Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

Blue Hour Jackolantern, Styling and Photograph by Marie Kazalia

Blue Hour Jack o’lantern, Styling and Photograph by Marie Kazalia

Portrait Paintings That Make Us Think of Halloween, Rio Carnival and Mardi Gras

Thierry, Kanu Ford

Thierry, Kanu Ford

 There are no devil horns on the man’s head, no spiked tail winding up his back, no pitchfork in his hand in this portrait painting of a man’s face surrounded in red. He may appear, at first glance, to be wearing something suited to a party on Halloween night, a Mardi Gras parade, or the Rio Carnival festival where millions of people appear in the streets dressed in all types of costumes. But for me, this painting by Kanu Ford, titled Thierry, reminds of adult Halloween parties and childhood nights of trick-or-treat.

For Miami-based professional photographer and painter Kanu Ford’s portrait series each canvas has a different feel — many reflecting the subject’s personality or the mood of the setting, such as the night-life party atmosphere of Night Crawling

Night Crawling, Kanu Ford

Night Crawling, Kanu Ford

and the dark and frightening wolfman-like face of el negro we might expect to encounter as a mask on Halloween night.

el negro, Kanu Ford

el negro, Kanu Ford

Does the face in the painting titled Bystander (below) seem zombie-like only because it’s October and our thoughts are of another impending All Hallows’ Eve? At any other time of year, would we simply recognize that this man’s face is illuminated by his computer screen?

Bystander, el kanu

Bystander, Kanu Ford

In the painting Made (below) do the girl’s features seem porcelain and doll-like, frightening hollow eyes closed, within the perception of the tradition of Halloween makeup and costumes? Or is she simply sad or beautiful, closing her eyes with her face aglow in the sun’s warmth, the light creating shadows on this canvas articulated by the artist’s brush, awash in the many tones of her flesh, as paint runs, brushwork, texture and layering.

Make, Kany Ford

Made, Kany Ford

You can view his latest work and follow the artist Kanu “el kanu” Ford on Instagram here.


Kanu Ford’s more fun or lighthearted faces may seem like dancers at Carnival in Disco Baby Disco, Effervesces, and H–

Disco Baby Disco, Kanu Ford

Disco Baby Disco, Kanu Ford


Effervescent, Kanu Ford

Effervescent, Kanu Ford


H, Kanu Ford

H, Kanu Ford

In the past, Kanu Ford completed a portrait project photographing the most influential people in Miami. Miami-based professional photographer and painter Kanu Ford in now offering his unique service combining both his painting and photography skills to create your portrait. 

For the first phase of a portrait commission, Kanu Ford begins with a portrait photo shoot session to captures your likeness and learn more about you.

He then returns to his studio to begin work on a one-of-a-kind oil painting portrait based on the photography session. Kanu uniquely captures your likeness while incorporate his impressions of you, your interests, and your personality represent in his color palette and the energy of his brushstrokes. Feel free to discuss your size preferences with the artist Kanu Ford. He will then provide you a timeline for completion of your portrait and at that time make the standard 50% deposit payment. Midway through the commission you will be able to review the painting in progress, and upon completion may the final 50% payment to take your portrait home or have it shipped to you. 

See more of Kanu Ford’s paintings on his website here.

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Amazon Identifies Art With High Buyer Interest (Part 1)

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Taking Pumpkins to Market, Walt Curlee

Taking Pumpkins to Market, Walt Curlee

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Shucking and Storing the Corn in the Corncrib Giclee Print on Paper by Walt Curlee

Shucking and Storing the Corn in the Corncrib Giclee Print on Paper
by Walt Curlee

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Steve McQueen & 1968 Mustang Gt by Chris Osborne

Steve McQueen & 1968 Mustang Gt
by Chris Osborne

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Springtime On The Farm,   Walt Curlee

Springtime On The Farm, Walt Curlee


Walt Curlee is now offering his Giclee prints from his original oil paintings, in our Amazon store.

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Turkeys In The Hills, Walt Curlee

Turkeys In The Hills, Walt Curlee


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Shucking And Storing The Corn In The CornCrib, Walt Curlee

Shucking And Storing The Corn In The CornCrib, Walt Curlee


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Taking Pumpkins To Market , Walt Curlee

Taking Pumpkins To Market, Walt Curlee


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Rural Winter Landscape, Walt Curlee

Rural Winter Landscape, Walt Curlee


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Ghost Photos by Yvette Worboys

This is as close as I get to a Halloween or Day of the Dead post.

My article first published as Ghosts – Photos Taken Inside Former Psychiatric Hospital Brings Photographer National Attention on Technorati.

Dolls, Masks, Zombies, Devils, Skulls and Day of the Dead Skeletons in the Pastel Paintings of Barbara Rachko

The Space Between, Barbara Rachko

To say that her pastel paintings are skillful is truly an understatement! New York City artist Barbara Rachko has perfected her artistic style working from her large collection of Mexican and Guatemalan folk art – masks, carved wooden animals, papier mâché figures, and toys – to create pastel paintings that combine reality and fantasy and depict personal narratives.

If you are wondering how this artist achieves such fine detail and a photographic quality in her pastel paintings, you can find out more about her techniques by following her blog appropriately named Colored Dust. The artist also share a lot about her art-making on her Facebook page, which you can Like to follow her there.

The multi-talented Barbara is a gifted photographic artist as well, and currently represented by the New York City art gallery HP Garcia.

The Sovereign, Barbara Rachko

False Friends, Barbara Rachko


Paranoia, Barbara Rachko

Effigy, Barbara Rachko

Happy Halloween!


Image via Wikipedia

Wishing all readers a fun and safe Halloween. Artist Milan Rubio recently told me that in Spain they used to celebrate, with skulls and skeletons, the Dia de todos las Santos or Day of all the Saints, but that now American Halloween has become more popular. While the Mexican Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is becoming more and more popular in the United States, especially in California. In Tokyo, Japan I remember that American expatriates celebrated Halloween with an annual costume party on a train. Halloween was so unusual to the Japanese culture that the costume party made TV news and the front page of the local newspapers. The intermix of cultures gives  me lots of new ideas for Halloween art for next year!

Sugar Skull Mask

Image by totusmel via Flickr