Amazon Identifies Art With High Buyer Interest (Part 1)

Amazon dot com sent us a list of our store artworks that receive a lot of interest from shoppers but are not getting equivalent sales. They suggested that we set up some promotional offers to get those interested to make the decision to purchase the artworks. So for a limited time we’re offering two popular prints by artist Walt Curlee at a special reduced price.

Taking Pumpkins to Market, Walt Curlee

Taking Pumpkins to Market, Walt Curlee

Walt Curlee’s, Taking Pumpkins to Market, is now available at a special discounted price through October–on Amazon here.

Shucking and Storing the Corn in the Corncrib Giclee Print on Paper by Walt Curlee

Shucking and Storing the Corn in the Corncrib Giclee Print on Paper
by Walt Curlee

Shucking and Storing the Corn in the Corncrib Giclee Print on Paper by Walt Curlee  on sale on Amazon here.

Steve McQueen & 1968 Mustang Gt by Chris Osborne

Steve McQueen & 1968 Mustang Gt
by Chris Osborne

Own a piece of history when you buy this Chris Osborne Giclee print Steve McQueen & 1968 Mustang GT available on Amazon here at a special price. Chris’ painting was recognized and appreciated by Steve McQueen’s son, who published it in a special book about his famous father! In addition, Chris met and hung out with Steve McQueen, when she was a teenager, along with her famed photographer friend Herb Ritts, one day when they visited the actor’s beach house.

Packing and Shipping Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Giclee Canvas Art to Buyer

Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray 20 x 13 inch stretch canvas Giclee printed –buy on here.

Once the order came in, artist Chris Osborne had this Jimi Hendrix Giclee canvas art print custom printed, stretched and varnished, to ship to the Amazon buyer. She snapped iPhone photos as she packaged the artwork for shipping.



 She wanted to package the canvas print with care– “I start with foam core larger than the piece then attach a margin of foam core strips around the edges.  Add an extra layer on the outside of cardboard.  Finish with lots of final packing tape around the outside edges,” Chris Osborne says. “Done!  Phew! I spent one and one-half hours carefully packing the limited edition artwork.”
“P.S. the shine on the print in the second photo is the plastic wrapping around the print.”
Protective layers of foamcore and cardboard around the Giclee canvas print–for a protective sandwich ready to be inserted into shipping box and sent to buyer insured.
Also in our Amazon store:

Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray- Limited Edition Poster available here.

And a larger, 23 x 35 inch, Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray here.

Jimi Hendrix + 1969 Corvette Stingray limited edition poster, from a painting by Chris Osborne, is the best selling item in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store

Jimi Hendrix + 1969 Corvette Stingray, signed limited edition poster, from a painting by Chris Osborne, is the best-selling item in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store



Walt Curlee *Americana* Prints in Our Amazon Store

Springtime On The Farm,   Walt Curlee

Springtime On The Farm, Walt Curlee


Walt Curlee is now offering his Giclee prints from his original oil paintings, in our Amazon store.

Springtime on the Farm, the first in this season series is available here.


Turkeys In The Hills, Walt Curlee

Turkeys In The Hills, Walt Curlee


Get artist Walt Curlee’s Giclee print, Turkeys in the Hills here.


Shucking And Storing The Corn In The CornCrib, Walt Curlee

Shucking And Storing The Corn In The CornCrib, Walt Curlee


Find out more about Shucking And Storing The Corn In The CornCrib here.


Taking Pumpkins To Market , Walt Curlee

Taking Pumpkins To Market, Walt Curlee


Find the autumn print Taking Pumpkins To Market available here.


Rural Winter Landscape, Walt Curlee

Rural Winter Landscape, Walt Curlee


Rural Winter Landscape available on Amazon here.




Studio Visit Site for Making Reservations to Visit Artist Studios


Jacks Pollock's studio floor in the Pollock Krasner house.

Jacks Pollock’s studio floor in the Pollock Krasner house.

We took a few days off during the Christmas holiday week and now we’re back to share the really great Studio Visit site that artists and collectors will want to know about. It’s an artist studio reservation service that is provided completely free to artists and collectors.

Studio Visit is a website for collectors to make reservations to visit artist studios searchable by city and country. So far, the main studio locations listed are cities in Germany, Spain, Mexico, Belgium and the Netherlands. Once you add your studio location your city will appear in the available locations.

Artists simply register with their studio address, name, and at least one picture of their studio. Artist/studios can add up to ten pictures of their studio space, up to ten images of their artwork, a Google map view, artist CV/Statement and other menu options.

The Studio Visit website provides a booking system. Through this system potential buyers and collectors will request a studio visit only on the days, times, and for the duration that the artist or studio configures. The booking system will ask for basic contact information from the collector that will be seen only by the artist/ studio they request to visit.

Once a collector books a studio visit reservation the studio will receive an email. In the studio account menu option RESERVATION MANAGE the reservation booking can be approved or rejected. If approved the collector will receive an email and can only go ahead with the studio visit appointment with this confirmation email.

News of this service is provided to you by the Artist Marketing Resources blog For the past six years, Artist Marketing Resources has been providing information to artists. Some of our resources and services include: The International Art Gallery Directory  available hereArt Licensing companies agencies + artist agents & artist reps hereTransmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook hereDirectory of Art Consultants here1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art E-list herePhotographers Resources of International Photography Reps and agents, galleries, print sales, publishers + more hereArt magazines, art blogs, art directories e-list of art publication resources for artists hereArt Print Resources for artists here , Featured Artists here, and our E-Postcard Marketing Service for Artists here.

Two Artist Resources that Defy Categorization: and Art360 Gallery

From first view, the Art365 Gallery website has the look of an online art magazine, IMO. Although they refer to themselves as both an online art gallery and an art blog. You’ll find Featured Artists, Galleries, Glass Artists, and Art News.

Visual artists and glass artists are invited to submit for a permanent spot on this site.

– Send  a text in 300-500 characters about you, your artworks and perhaps a few words about your art technique.

– A link to your website/Facebook page.

– 6-8 quality images of your art.

They will rewrite a unique text about you and your art, show the best of your artworks and link to your website and Facebook fan page from their art blog (it’s a 100% free service). You’ll find the full details on their website. is a sophisticated artist driven platform with a professional portfolio and CV tool for emerging fine artists to create online visibility. is something like an artist directory, yet, when artists sign up for free they have a dashboard allowing them to add images of their art, their exhibition news, and more. also offers a monthly selection of emerging artists with more extensive text about each artist showcased. selects sophisticated art in low-key tones for their feature.

These relatively new sites have been added to our 57 page e-list of art magazines, blogs, and artist directories.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 8.02.13 PM

Artist E-postcards: Elinore Schnurr

We’ve sent out artist e-postcards to top art galleries currently reviewing work. The e-postcards are e-mailed individually along with the link to the artist’s website. There are two e-postcard marketing option for artists. Click here for details on E-Postcard Marketing Plan A.  Click here for E-Postcard Marketing Plan B.











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Print-On-Demand Sales Site Where Artists Sell Their Art and Designs Printed on Metal


Displate metal poster with art by Marie Kazalia

Displate metal poster printed with art by Marie Kazalia

Last month we began offering our new Art Print sales list of clickable links to online resources (and select physical venues) where artists can offer their work as art prints and printed on products.

Just one of the interesting sites included on the list is Displate, listed in Printed Products category that includes sites for your art printed on art toys, art stickers, wall decals, murals, postcards, printed T-shirts, leggings, clothing, bags, cases, pillows, fabric, wallpaper, rugs, deck chairs, chairs, mugs, beer bottles, limited edition ceramics, wall flags and other items. Get the full its here.

Displate is a print-on-demand sales site where you upload your art images  and each time a buyer gets one of your print on a metal poster you make money.  Displate metal posters that can be hung by magnet to a wall or propped up on a surface such as a table or desk.

Here’s a 30 second video on the making and hanging of a Displate metal print–

Artist Marketing Resources Success Story: One of Our Artists Makes it Big Via Our Efforts!



Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 1.21.37 PM

Yes, we’re tooting our own horn and our client’s too! Artist Marketing Resources obtained a first, smaller, art licensing contract for our client William Montgomery, who received hundreds in artist royalties each month the first year. Now, his new major contract with the top fine art publisher McGaw is a game changer and a career maker for William. We obtained this contract for the artist via our services. If you are an artist and would like more information on our services, contact Marie Kazalia via email:

For artists taking a DIY approach, learn from our experience and expertise in our ebook, the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions available here.

