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Alternative Collections, or Alt Collections, began exhibiting international contemporary artists in curated group shows in their Paris, France gallery space 2013. Curator Pia Camilla Copper has curated numerous exhibitions around the world and has a private gallery space, Pia Camilla Copper private gallery – Galerie en Appartement – located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris and in Istanbul. Find her contact details here.  In 2015, she set up Alternative Collections Gallery in Hong Kong.

We continually research art galleries in our ongoing efforts to update and maintain of our international art gallery directory available here.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Image courtesy of Tuomas_Lehtinen at

Image courtesy of khongkitwiriyachan at

USA, Canada, Asia: Art Dealer Renowned For Print Editions

Patrick Painter is an American art dealer who in 1991 began Patrick Painter Editions in Vancouver, Canada and Hong Kong. He is also the owner of Patrick Painter Inc., which he opened in 1997, that includes two art galleries in Santa Monica, California.

Last month, Patrick Painter launched his Facebook fan page as a Public Personality–find it here.

Early in his career, Patrick Painter was mentored by famed art dealer Leo Castelli and curator Walter Hopps.  According to Wikipedia,…” Patrick Painter Editions was established in a depressed market, [yet] he managed to build his business upon the success he had turning editions. Fine art prints, or multiple editions, were looked down upon at the time by many critics and collectors; Painter created a unique approach to the market. In 1996, 20 galleries worldwide had shows of exclusively Patrick Painter Editions.

Click here to view Current exhibition at Patrick Painter gallery.


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Opportunities for #Artists wishing to break into the Asian market


Artists around the world regularly contact Artist Marketing Resources for details on getting their work into the growing Asian art market. Often these artists target Tokyo Japan as their point of entry. There are other cities to consider–Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Seoul.

Dot.N is a Seoul, Republic of Korea (aka South Korea) based online gallery and arts project planning site scheduled to launch on April 1st 2015.

They’ve invited more than 5000 artists internationally to register on the Dot.N site on April 1st and upload their art images.

Jeonghyun Lee of the Dot.N Arts Planning company said, ” Up to this point, the system looks similar to existing sites such as Behance.” Dot.N wants to establish an “artists’ online archive on a grand scale.”

When artists all over the world sign-up to the Dot.N website, they will be exhibiting and sharing their artworks with art collectors and the art buying public, as well as business enterprises, banks, hospitals, advertising agencies and web agencies who will have options to buy and use (license) artists’ digital art images. This is one way Dot.N will generate additional income for their artists.

The Dot.N Arts Planning company will advertise and promote the availability of both the digital images and the original artworks on their new site.


If you are an artist wishing to connect with gallerists and artist agents in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian cities–we have extensive contacts on our artist resources e-lists:

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Featured Artist: Esther Lau, pastel paintings on paper

Each Saturday we feature the work of one artist member of our Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIN group.

Today we’re featuring the pastel paintings of Hong Kong artist Esther Lau. View more of Esther Lau’s art in her Etsy Shop.

After the rain (pastel on pastel paper) Dimension: 3296 x 2315 Esther Lau $120

After the rain, Esther Lau, pastel on pastel paper


pastel on  pastel paper) Dimension: 3207 x 2256 Artist name: Esther Lau Retail price: USD100

Waterfall, Esther Lau, pastel on pastel paper


Country park view (Tsing Yi Garden), pastel on pastel paper, Dimension: 3250 x 2292 Artist name: Esther Lau Retail price: USD110

Country park view (Tsing Yi Garden), Esther Lau, pastel on pastel paper

Garden view (pastel & pastel paper) Dimension: 3249 x 2303 Artist name: Esther Lau Retail price: USD20

Garden view, Esther Lau, pastel on pastel paper


Misty morning (pastel & pastel paper) Dimension: 3296 x 2283 Artist name: Esther Lau Retail price: USD130

Misty morning, Esther Lau, pastel on pastel paper


Title: Sunset in the beach (pastel & pastel paper) Dimension: 3296 x 2425 Artist name: Esther Lau Retail price: USD130

