Jumbo Yarn Bowls Are The Perfect Accent Piece For Yarn Loving Clients!

Mulberry Yarn Project Bowl with Sparkle Inlay


Every Interior designer has a list of tried and true questions to help assess the tastes and habits of their client. With the recent resurgence of fiber crafting, you might want to ask “do you knit or crochet”? If the answer is yes, you’ll know your client has a heightened love of textures, fibers and color that might make the design process a bit easier! And, when you finish that project with an Artisan Crafted, Jumbo Yarn Bowl on the coffee table in the living room or next to the easy chair in the den, you’ll have a lovely focal point and a client for life!

XXL Cherry Yarn Project Bowl #993


Heckathorn Turned Wood had so many requests for “bigger” Yarn Bowls from their Etsy followers, that Jumbo Wood Yarn Bowls have quickly become Lathe Artist Bob Heckathorn’s singular passion. These oversized, functional collectibles have a different purpose than smaller, (single ball) yarn bowls you’ll find on craft sites.

These Jumbo Yarn Bowls are HUGE –ranging from 10″ – 13″ in diameter; designed to hold several balls of yarn as well as the entire project, tools, etc. when the work is set aside. Discerning yarn fanatics love the organization these Jumbo Yarn Bowls provide, while an Artisan Crafted Art Bowl elevates their current work in progress to a whole new level.

Jumbo Cherry Yarn Project Bowl


Months in the making, Heckathorn Turned Wood’s Yarn Project Bowls are created from choice reclaimed hardwoods (Cherry, Kauri, Camphor and Pecan, etc.) as well as segmented pine for more rustic tastes. The slow drying process adds gentle warping and character to the shape of the bowl while occurring natural cracks are filled with Bob’s proprietary jewel inspired sparkling inlay. Every Jumbo Yarn Bowl is hand-sanded, buffed and finished over ten times, resulting in a silky smooth, brilliant gloss finish.

XXXL Segmented Pine Yarn Bowl

If you happen to be designing space for a yarn enthusiast Heckathorn Turned Wood is a special resource for a hand-turned accent piece, direct from the artist. Each Jumbo Yarn Bowl is unique, one-of-a-kind, signed and numbered with species by the artist. Including one of these functional collectibles in the right design project will be a special gift the owner will cherish for years to come. For more on the creative process visit Bob’s blog at HeckathornTurnedWood.com.


XXL Cherry Yarn Bowl


Find out more on the Heckathorn’s website: HeckathornTurnedWood.com

You can buy these bowls on Etsy here: HeckathornTurnedWood.Etsy.com

Follow Heckathorn Turned Wood on Instagram: Instagram.com/heckathornturnedwood 

Facebook:  facebook.com/HeckathornTurnedWoods

Pinterest:   pinterest.com/pheckathorn/crochet-away

Twitter:  twitter.com/@ptheckathorn

Artists, Help Me Win Some Sweet Swag Via IndieWalls

Screenshot 2015-09-09 at 4.09.24 PM

Dear Artists,

As you may know, I’m part of the Indiewalls artist community. Indiewalls is a platform that attracts private buyers and interior designers who post opportunities on their site daily. Artists can then pitch their work directly to projects that resonate with their style. Apply through this link to discover a unique list of projects in need of great art: https://www.indiewalls.com/s/f7

I think you and your work would be a great fit for their community.

Sweeten Up September runs through the end of the month. IndieWalls invited me to share and if artists sign up via my link above, they will shower me with gifts for helping them grow the Indiewalls community.



  1. Anyone can apply, but only artists accepted into the community are counted.
  2. Awards will be given out to the first to 20 reach ‘5 Accepted Artists’ and the first 10 to reach ’10 Accepted Artists.’
  3. Artists are not allowed to apply again under a second name or email
  4. Prizes will be awarded during the first two weeks in October

Chairish Shipping Options + White Glove Service for Artists

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 6.45.26 PM

I had a chat with Whitney at Chairish, who invited me to sell my art in their online home decor store. Chairish only takes 20% commission on sales of art. There are no listing fees.

Whitney said, “you’re welcome to list as much as you’d like with us.” She also reviewed my site and said–“I particularly love your fluorescent series and your spot series,” suggesting that I add about 10-15 pieces to start. So people who are interested in my work can see my range. She also said that it’s a good idea to add pieces in a range of prices—”just so some are approachable to first time buyers of your work.”

All great advice! But what impressed me most were the shipping options for artists selling on Chairish. Whitney explained 2 options to choose from–with the 2nd including “white glove service”:

Option one, is for you to take care of shipping completely on your own once an item sells. This option makes your piece show up on the Chairish site to the customer as “Shipping for Free,” which encourages sales and helps them pull the trigger. So you would just need to work in the cost of shipping when you set your asking price.

Option two, is for Cherish to handle shipping for you. If you don’t choose the “Ships for Free” option, you will just get an email from support@chairish.com with a pre-paid UPS shipping label ready to go– then you can just stick it on your package and send out to the customer.

