Free Classified Ads for Artists on ArtLyst, The London Art Exhibitions Network


Image by Miss Sydney Marie via Flickr

ArtLyst ,the London Art Exhibitions Network, offers free membership to artists. Membership allows artists to post 4 free classified ads each week offering their artwork for sale.

Artists may advertise original paintings, sculpture, Giclee prints, or artist cards on ArtLyst for the coming holiday buying season. According to ArtLyst, adding your ArtLyst account link to your blog or site list of links will drive hundreds of viewers to your website!


Italian Artist Aurora Mazzoldi: Giclee Fine Art Prints of Her Paintings

Italian artist Aurora Mazzoldi has exhibited her paintings in US galleries. She wanted to expand Giclee print sales of her paintings into the US, but where and how could she do this easily?  I agreed to accept and stock her prints for sales in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store, bypassing issues such as delays in shipping and receipt of prints purchased by Amazon customers.

Agatha & Audrey, by Aurora Massoldi

Chloe, by Aurora Massoldi

Emma, by Aurora Mazzoldi

Jane, by Aurora Massoldi

New in Amazon Artist Store: 6 Giclee Prints by William Basciani

The William Basciani painting skill and style now available in limited edition Giclee prints

Cotton Candy Skies, William Basciani

Cotton Candy Skies, the artist describes as “image with Nutcracker and blue & pink skies”– a Giclee print 18 x 20.5 inches: $300.00

Summer of 98, William Basciani

There are 48 Giclee prints left of this “Fireworks Painting”

Flagship, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper: Flagship by William Basciani

His Studio, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: His Studio by William Basciani

Reserved, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: Reserved by William Basciani

Flowering Fantasia, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: Flowering Fantasia by William Basciani

William Montgomery’s 5 New Digital Art Prints in Amazon Store.

Five of William Montgomery’s 2011 digital art prints are now in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

Digital Artist Laminated Print, Title: Untitled #23 by William Montgomery

Untitled #23, William Montgomery

Digital Artist Lambda Print Laminated, Title: Metallic Screen #6 by William Montgomery

Metalllic Screen #6, William Montgomery

Digital Artist Laminated Lambda Print, Title: Rusty Forest by William Montgomery

Rusty Forest, William Montgomery

Digital Artist Laminate Print, Title: To the Point by William Montgomery

To the Point, William Montgomery

Digital Laminated Lambda Print, Titled: String Cheese 2 by William Montgomery

String Cheese, William Montgomery

Artists Pooling Resources for New Amazon Store


Image via Wikipedia

Dear Artists and Readers of Artist Marketing Resources blog

The Transmedia Artist Amazon Store is set-up  to sell original art and artist products (such as posters).

The advantage to selling on Amazon is that Amazon has millions of shoppers and the holiday buyer season

is approaching.

If you have a Giclee print or two (etc) you would like to sell in the Transmedia Amazon store.

All sales are on commission basis, but to list, each item must have a UPC or EAN or ISBN etc code.

UPC codes are purchased in blocks of 100.

One artist may not need 100 UPC codes (for $760USD and up to thousands)

So I have purchased 100 UPC codes and will share the UPC codes with each artist

listing in my Transmedia Artist Amazon store.

Or if you wish to purchase your own,

codes can be purchased online here:

Here is the link to the PDF of terms for selling in the Amazon Transmedia Artist Store:

If you would like to take part in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store sales


Marie Kazalia, Artist Marketing Resources blog owner, and group owner on LinkedIN, Transmedia Artist Marketing owner (


New Amazon Store Seeking Art

Dear Artists

I am opening a new Amazon Pro Shop. An Australian artist already sent 8 of his paintings to me, and I agreed to post them for sale on Amazon. I would like more items to fill out my store ready early for the holiday shopping season.

Amazon takes 15% commission on most items.  For somes item, such as CDs, books, and DVD, they also take an addition $1.39 per item sold. Since I must pay $40. per month for the shop, and maintain it, I also will take a commission.

I am looking for more art items to add to my Amazon shop. Original art, artist cards, posters, Giclee prints, artist books, 3D items. I require samples sent to me to list them in my Amazon shop.

PDF file of terms and Call to submit:

To discuss more details, feel free to email:     Also available on Skype.

Artists–Want to Offer Giclee Prints of Paintings On Your Website? How-To Discussion

Artists–Want to Offer Giclee Prints of Paintings On Your Website? How-To Discussion. Artists–Join In A Discussion on Giclee Prints

Several artists in my LinkedIN group, Artist Marketing Resources, are interested in learning more about offering professional quality Giclee prints of their paintings to collectors. Join the Artist Marketing Resources group on LinkedIN to participate in the discussion, or if you are already a group member stop in! If this link doesn’t take you to join the group, do a search of LinkedIN groups for Artist Marketing Resources.