Sunset in the beach, Esther Lau, pastel on pastel paper


Flower basket (pastel & pastel paper) Dimension: 3270 x 2316 Artist name: Esther Lau Retail price: USD110

Flower basket, Esther Lau, pastel on pastel paper

US + Euro Artists – Get Into The Asian Art Market: Over 200 Art Galleries in Hong Kong,Shanghai, Beijing + Tokyo

I do know a bit about Asia, from having lived as an expatriate in Tokyo, Japan, India and Hong Kong for a total of 4 years. It’s well know that any traveler may put their bags down on a busy sidewalk in Tokyo and walk away, with many thousands of people streaming past, and the bags will go untouched. In Tokyo, I recall seeing a small leather purse up on a stone wall each day as I walked to a small grocery nearby the house I lived in. After a few days of seeing the purse there I became curious and had a look inside, surprised to find that it contained a quantity of cash! I even counted it. There was the equivalent of about $100USD in Japanese yen. Then I put the purse back on the wall. Locals commonly commented that “the person who dropped it may come back looking for it”–and that’s why no one touches purses or bags left on sidewalks. For an American to see that in a major urban area was quite amazing.

Of course there is a certain amount of crime in any county, but often in Asia it is organized crime and easily avoided. In China, I repeatedly encountered instances of superstition against cheating anyone in business. Small business owners considered it bad luck to cheat or steal from customers.

So what does that have to do with art galleries?

I have heard American artist state that they are fearful of shipping their art to foreign art galleries due to possible expenses from legal hassles. Based on my experiences, I would  trust most Asian art galleries to sell my art should they be so inclined.

As part of my personal research, I have compiled

a list of Asian art galleries for American and European artists thinking about getting into the Asian art market.

You won’t need a knowledge of Asian languages or need to employ a translator. Even in 2013, many Americans seem to think that they will find it difficult to approach Asian art galleries due to a language barrier. But the over 200 art galleries in China that are on my list, link to websites in both English and Chinese–some  sites are also in additional languages such as Japanese, Korean, and German.

The list of China art galleries consists primarily of galleries in the large cities of Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai.  A few of these galleries in Mainland China also have additional galley locations in Taipei, Taiwan, and Seoul, S. Korea.

Yes, the list contains elegant galleries such as Chambers Fine Art in an architectural space designed by architect Ai Wei Wei. Chambers Fine Art was established in New York in 2000, and  is one of the leading galleries in the United States and China, along with famous James Cohen Gallery with locations in New York City and Shanghai, China.

But also, the list contains such galleries as–

State of the Art Gallery in Hong Kong, a somewhat lesser known that has a very Western image.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 2.02.12 PM

 And the grass-roots effort in an apartment complex turned art gallery at the C & G Apartment Art Gallery in Hong Kong, that is open to exchanges and collaborations with artists and art organizations.

There are many others. So that artists seeking a fit for their work may access a broad range of opportunities I’ve include the a wide variety of art galleries on the list.

I am still adding Japanese art galleries  to the list, and currently have 58  art galleries primarily  located in Tokyo. If you are looking for art consultants in Asia, find our additional list of art consultants here. If you would like to license your art with Asian companies or find an Artist Agent, check this list.

K11 Art Space, the Worlds First Art Mall

Find the K11 Art Space, the Worlds First Art Mall, in the lovely city of Hong Kong and online here.

K11 exhibits, promotes and sells local artists and artists based internationally, both in live exhibitions and in their online K11 Design Store. K11 Design Store features budding and exceptional designers from all over the world every season. They like to share with you the designers’ concepts and stories behind their brands, and currently feature design works by an American living as an expatriate in Thailand, and other artist-designers living in France and Italy.

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the link to the Artists Club, where you can submit

  • Project proposal(s) on the themes of Art‧People‧Nature
  • Proposed production schedule, including dates
  • Company / artist profile
  • Visual references

Please send all applications to

Successful applicants will receive a formal invitation and membership card from K11.


Artist Marketing Resources provides artists with an extensive international list of Places to Sell your Art  and a list of Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representative.


Inquiry or Enquiry? Getting it right.


