EarthWE Gallery Announces First Solo Exhibit for Celebrity Artist Betsy Clark


EarthWE Gallery Betsy Clark exhibition installation view

EarthWE Gallery Betsy Clark exhibition installation view

We love that EarthWe thought to send us their latest press release and we are happy to share the details with you. Plus they included the wonderful photo, above, of their Betsy Clark exhibit in their gallery space. EarthWE has an interesting website for you to check out here.

Here is their latest art exhibition news—

EarthWE Gallery of Bergamot Station, Santa Monica is pleased to announce the opening of the first solo exhibit for Celebrity Artist Betsy Clark

“The Exiles” opens January 30 with an artist reception from 6-10 pm, and will run for 6 weeks. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11-6 pm.

Born in Seattle, Washington, current Venice resident, Betsy Clark is an actress, painter and mother with a flair for color and a love of elegance. As a child she was enamored of the acting world and the high fashion, style and elegant lifestyles of the Hollywood movie stars. She knew at an early age she wanted to live a glamorous life, and held multiple jobs while in high school, earning her own money to spend on clothing and social activities. While working in the mailroom of a bank, a teller suggested she try modeling, a moment that changed her life forever. Soon she was traveling around the world on high fashion modeling assignments that gave her a taste of that special life she had always envisioned. Once she began acting classes her natural talent was discovered, and national commercials soon followed. While in Paris working she met her soon-to-be husband, Philippe Caland, a film producer, who began casting her in his films, including the cult classic Boxing Helena. Her dreams becoming a reality, she began experimenting with other creative outlets, and painting became her next obsession.

Working in mixed media for the past 15 years, Clark has shown in various group exhibits in Santa Monica, but this will be her first solo show. This series, called “The Exiles” is comprised of 30 portraits from her imagination – predominantly well-dressed women, who look as if they are from another country and era. Says Clark, “I imagine these women have had really hard times, yet they are all so proud and dignified, and have put their best outfit on for some special occasion or party, where they may not really fit in…”

In a style reminiscent of Modigliani, the works are vividly painted in simple poses, stylized with elongated necks, proud features, and dressed in bits of fabric that Clark has collected from her travels. There are no smiles on any of them, yet the work has a decidedly optimistic feeling. Clark reflects, ”I am most proud of putting a smile on peoples faces. My mom and dad use to say to me “”Bets, you are a shining light in the room.” If I can show that through my paintings and have my light shine till the day I die, then I am a happy, grateful woman!”  Come see this exhibit  – and smile – for yourself!

EarthWE is located at 2525 Michigan Avenue, Building D5, Santa Monica, California USA 90404

Slavery, “True Life Stories” and Other Difficult Subjects in the Art of African Artist Clara Aden

slave relic, Clara Aden

slave relic, Clara Aden

I sense a deep sadness as Clara Aden talks of the difficult theme of the history of slavery portrayed in her drawing of a man in chains. Clara says, “l exhibited this work in Ibadan. Their project was organized by the Forbidden Fruit art group. The exhibition was a pre-event activity before the Badagry exhibition. The title of the work is slave relic. The very word slavery conjures up horrific pictures of brutality and oppression. Slavery has a long and ugly history. No continent has suffered the ravages of the slave trade as much as Africa.”
Clara Aden exhibition

Clara Aden exhibition

In spite of the artist feeling saddened by the subject, much interest and good came from exhibiting her drawing slave relic. Clara said of the exhibition organizers, “They were amazed. They asked me to do a drawing workshop for kids. Some of them said, “seeing is believing.” So that day l did drawing demonstrations for children. It was a nice experience.” Clara used her drawing to teaching history, art, and in her demonstrations she shared her expressive drawing skills with the children. “Oh yeah, l love children and l love to live in their world, if just for the time l do drawing demonstrations. l love their openness their sincerity– it is very rare among the youth.”
Nollywood actor on set, Clara Aden