White Glove Service: If you have any really large works (over 50” or so), Chairish also has a white glove service that simply comes to your house, packs the piece and gets it to the customer.

With both the UPS label option and white glove option the customer pays for shipping.

To start selling on Chairish, click the yellow “Sell” button at the top left of the home page. This will take you to your first submission page where you can start uploading your works. Whitney said, “there will be a little link at the top asking if you’re a professional seller, but you can disregard this.”
Artists also have a dedicated Chairish artist page that people can click into and you can customize your artist page too.

After uploading several of my paintings to Chairish, I began to also appreciate the pricing options–for each piece you add (1) your retail price, (2) your asking price, and (3) your reserve price, allowing buyers to make offers.

Whitney said that she thought my art “would do well on Chairish” and I am looking forward to some sales.

If you are looking for more places to sell your art, Artist Marketing Resources offers an e-list available here and here.

OAC Gallery Curated Affordable Art Site



OAC Gallery is a curated art sales site of painting, photography, mixed media, printmaking, sculpture, and works on paper. OAC Gallery is small and selective. Their curators feel that a well-curated site strengthens artists online presence, helping them sell more work. They work with each artist to carefully select affordable pieces from their portfolios that appeal to their core audience, and, in turn,  engage buyers more powerfully. OAC Gallery has no exclusivity clause. They want artists to succeed and affiliate with as many galleries as possible.

Find many more are sales sites and physical art sales venues on the 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art e-list. Review five thousand physical art gallery listings in the International Art Gallery Directory  


Salon-Style Wall-Hang VS Salon-Style Contemporary Art Gallery

Apartment Therapy salon style room

Apartment Therapy salon style room

According to an article on the Urban Domesticity blog, “hanging artwork salon-style entails arranging a whole bunch of pictures and paintings together in a collage-like formation on the wall.”

This “old-fashioned” method of hanging art dates back to The Paris Salon (French: Salon de Paris), the official art exhibition of the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. Between 1748 and 1890 The Paris Salon was the greatest annual or biannual art event in the Western world according to Wikipedia.

A salon-style gallery hang at the Milwaukee Art Museum

A salon-style gallery hang at the Milwaukee Art Museum

While this salon-style of hanging art has made a comeback with Interior Designers, which is good news for artists who will be able to offer even more artworks to residential clients to fill salon-hung walls, the term “salon style” may refer to location and relaxed atmosphere when it comes to contemporary art galleries.

Susan Eley Fine Art was founded as a salon-style gallery in an Upper West Side Townhouse in Manhattan, New York, to offer an intimate, personal viewing experience not typically found in white box galleries. Eley opened her Gallery to tap into an untapped audience and to show them an alternative way to enjoy art. She focuses on contemporary art by emerging and mid-career artists working in both figurative and abstract styles in a variety of media and presents their work in solo and group exhibitions showcasing artists from the U.S., Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Artist Marketing Resources has been researching art galleries for many years, and offers artists a chance to share at that research by purchasing the International Art Gallery Directory here.


Emerging Designer Competition


Design exchange is pleased to announce the first ever National multidisciplinary design competition for emerging Canadian designers with no more than 5 years of professional Experience. The winner will receive a $10,000 prize and an Exhibition at the museum.
The jury includes Douglas Coupland, novelist, visual artist, designer; Heather Reisman, CEO of Indigo Books + Music; Marcel Wanders, Marcel Wanders Studio NL; and many more distinguished guests.

Submissions due September 30th, 2013

Enter at www.DX.org/rbcemergingdesigner

Design Exchange
Canada’s Design Museum
234 Bay Street
Toronto, Canada
M5K 1B2

I Attended the Houzz Webinar

On February 2nd, I posted news of the upcoming Houzz webinars. Yesterday, on the 4th, I attended one of the webinars hosted by the Houzz Marketing Manager. The webinar lasted about 20 minutes, and consisted of by a slide presentation to illustrate each point verbally presented. There was no sales pitch, as with many webinars–it was simply a how-to on improving your Houzz profile.


2012_Houzz_blogdediseño (Photo credit: silviarmallafre)

I thought I would share a couple of points from her presentation:

Houzz has 12 million monthly site users and 90% are home owners interested in home decor. There seems to be a great deal of interest in the work of the artists who do have profiles and post art images on Houzz. Artists can set up a free account with unlimited upload of images.

When adding your images, select your 5 best and designate them cover photos. Those five images then appear in the Professional Directory in a montage associated with your individual profile.

If you need information on How To do anything within your Houzz account, go to http://info.houzz.com/howtohouzz where you will find recorded webinars. Or for direct one-on-one assistance, email: support@houzz.com

Also, visit the How-To Houzz Tumblr blog http://howtohouzz.tumblr.com

Free Online Sessions On How To Maximize Your Artist Presence on Houzz

Join Annie Nozawa, Marketing Manager for Houzz–a site that connects you with interior designers, architects, home renovators and home owners seeking artworks for interiors–

in online sessions next week where she’ll share with you quick, simple tips to help you boost your exposure on Houzz.