Inquiry (Photo credit: Marco Buonvino)

Many artists hard at work making multiple submissions weekly may send email to an art publishing company, for example, requesting their submission policy and guidelines. In the email subject line should the artist type Artist Inquiry or Artist Enquiry? Which is correct?

According to the Grammar Monster entry on inquiry vs enquiry, in both the USA and UK they are interchangeable words. However, in the UK the word inquiry denotes an investigation, while the word enquiry refers to a question asked.

In the USA, the word inquiry is more widely used and often the word enquiry is thought to be a misspelling of the word inquiry.

So, in practice, enquire and enquiry are more common in British English, and inquire and inquiry are more common in American English. This usage difference may be something to consider to help smooth over differences when doing business internationally. Little things can matter. Also, consider that Australia, India, South Africa, Hong Kong still commonly use British English, while American English may generally be preferred in other parts of the world, such as in Japan, S. Korea, Philippines, and Mexico. In Canada, it may be case by case–some use British English, some American English. When sending email to an arts professional in the USA perhaps it is best to use inquiry to avoid the appearance of a misspelled word. When sending an email to an arts professional in the UK you may want to use the preferred enquiry.

Lomography Movement Sweeping the Globe



Lomography is an international community of Lomographic photographers who advocate creative and experimental film photography, often shooting with outdated 35mm films in cheap toy cameras, creating off-color, out of focus, vignette effects that produce one of a kind photographs.

There are over 30 Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide and an online shop. Lomography has become pervasive. I noticed several lomo cameras for sale in the Andy Warhol Museum gift shop on my last visit. The first Lomography Gallery Store in China opened in the Sheung Whan district of Hong Kong in 2007, and now a second Lomography Gallery Store on Granville Road, in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong functions as both a gallery and hangout and is the base for promoting Lomographic culture in the Asia Pacific.

It is interesting to me to see the lomography movement take root in Hong Kong, where I lived for two years. What better place than the jostling streets of Hong Kong, packed with thousands of people on the move day and night, filled with opportunities to make the bokeh images characteristic of lomography.

“Lomography began with a fateful encounter in the early 1990s, when two students from Vienna, stumbled upon the Lomo Kompakt Automat, a small, enigmatic Russian camera. They were astounded with the mind-blowing photos that it produced, the colours were vibrant, with deep saturation and vignettes that framed the shot. It was nothing like they had seen before. Upon returning home, friends wanted their own Lomo LC-A, igniting a new style of artistic experimental photography that we now know as Lomography.” serves as the communication hub for Lomographers worldwide. The sum of this movement–you don’t have to be a photographer to make lomographic prints as part of your artists output and sales.


6 New Artist Opportunities and Calls to Submit


The Autonomous Zone project is open-ended allowing artists to propose the project they would like to see happen with assistance from CAZ to provide the space for ideas and ambitions to be realized.


Call for entries for GLITZ: art that sparkles, USA. National Juried Exhibition, Indoor and Outdoor Works, cash awards. Glitz seeks works that contain over-the-top embellishments, elements, colors, and designs. Artists that create art that sparkles, twinkles, shines, glitters, glistens, and gleams are encouraged to respond to this call. Deadline: July 31, 2012 — For more information, click here.


Stigmart/10 Open Call For Under-35 ArtistsEvery year stigmart/selects 10 worldwide artists under 34 years of age.stigmart/10 strongly encourages artists whose works present a synesthetic approach to art, regardless of the medium used, stimulating a dialog between different cultures and artistic focus.

 Each selected artist will be featured in our annual 2012/13 net-issue, including an interview, a 500 words statement, photo portrait and image sample of the work.
There are 4 categories to submit works to:



Please send to your CV, a photography of your work (PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, INSTALLATION) or a video link (VIDEOART, PERFORMANCE, INSTALLATION);
a 500 words or less statement.

Please send your CV and an image/video link of your work via email or your submission will not be considered.

No entry fees are required. Only selected artists will pay a €9 contribute to stigmart/10.

any question, please contact us.




