Monica Belluci”, 29 cm x 42 cm. 2015, Charcoal and graphite, Jeffrey Appiatu, Accra, Ghana, Africa


I agree with Dr. Keith McFarlane, administrator of commissions for the African Portraiture Service, who said that these wet portraits, “demonstrate the rendering skills” these artists possess.


Enam Bosokah, Ghana

Enam Bosokah, Ghana


But I also think that there may be deep roots in the culture of Ghana and the climate of the sub-Saharan location that connects all four of these artists to the theme of dripping wet faces in their portrait art.

When I asked some of the artists about the symbolism, the reply from Kwabnea Nature referenced the Bible, the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 34 verse 26–  “I will make them and the places all around my hill a blessing; and I will cause showers to come down in their season; there shall be showers of blessings.”

Theopencil, Kwabena Nature, Enam Bosokah, Jeffery Appiatu are just four of over 25 artists participating in the African Portraiture Service. If you are interested in viewing  more artwork by these artists or in getting details on how to commission a portrait, click here.

If you would like to communicate directly with one or more of these artists, please visit the African Portraiture Service Facebook page here.


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