In addition to the ebook guide, Artist Marketing Resources provides continually researched and updated resource lists for making submissions–these are enormous time saves for artists! Our PDFs of hundreds of pages of clickable links include our International Art Gallery PDF available here, Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representatives PDF available here, the Directory of Art Consultants PDF available here,  1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF available here, 2014 Photographers Resources: International Photography Reps and agents, galleries, print sales + much more PDF available here , our Resource list of Art Magazines, art blogs and site for artists to submit to increase their online presence–get the PDF here.


It’s Auction Time: Bid in Our Live Online Art Auction Nov 4th 11a.m. EST

It’s auction time! The 1st of November has come and gone and our live online art auction is coming up on Sunday November the 4th starting at 11:00 a.m. EST (East Coast USA/New York)

That’s one hour earlier in Chicago, two hours earlier in Denver, 3 hours earlier in California. If you are in Europe it will be at 4-5 PM your time–check  the international time zone chart here.

You can preview the auction items now.

Here is the link to attend:

In our auction, view and bid on original paintings on canvas, collage artworks, hand-painted photographic prints, fine art photos, hand-carved stone sculpture, Giclee prints on canvas and paper, posters, and artist t-shirts.

Two of our auction artists are offering perks to bidding buyers–bid on and win a Penelope Moore painting and you also get a private wine tasting for 4 in a California winery. New York City sculptor Robin Antar is offering bidding buyers of her sculpture the option to visit her studio in Brooklyn. Keep these perks for yourself or give them as gifts!

Hope to see you there.

Preview, Attend and Bid on Expressive Renderings or Detailed Realism In Our Live Online Art Auction Nov 4th!

Yes, we have it all. From Expressionistic faces to portraits of vintage celebrities!

Put a Little Art in Your Life You’ll Feel Better! Terry Luc original artist designed t-shirt available in sizes S/M/L/XL in our live online art auction Nov 4th

Faces series, painting on canvas, Jacqueline van der Veene

Elvis and 1955 Cadillac Limo, by Chris Osborne

Conversation 2 people, alabaster on granite pedestals, by Robin Antar

Revolution, Terry Luc original artist designed t-shirt available in sizes S/M/L/XL in our live online art auction Nov 4th

Steam Punk Pig, print on paper, Jerry Gonzalez

Flowering Fantasia, limited edition print by William Busciani

Marilyn and 1955 Pink Lincoln by Chris Osborne

RSVP today and you will be notified one hour before the auction starts at 11:00 a.m. EST.

Attend our live online art auction on November 4th, 2012.

You will find the link to RSVP and to attend below.

RSVP Today and attend our live online art auction coming up soon! Before we know it November 4th will be here and the auction will begin at 11:00 a.m. EST. Be there to bid on and win expressive paintings, carefully detailed works of realism, hand-carved sculpture, hand-painted photographs, posters, and artist designed t-shirts! There are 100 art items listed in our auction! Here is the link to RSVP and to attend:

Sold! In Our Amazon Store–Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Steve McQueen and 1968 Mustang GT, painting by Chris Osborne

Yes, we’re excited! We sold one of these Giclee canvas prints from the Limited Edition by Chris Osborne. The artist actually met Steve McQueen and had cocktails at his Malibu beach house, along with her long-time friend the famed photographer Herb Ritts.

Steve McQueen and 1968 Mustang GT available on here:

Our Amazon Store 1st Anniversary

The Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store opened last year in July. The first weeks were all about completing several pages of online forms for each product listing added, and researching keyword search terms to apply to each artwork listing. There have been sales each month since the store opened. The top-selling store artists are Chris Osborne, Marta Lowndes and Terry Luc. So far we’ve sold two of Marta’s paintings on canvas, and have two more paintings by Marta still available. You can view the listings for the paintings here and here.

We continue to have repeat sales of the limited edition poster art of Chris Osborne and Giclee print art of Terry Luc. The two most popular posters by Chris Osborne are Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray-( link to purchase poster on Amazon, and James Dean & the ’49 Mercury ( link to purchase poster on Amazon )–both posters pictured below along with Terry Luc’s America 1  print. (Link to purchase America 1 on Amazon: )

James Dean and 1949 Mercury, by Chris Osborne

America 1, limited edition print on paper by Terry LUC

Jimi Hendrix & his 1969 Corvette Stingray, by Chris Osborne, available as Giclee print on canvas in 3 sizes formats and as limited edition poster print

Artists: Store Reviewing LOVE / Valentines Day Art

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

Image via Wikipedia


Do you create love themed art?

The Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store at is reviewing Valentines Day art to add as new listings in the store.

