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Touch.My.Prints. ISSUE02   IMAGE vs DATA

Photography has long been concerned with data retention within the act of the photograph. Photographers are taught to expose, develop, and digitally capture in a method to maintain the most information possible. Every step in a photographer’s workflow is a careful dance to keep data. Film or digital, every photographic process is essentially the mastery of data retention. The reasoning is, having the most information available allows for the most creative interpretations of the information.

Touch.My.Prints wants to explore this concept of the photography as data as opposed to image. TMP will provide an image for every participant to take. Each participant will use the image as data and create a new piece of work. The new work can be video, sculpture, sound, video, even a drastic reinterpretation of the image, etc. A selection of the new works and their creators will be featured in Touch.My.Prints. ISSUE02.

The deadline is June 01, 2013.


Save the image. Use the data the image file provides to create a new piece of work. The new work can take any form, any medium, any function, in fact, preferably so. Then send the new work to TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com following the guidelines below.

Places to find the image in the latest post here
Or the post page here
Or the image URL here


Please only submit 1-3 works for ISSUE02. Only 1 (one) work per artist will be showcased in TMP ISSUE02.


Please submit files at 300 dpi, with the longest side being 10 inches, 8-bit and as a JPEG.

File Name would be Doe_Jane_01.jpeg

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information.

Title, Year Produced
Medium (i.e. Screenshot / Digital Photograph / Digital Collage)
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)


Please submit a link to your Vimeo or Youtube + 1-3 film stills of the video. The film stills should follow the guidelines for image submissions except for the dpi being 300, the film still can be 72 dpi.

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information.

Title, Year Produced
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)


Please submit a link to your GIF animation + 1-3 film stills of the GIF. The film stills should follow the guidelines for image submissions except for the dpi being 300, the film still can be 72 dpi.

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information.

Title, Year Produced
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)


CorelDraw Competition for Artists / Fine Art

Call for Entries: CorelDraw International Design Contest, closes June 30 2013

Posted on Apr 21, 2013 in Calls to ArtistsdesignillustrationOPPORTUNITIES

CorelDraw Design Contest 2013

CorelDRAW Design Competition

With a total of $100,000 US in prizes and a Grand Prize valued at $28,450 US, the 2013 CorelDRAW® International Design Contest is one of the industry’s biggest competitions! This year’s categories include: Advertising, Fashion, Vehicle Wraps, Illustration and Fine Art, plus a category just for Students and an all-new category for Speed Drawing. It’s the chance for designers and artists of all backgrounds and skill levels to gain global exposure for their work and win valuable prizes.

  • A total of $100,000 US in prizes up for grabs
  • Earn worldwide recognition for your work
  • Get inspired by CorelDRAW users from around the globe
  • Discover the all-new features of CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6

For full contest details, please read the Official Rules (.PDF)

Please note: Your artwork must be saved in CorelDRAW X6 or Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™ X6.

Use This Online Image Optimizing Tool to Improve the Look of Low Rez Jpegs for Your Art Submissions


The Dynamic Drive image optimizing tool is fast, easy and free to use online.

Online Image Optimizer tool for GIF, JPG, and PNG lets you easily optimize your image files–gifs, animated gifs, jpgs, and pngs–so they load as fast as possible on your site. Furthermore, you can easily convert from one image type to another using this optimizer tool–

Use this free tool to enhance the color saturation of faded or washed-out looking low resolution jpegs used for making submissions.

It only takes a few seconds to upload each jpeg image into the Image Optimizer Tool and click the Optimize button for immediate results.

Use optimized images on your blog or website to speed-up image loading for your blog viewers.

Glossom, a Social Media Network For Artists

On Glossom, artists upload their images, then create a montage of thumbnail snippets within a cell grid that becomes a coverage page that can be viewed in one look.

Glossom tends to promote full coverpages, on their Facebook page, on Tumblr, and on their site homepage.


Why Do Artists Work in Series?

Many art lovers recognize the work of an artist by artistic style or the recurring themes that the artist continues to explore. Some may even refer to these things as part of the artist’s brand. More often you will hear the term series used by artists. Many artists who do work in series that explore variations of composition, repeating pattern, recurring design elements, signature color palette or technique, will say that they feel fortunate to have a series going. This is what every artist hopes will develop as they work in their studio.

Artworks in series have become a standard of art-making practice among successful artists–so much so that many gallerist and art collectors expect to see artists’ work available in one or more ongoing series.

New York City artist Barbara Rachko describes working in a series as feeling natural and authentic to her.  She shares some perceptive insights– “working in series mimics the… gradual way that our lives unfold, the way we slowly evolve and change over the years.”  She describes how every paintings that she works on has a lesson to teach.  Once completed she can look at each finished piece and see how her ideas have progressed a step or two further. 

Big Wow, Barbara Ratchko

Big Wow, Barbara Rachko

Intruder, Barbara Ratchko

Intruder, Barbara Rachko

Quartet, Barbara Ratchko

Quartet, Barbara Rachko

Visit Barbara Rachko’s website to view more images of her work–  

Read more on why Barbara Rachko works in series, on her blog Colored Dust, at:

In Barbara Rachko’s Domestic Threats series of pastel-on-sandpaper paintings, the artist uses Mexican folk art—masks, carved wooden animals, papier mâché figures, and toys—in a lively blend of reality and fantasy. 

Other blog articles on this artist:

Dolls, Masks, Zombies, Devils, Skulls and Day of the Dead Skeletons in the Pastel Paintings of Barbara Rachko

Artist Tip: How To Create Google+ Albums of Your Art Images

Nothingness (Peaches), oil on canvas panel, 12 x 12 inches, Lena Levin, 2012

When art is over, oil on canvas, 24 x 30 inches, Lena Levin, 2012

Lena Levin shares instructions on how to create photo albums of your art on Google + :

If you add photos not from the main Google+ page, but from the “Photos” tab, you can do either of two things:

1. Add one or several photos from your computer and create a new album out of them; after you have done that, Google+ automatically offers you to share (at which point you can add some text to make a post to accompany the photos). If there are three photos or less, the post will include a “panel” with all of them; if there are more, it will show a panel with the first three.

2. Essentially the same thing happens if you add your photos to one of your already existing albums: Google+ offers you to share, and, by default, it will include in the post only newly added photos: if there are three or less, they will be all visible together, in a panel.

The latter option works better if you have “thematic” albums — in this way, if someone clicks on a photo to view a larger version, they might also browse the whole album (note: if you click “Photos” from my profile, you will see that I have lots of such albums). It works as a “gentle nudge” to the followers to browse more of your work. 🙂 Quite often, this really happens — I see that someone goes through the older images and adds “+1″s or comments.

And it also offers those willing to share your work to their followers an option to share a whole album, rather than a single post or a single image.

I cannot give you links, because I am figuring this all myself, more or less (especially because they rather frequently change how it all works… :).

Lena Levin’s website is

Art Wall International Contemporary Art Magazine: New Issue

New issue from artwall magazine – amazing british artist Tony South 
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Tony South issue n46
36 pages, published 13 APR 2012
British artist Tony South, figurative painter
Find out more on MagCloud