The Drawing Academy Online Course and Art Community

silverpoint portrait, Vladimir London

silverpoint portrait, Vladimir London


Drawing Academy is the online drawing course and art community where art students from all over the world can learn how to draw in comfort of their homes, rely on art teachers’ support, get critiques on their artworks, publish their art online and get feedback from fellow students and website visitors. You can learn how to draw whatever you see or imagine with this online Drawing Course and with the benefit of the support of The Drawing Academy’s Art Community.

Drawing Academy was founded and is led by professional fine artists and art teachers, introduced to you in this video–



Even if you have already attended art school for your BFA or MFA you likely could use more time and attention focused on your drawing practice. Perhaps you always wanted to try silver point drawing techniques, or you are interested in exploring ancient art theories.  Many of the Drawing Academy drawing lessons are advanced and have a European or classical focus, such as Drawing Lesson 24, Part 1, on the golden proportions of a human body and universal principles present in nature, science, and art. You can watch a free video lessons here to help you decide if this course is for you.

The course includes free downloads of art books and albums, such as the ancient art book dating from 1532, Albrecht Durer – De Symmetria



In the Art Community you can ask tutors questions, write articles about classical art and get the drawing course free, and enter Drawing Academy art competitions. What this short video on what makes the Drawing Academy Unique and how to enroll–


This drawing course is focusing on teaching traditional drawing skills that are no longer covered in depth in contemporary art colleges. The Drawing Academy’s curriculum includes fundamental principles of constructive drawing, linear and aerial perspective, golden proportions, rules of composition, human anatomy, and even some almost lost techniques of the Old Masters like Gold- and Silver-point drawing that is not taught in any other art institutions. These fundamental rules and know-how of drawing give art student ability to draw whatever they see, think or imagine.

I contacted Vladimir London, Drawing Academy tutor, here’s what he says:

“Improving drawing skills is not a project, it is a life-long process. That is why in our drawing course students get a lifetime membership. Drawing Academy is the only place where art students also receive a lifetime personal support from the Academy tutors. This support comes at no extra charge. I think you would agree that Drawing Academy is special.”

The Drawing Academy’s teaching method is based on the principle “Draw what you know, not what you see”. This is especially important when drawing human figures and portraits. Without necessary understanding of a human anatomy for artists and the knowledge of constructive drawing principles, figurative artworks from life or imagination would always end up looking amateurish.

To help students to achieve success, Drawing Academy tutors show on their own example how to draw proficiently. All 45 video lessons demonstrate the complete step-by-step creation process from a blank piece of paper to a finished artwork. There are also multiple bonus videos, art books and albums provided in addition to the main Drawing Academy curriculum.

To check what this drawing course is about, you can subscribe for a FREE Drawing Academy demo here.