Fish Seller, Nollywood actor Empress on set, Clara Aden

Clara Aden is a gifted and sensitive artist and illustrator. From a very early age she found herself in the company of actors, actresses, writers, journalists, and editors in the publishing industry in Nigeria.
For her portrait Fish Seller Clara says, “I met this woman when l was working at Soul Publication Limited, as an art illustrator. She is a Nollywood actress. Her name is Empress. She tried to portray the role of women in the society as homemakers also providing for the family. l got her photo shot on set.”
Clara Aden illustration for Soul Publications

Clara Aden illustration for Soul Publications

The US movie industry capital is Hollywood, and Bollywood refers to the film industry of India, and “the cinema of Nigeria is often referred to as Nollywood, ” says Clara Aden, whose real name is Omolara Adenugba. “Clara Aden is abbreviation the of my real name Omolara Adenugba. Omolara is a Yoruba name meaning “Children are my companions.” My secondary school music teacher coordinated the music club in my school. He came to Nigeria from United Kingdom to find his roots. When he asked me what is my name? l said Omolara Adenugba. He had to bite his tongue when he was trying so hard to pronounce my name. He nicknamed me Clara Aden.”
She decided to use the name Clara Aden on her published illustration art for Soul Publications Limited true tales magazine HEARTS Magazine. “Every week l illustrated three true tales stories from individuals who are willing to share their life experience, their ups and downs, secrets and scandals– the editorial team goes through the stories, give it to production units where l start brainstorming and looking for photo reference to start my layout,” Clara explained.
Clara Aden illustration

Clara Aden illustration for HEARTS magazine, Nigeria

Hearts Magazine seems something like the tabloids in the USA and UK. Some might call them Pulp Fiction or Pop Art.
Clara says, “Yes, they are true life stories in which the individual’s name will not be written. Most time the writers don’t want their real name to be published either.”
But she graciously shared some of her illustration art to give us a view into secret lives in Nigeria.
Clara Aden illustration

Clara Aden illustration for HEARTS magazine, Nigeria

Clara described working as an illustrator for HEARTS magazine–“All of us are in the two story building. The editorial team’s office is beside the computer, and the production units, the advert and marketing team’s offices is opposite the reception office for visitors. They give me the stories. l read them until l am in the story– l want to feel the experience of the writer. l sketch some scenes in the stories. Once l get the feel of how to portray the emotion, gestures or anguish of the characters in the stories l get photo reference and start laying it out.”

Clara Aden illustration

Clara Aden illustration for HEARTS magazine, Nigeria

“They give me the stories on Mondays and have to submit the pencil drawings for production on Wednesdays. l work like a tornado! Actually l was on probation for six months before l become a full member of the house. The post of the Assistant Manager was for a man, but the Director of Soul Publications Limited was so impressed by my pencil drawings but she wanted to undermine me because of my stature. At that time l just graduated from my secondary school awaiting my admission into higher institution. So l was able to convince her that something big can come out of something small.”

Although Clara Aden started her career as a magazine illustrator as a young teenage girl and she worked very hard, and her hard work helped her develop as an artist–“At times l worked overtime in the office to meet deadlines. l was able to develop and built my skills as a pencilist.”
Clara Aden illustration

Clara Aden illustration

Clara has a fascination for the traditional roles of African women as subject for her art. For her fine art drawing “Sumburu Women” Clara says, “African people are very fascinating and captivating. l have always admired the beautiful Samburu maidens in traditional dress and their exquisite strands of beads. l tried to depict the traditional fashion trend of Kenyan maidens.”
Sumbaru women, Clara Aden

Sumbaru women, Clara Aden

I chatted with Clara on her birthday, and didn’t wish to keep her from plans. She said, “l have over 80 drawings and I am always passionate to talk about them, but time is not on my side today to do that, but l hope that time will surely come.”
 Clara Aden is represented by Portraits Africa, a start-up service procedures in place to bring portrait commissions to the artist from around the world. If you are interested in finding out more

Promo Code For International Emerging Artists to Get Free 2nd Submission to Billboard Art Project Los Angeles

Screenshot 2015-10-04 at 11.41.18 AM

Adam Santelli, The Billboard Creative founder asked me to share this opportunity with my readers to submit their art along with this special promo code (arm15) for artists to use for a free second submission to the project call.