Businesses like yours’– artists, painters, printmakers, and others with home decor items– are receiving website traffic, new business inquiries, and new clients as a result of their presence on Houzz.

Annie Nozawa will show you how you can maximize your own profile’s presence on Houzz, step-by-step.

To register for a session, choose a timing below:

Monday, February 4th 11 AM PST | 2 PM EST

Monday, February 4th 1 PM PST | 4 PM EST

Wednesday, February 6th 11 AM PST | 2 PM EST

Wednesday, February 6th 1 PM PST | 4 PM EST

Creating Multiple Points of Sale and Art Products

I’ve set up unique buy options for my art and shared my images on Pinterest. The latest research reveals that about 28% of Pinterest users earn 6 figure incomes and use Pinterest to shop for home decor and other products.

My painting, Blue Rice Cracker, is one of 7 paintings selected by an art licensing company for limited edition canvas prints. (I will share that site in future). An art licensing contract will, of course, allow me to sell the original paintings, and so I have Blue Rice Cracker listed for sale on both Artsia and Zatista, since I’ve had painting sale on both sites before.

I am also free to sell paper prints, such as on the Society6 site, and textile prints on the Spoonflower site. On Society6 there is a buy option for my painting printed on this decorative pillow home decor item, which I promote to urban apartment dwellers, home owners, and Interior Designers alike.

Marie Kazalia's painting Blue Rice Cracker available as a pillow print on Society6.

Marie Kazalia’s painting Blue Rice Cracker available as a pillow print on Society6.

Blue Rice Cracker, oil painting on panel, Marie Kazalia, 2012

Blue Rice Cracker, oil painting on panel, Marie Kazalia, 2012


Sell Your Art to Interior Designers on Houzz

Looking for more ways to get your art in front of potential buyers? Want to makes sales of your art to interior designers? Upload high quality images (at least 1,000 pixels wide) of your artwork to Houzz. Houzz is a large professional design site for interior designers, architects and others. In the latest Houzz newsletter, one condo owner commissioned an artist to create new artwork for his walls.

Only a few artists have created a presence on the Houzz site so far. Set up an account with quality images of your art including interior views with your paintings hanging on walls, your 3D art on tables etc. You will also be able to connect with interior design professionals by following them and by asking a question for discussion.

I connected with one interior designer on the Houzz site, who told me that she gets her art from “all over” — directly from artists, online etc.

What more tips, links and contacts? Artist Marketing Resources provides extensive resource lists to industry professionals here!

Do You Enter Contests? on Pinterest!?

A few days ago on Pinterest, I repinned a set of green vases from an upscale home decor site for a chance to win them. Today I learned that PUREWOW is sponsoring a camera company giveaway that is also using Pinterest as an aspect of their contest.First, they want you to submit a photo that you have taken for a chance to win a Panasonic Lumix 3G camera — here is the  link: http://www.purewow.com/lander/lumixThen, repin your favorite image (hopefully your own!) so that you are automatically entered to win the second prize–a Panasonic Lumix ZS19 camera.

Look Outside the Box of Art Sales Venues

If you make art images for clothing and accessories, create jewelry or prints that could be considered fashionable home decor, you may want to take a look outside the usual art sales venues–  here are a few of the newest sites to consider:

ThreadFlip  sells handmade and previously owned and new one of a kind bags, indie dresses,vintage jewelry,hats,accessories,embellished jeans, and more.

Copious  sells designer clothing, accessories and one enterprising artist offers her art prints (and has had sales) on the site too.

99 Dresses and Fashion Lend  which offers items from Europe & US sellers re two other sites for pre-owned and handmade items.

Poshmark is a new  iPhone app for shopping clothing and accessories. Perhaps you have art prints or art products to list.

Marie Kazalia and William Phelps Montgomery Both Featured On the American Flat Site!

Untitled #279, by William Phelps Montgomery

American Flat licensed images of three of my paintings and now they’ve added me to their site. You will now find my name–Marie Kazalia–listed with the other artist on the American Flat site. (Only one of my art images is showing at this time).

 Another artist, who is a member of our Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIN group, William Phelps Montgomery is also newly listed on the American Flat site with eleven artworks!
American Flat prints art on canvas for sales to interior designers and decorators.   Their custom artwork has been featured in New York City restaurants, nightclubs, retailers and film studios including– 15W, Soho, City Swiggers Beer Shop and Tasting Room, Upper East Side, and The Dressing Room, Lower East Side.

Exhibition Announcement


Simple studies of the concept of beauty and its many points of view, taking in consideration the relativity of its meaning.

Place: San Juan School Of Interior Design, Puerto Rico

Date: Nov. 12, 2010

Small Bomb 4 (Juan A. Negroni)


For more information contact, Juan A. Negroni, curator,

email: negroni4@yahoo.com