The store currently lists original paintings, Giclee prints on canvas, limited Giclee prints on paper, digital art, and digital art prints, limited edition posters, and other print editions.

We would like to add more original fine art paintings and fine art prints, Giclee prints and posters, in any style, that we can promote and sell as gift art appropriate for the upcoming Valentines Day February 14th 2012 buying season.


If you create love themed art, and would like us to review your website or online portfolio, then submit your name and link using the form below:

Fine Art Gifts For Under $100

Each week, Artspace gives members a chance to purchase a limited edition print in an insider sale. This week, Artspace features a print by New York City artist Kenny Sharf for  about seven hundred dollars. Artspace also has a holiday offer of gifts for under $300.

The Transmedia Artist Amazon store also offers fine art gifts for under $100–

Agatha & Audrey, by Aurora Massoldi

Limited edition Giclee Print on Paper: Agatha & Audrey by Aurora of Italy and  Digital Art Print: THE PIANO by Karen Smith are both under $100 in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store. You will also find digital art and fine art posters for $30.

Kill Me In The Comments, digital art by Grase Migel

A Digital Art Download, Titled: Kill Me in the Comments by Grase Migel

James Dean & the ’49 Mercury – Poster Print by Chris Osborne

Buy Art Online

One-of-a kind and limited edition art in the Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store     


Katherine Hepburn & 1940 LaSalle, limited edition Giclee canvas from original oil painting by Chris Osborne

Untitled #23, William Montgomery, limited edition Lambda print laminated to plexiglass

Flagship, William Basciani, limited edition Giclee print on paper

Art For Sale

Buy one of a kind and limited edition artist paintings and prints in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

fugue 5 op 91, painting on canvas by Marta Lowndes

Kill Me In The Comments, digital art by Grase Migel

People Sitting #010, by Milan Rubio, Limited edition Giclee print on paper

3 New Limited Edition Giclee Prints From *People Sitting* Series by Milan Rubio

People Sitting #010, by Milan Rubio

We are pleased to offer three new limited edition Giclee prints on  Hahnemühle William Turner 310 fine art paper (with double UV protection) by artist Milan Rubio, now in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

Sitting People #010 by Milan Rubio

Sitting People #015, by Milan Rubio

Sitting People #015 by Milan Rubio is offered in a hand-signed and numbered limited edition on

Sitting People #07, by Milan Rubio

Sitting People #07 by Milan Rubio

All print purchases include a certificate of authenticity.

Tweet Exchange


Image by chrisinplymouth via Flickr

My Twitter account @Artozon (Artists on Amazon) for my Amazon store has over 8,000 Twitter followers. Recently, I was offered $6+USD per Tweet to send out sponsored Tweets. This gave me the idea to do a Tweet exchange.

To take part in the Tweet exchange:

Follow one of my Twitter accounts–




I will follow back.

Send me your Tweet of 140 characters or fewer, and I will Tweet it. Either leave your Tweet below in a comment or email it to:

Tweet one of my 3 Tweets:

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Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray #Poster  easy to buy on Amazon

Digital #Art #Print  Metallic Screen #6  limited edition made @ PC Colour Lab, LA, CA, USA

6 Month EBOOK Anniversary 27% Discount

The ebook– Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions by Marie Kazalia became available to artists in April of 2011–ISBN 978-0-615-47557-8   ebook: 90 pages

Visual artists, the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook contains:

  • cover letters for you to adapt and use for making your own submissions
  • cover letters that can be used by artists working in any media,
  • insider tips
  • how to get your art viewed by those in positions to help your art career
  • 100′s of resource links
  • how to contacting art gallerists
  • how to contact museum curators
  • how to get your art represented by corporate art consultants
  • how to get contracts for your art with Giclee print companies
  • how to get contracts with art licensing companies
  • how to get your art on calendars
  • how to get your art printed on CD music inserts
  • how to get free PR
  • how to create your own artist opportunities
  • how to generate income streams to support their art making practice
  • this ebook will save the artist time– on a daily basis, and months and years of trial and error
  • The letter formats are tried and have brought results for artists

The sample letters in this ebook are based on actual letters used to obtain solo exhibitions, lucrative art licensing contracts, representation with top artist agencies, and representation for lucrative Giclee print sales internationally.

To mark the 6 month anniversary of my ebook I am offering a special  27% discount off cover price to my newsletter and blog subscribers.

Take advantage of the special discounted price of $19.95USD today!


Information Page with Discount Buy Button Available in October only–Buy Today to get the discount.