The Billboard Creative is a non-profit arts organization that raises money through donations and a small submission fee. Adam Santelli says, “We feel that by having a submission fee it frees us in our choices of artwork.  We keep the fee as low as possible and all the money raised through artist submissions goes to getting the art work on billboards.  We are an all volunteer organization. Our last show – with the help of the accepted artists – we did a silent auction to raise money for kids living with cancer. That’s TBC in a nutshell.  We look for like-minded organizations to help us get the word out.  SF Camera Works just sent out a flyer to their members on our behalf.  We issued them a special coupon code to their members for a free second submission.  We would like to offer more but our fees are so low and our cost is so high we really can’t do much more.”

The Billboard Creative Q4 Show Submissions are Now Open and Curated With INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED ARTIST MONA KUHN ON BOARD AS CURATOR (

“I was introduced to The Billboard Creative during the April show and was enthralled,” said Kuhn. “With the role of public art more critical to our society than ever, I love the idea of exploring the billboard as more media for fine art. Los Angeles has a long history of artistic interaction with the billboard form going back to the 60s with Ed Ruscha. We can build on that history to make significant works of art more regular fixtures on the streets of our city. What a canvas; what a setting.”

SELECTED WORKS WILL BE SHOWN ON 37 BILLBOARDS THROUGHOUT LOS ANGELES in the HOLLYWOOD area, with 3/4 of the billboard art by emerging artists and 1/4 by established artists.

Eligibility: All welcome

Entry Deadline: 10/16/15

Submit at:

Submissions welcome from all disciplines – if you can put it in an image file, we can put it on a billboard. The Billboard Creative is a nonprofit that produces public art shows on billboards throughout Los Angeles. Imagine the impact of your art viewed, on a massive scale, by tens of thousands of Angelenos on their daily commutes. Check out the website for more details, past work, to submit work here.

The young non-profit, The Billboard Creative, transforms billboards into works of art and daily commutes turn into art hops. – After its successful inaugural show in April that brought 15 works of art by artists from seven countries to the billboards across Los Angeles. The Billboard Creative hopes to double the number of works on display in its second show.
The Billboard Creative was founded in 2014 with the goals of giving artists access to a mass audience and making art as assessable to Angelenos as the numerous billboards they view every day. “There is so much happening in museums and galleries in Los Angeles right now, and we want to be a part of bringing that into the streets and into the path of tens of thousands of people’s everyday routines,” said Adam Santelli, TBC founder. “We’re an outdoor city, a car culture, a great city for art, and if you think about it, billboards are really a quintessential A medium. Our hope is to bring these things together more often.” The submission deadline is October 15.
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More on Hollywood Film You Can Have a Part In

This Guitar Player movie news is snowballing. I connected with the filmmaker this morning, and he sent me lots of images to use in my article for Technorati news.

Here is the link to the article I wrote this morning, published a couple of hours later:

Article first published as How Audio Description Gives Blind “Viewers” Access to Movies, Live Dance and Museum Exhibitions on Technorati.

OPPS  that’s not the  LINK!!!

Here is the link to Guitar Player:

Guitar Player: the Largest Crowdfunded Film Ever?:

If you click on the hyperlink inside the article you can get your name on their website for just a $10. donation! Could be great PR!

Future updates: The filmmaker also gave me an exclusive bit of information, and said he will send some pics at a future date.

Guitar Player: Publicly Funded Film

Music guitar

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

Guitar Player–A crowdfunded feature film

I was asked to write and post an article to help promote this Kickstarter project to raise funds for a film. The Director of this movie believes that the best way to share this information about his project is by asking bloggers to post about it.

Guitar Player is a feature film about a homeless street performer who has been given a second chance, but struggles with his painful past. Guitar Player is a film about why people do what they do. This film questions fate, destiny and redemption.

The funds to produce the movie Guitar Player are being raised in a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. There are many unique aspests to this film, the director, and the Kickstarter perks for those who kick-in. Some donors may be extras in the film Guitar Player, while others will be able to hang-out on the set, attend the Hollywood premier, or even see their names in the film credits as producers.

Half of all the profits from the film will go to help the homeless.

The film has already received many donations, but the goal must be met by October 21st.

All are invited to make a pledge to fund the film and get awards for their pledges.