The Giclee print discussion is open for you to voice your concerns and get all your questions answered, from how-to do an image capture of your paintings that result in high quality output, to sales and shipping.

Artists who have worked with professional Giclee print services in their communities will be commenting in the discussion based on their experiences. Discussion topics will include: image capture–scanning vs camera photo stills of your paintings, standard Giclee print sizes, prints on canvas and paper, price points, sales, where to sell, standards for shipping and payment. Tips on avoiding problems during the major holidays, when many Giclee services are over-booked, and other concerns.

I will be there to share information and resource links that I have gathered over the past two years. Plus, I’ll share my professional insights (from working with Giclee print sales and my ebook that includes the topic of Giclee sales), on how artists get commissions of Giclee prints and how and where to offer Giclee prints for sale.

Artists–bring your questions and concerns to this discussion. You will find  lots of information and receive valuable feedback.

Best wishes

Marie Kazalia


Transmedia Artist Marketing


April 18, 2011


New Giclée Art Prints Available From kellyannart

San Francisco Bay Area artist Kellyann Gilson-Lyman offers new original art in her kellyannart line Giclée print series, now available to collectors. The three kellyannart line series are titled: In the White Spaces, The Inertia Collection, and Iconoculture/See Beauty in What You Do. In all three series, Gilson-Lyman’s images reflect and engages with the positive cultural concepts in humanity. In The Interia Collection, and In White Spaces collections, the artist presents images in her primarily abstract colorist palette that also demonstrate her interest in pattern. In the Iconoculture/See Beauty in What You Do series collection, the artist expresses her world view on modern beauty by incorporating appropriated iconic images of the famous film stars Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren.  All three series contain Giclée prints from scanned original mixed media paintings, and original digital art compositions. Titles within each series are available as Giclée prints on canvas as well as on a variety of papers including metallics, and in a variety of medium to large sizes, such as: 32 x 32 inches, 36 x 36, 36 x 60, 40 x 60, 48 x 60, 24 x 48 inches, 36 x 72 inches, 42 x 60 inches, 40 x 55 inches, 64 x 72 and other sizes. kellyannart also offers commissions to size specifications.

Price list available upon request from kellyannart, email:

All kellyannart Giclée prints are archival and printed by the virtually 100% green graphics company Eco Visual ( The kellyannart print edition series are print ready and designated for print edition costs with Ecovisual,  using only local produced recycled cotton papers and water based pigment inks and biodegradable mounting adhesives.

Originals currently on view in Corporate Lobby Exhibition,275 Battery Street, San Francisco, by appointment (phone: 415-412-4959), and via images on the kellyannart website, at:

Sample Images available upon request.

About the artist:
Kellyann Gilson-Lyman, who has exhibited her photographic art and mixed media original artworks on canvas widely since 1995, created her Giclée print series in 2009, adding new work  to each series line in 2010 and 2011.

Kellyann Gilson-Lyman has apprenticed with art and design professionals, and has professional experience in web design and creative direction of brand management including core expertise in design, ad campaigns, staff management, creative direction, client relations, strategy, media relations, fine art production and printing, digital/film photo retouching, and photo shoot management. Kellyann has had numerous exhibitions of her art since 1995, and her work is included in corporation and private collections. Full details may be found in the attached file: Kellyann CV_Bio.pdf

Kellyann Gilson-Lyman
phone 415-412-4959
Kellyann Gilson
1968 Marin Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707

Verve, kellyannart

ode to seeing beauty in Sophia Loren, kellyannart


Clio at 8byTen asked me to share her call for artists here on my blog.
They are looking for any form of art that can be printed (paintings, graphic art, drawings, photography, collage, typography) for their new online print shop.

“ We use high-end giclee printers and have a good knowledge of internet marketing.”

8byTen is currently accepting artist submissions to be included on the site. 8byTen needs your high-resolution art images and they do the rest (print, process and fulfill all orders). Commissions are paid  monthly to artists’ PayPal accounts. It’s a great opportunity to get your name out there and make extra money.

The 8byTen website will launch their new website very soon, but you can take a look now:

To  submit samples, email your images to: or visit for more information. If 8byTen approves your work you will receive a contract that explains how they work, in detail.

Thanks and best wishes to Clio  @ 8byten.