Idmaa 2012: Fast Forward – Perspectives On The Future Of Digital Media And Arts Nov. 8-10, 2012 (#Idmaa2012).The tenth annual International Digital Media and Arts Association Conference, will be held November 8-10, 2012 in Miami, Florida. iDMAa invites you to share your perspectives on the future of digital media and arts.Accepting submissions for presentations and panel proposals until September 7, 2012. To ensure rich dialog and exchange, we ask that presentations conform to 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide format. (See the link on pecha kucha format for more information). Authors interested in organizing panel discussions will need to submit an abstract and vita for each panel participant.

The conference will include keynote speakers, lively pecha kucha presentations, a juried art exhibition highlighting creative research in interactive media and digital arts, topical discussions focused both on future of digital media in the industry and also evolving pedagogies in academia.

Call for Papers and Projects:
Interested in all ideas related to the future of digital media and arts. Creative research that demonstrates the convergence of different disciplines, media, cultures, and technologies is particularly encouraged. The conference will contain several tracks of programming that expand on the conference theme in the following areas:

  • Digital/interactive literature
  • Algorithmic art
  • Motion graphic design
  • Video game design/theory/research
  • Digital humanities
  • Novel human-computer interfaces
  • History of digital art
  • Data visualization
  • Digital media and arts pedagogy/curriculum
  • Social media
  • Online/mobile advertising and marketing

All abstracts will be refereed for acceptance and should report on the results of creative or research projects that explore innovative areas of new media (design, art, tools, education, etc.) and will be posted as is on the conference website.

Submission guidelines:

1. Submit your abstract (maximum 500 words) online ( as a word document by September 7, 2012. Panel proposals should be submitted as one file.

2. All abstracts should follow the formatting conventions found in the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (documentary note).

3. Authors will be notified via email of their submissions’ status by approximately September 14.

4. Authors should confirm attendance by October 12.

5. To be reviewed for possible publication in The Journal of the International Digital Media and Arts Association selected conference proceedings, accepted papers of no more than 3500 words must be submitted in their final form (as a word document using your last name in the file name) by December 21. Details forthcoming at

All conference sessions will take place in Miami, Florida. The conference hotel is the Marriott Courtyard Downtown. The Miami International Airport (MIA) is served by most major airlines and shuttle or taxi service is available.

Deadline: Fri Sep 7th, 2012


WYNG Masters Award Hong Kong: call for submissions, Hong Kong / International. The WYNG Masters Award, Hong Kong’s first significant photography prize, was launched in May 2012 with a series of programs, a dedicated website, and an international open call for submissions of photographic works. Deadline: August 31, 2012 — For more information, click here.


Ode To BlueCall for artists: Ode To BLUE

 “Ode To Blue” theme for this exhibition was inspired by Sharon Edmunds’ painting “Scheherazade’s Moon #6″
You’ll find her work on “A painters passage”,’s how it works:
Accepted art will be posted an online exhibition.
The posted exhibition will feature all the colors of BLUE in paintings, drawings, collage, mixed media, by contemporary artists.
Artists, email Erica ( one good quality image of a predominantly blue painting with title, year, dimensions and medium; and link to your website and/or blog.

The painting (..) must be an original work by you, the artist; and it must be “your Ode To the color BLUE”.
Images accepted from now through August 20. 
l’ll post the online exhibition after August 20 with links to your blog or website.
I’m looking forward to your contributions.

Deadline: Mon Aug 20th, 2012

Art Galleries In Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya at dusk - Tokyo - Japan

Shibuya at dusk – Tokyo – Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many American and European artists would like to tap into the Asian art market.

UK, German and American artists exhibit in Japan and several are represented by the Tokyo art gallery Tomio Koyama Gallery

located in the popular Shibuya district of Tokyo. View the Tomio Koyama Gallery print editions, here:

To help artists with their research, we’ve put together an extensive list of international art galleries that current includes over 40 art galleries in Tokyo, Japan, with more researched and added continually.

Plus, we have over 40 Art Licensing Agents, Artist Reps, and Art Licensing Companies in Asia–in Japan, China/Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand–listed in our 150+ page Art Licensing PDF.

Hong Kong artists Protest Ai Weiwei arrest

For the past month, artists in Hong Kong have performed art protests on the streets and more.

Art Radar Asia interviewed Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong–read the full article here: