Upload your images to Veer for Royalty Payments + 99 More Stock Image Sites


I know that I’ve spent a bit of time and money on the Veer site. I don’t find myself doing that on other stock image sites. If you have images of your art and photography that you’d like to earn royalty payments, register on the Veer site to become a contributor. (Scroll to the bottom of the Veer site and click *Submissions* ) Then upload ten images for review. Artists receive payments for their photography, and art and illustration, in rates that range from .35 cents for Xtra Small One time image use, to $7. for Xtra Large one time image use. Unlimited image use brings higher rates of up to nearly fifty dollars.

You will find a list of 99 more Stock Image site here.





Yesterday, I joined the ArtStack site.

ArtStack is something like Pinterest, only strictly for sharing images of art past and present–including your own which you can easily upload. Follow other artists, galleries, museums and brands on ArtStack.