Be Part of the Constantly Consuming Culture Art Show Now Nearly Funded

Space may be available in the show he is producing, says Patrick Ogle,who is planning a series of art exhibits in Chicago and Miami

“Also here is an interview with me going into more detail on what this is?”  “I really need help with the last push!”

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His Kickstarter project is nearly funded  Patrick says, ” it is my kickstarter for an art show sponsored by my website.”

Berlin: Team Titanic Gallery Call for Submissions

Call For Submissions

On June 14th 2013 team titanic will host a group exhibition dealing with the subject

palin (πάλιν; „again“) and dromos (δρóμος; „way, direction“)

Praised, forgotten, sampled, reloaded.
Group exhibition tracing the signs of a culture of transformers

For our upcoming show we invite artists, poets and scientists to contribute artwork, patterns and ideas.

Deadline: June 9th 2013
Online Submission:

When: Friday, June 14th 2013
Where: team titanic
Flughafenstraße 50, 12053 Berlin


Deadline: Sun Jun 9th, 2013

team titanic
Flughafenstrasse 50
Berlin, 12053

Terri Lloyd’s B*tch Fest


“B*tch Fest is a collaborative vision for exhibition of female art conceived by Terri Lloyd and Monica Marsh, founders of The Haggus Society.

During a conversation last year (2010), Monica and Terri came to the realization that older women are invisible in society, but more specifically in the arts. Even a television show makes reference to the invisibility of people over 40.

Monica and Terri had talked about issues that postpone or delay women’s art careers. Talking about age in a youth oriented society; and the idea that art by women must fit a hygienic mold. Along with the fact that there is little to no institutional support for the older female artist. (We wanna light fuses… Ha!)

Not everyone has a linear art career trajectory. Life happens. Right?

Many women are re-igniting their careers during these highly inflammatory and changing times, and we see that they are under-served.”

And so begins LA digital artist Terri Lloyd’s Kickstarter campaign — read the full story here–and kick in your support:

Interview w/Marie

Layers of Intent: An Interview with painter Marie Kazalia

Leisa Rich writes:

I first met Marie in a Linkedin discussion. Things can get pretty interesting on Linkedin; not only can you connect with all kinds of people interested in similar artistic and professional pursuits, you can learn, grow, expand…and have some pretty dynamic and intriguing discussions! Marie and I have slung around some intense verbal exchanges in more than a few of them.

Read the entire article at: