Featured #Artist Pat Timbrook


JUXT, Pat Timbrook

JUXT, Pat Timbrook


American artist Pat Timbrook is a full-time fine art painter living in the state of West Virginia. Pat has sold many of her large abstract acrylic paintings over the years. But, in September 2016, Pat began a new venture with the owner a local clothing boutique called MIXX. The artist placed many of her small abstract paintings on display in the boutique, using ART-to-Go as her selling point. That is, making small and affordable pieces that are easy for buyers to purchase and carry home. She develop this sales concept, reaching out to fashion conscious shoppers, after coming to the conclusion that not many people in her area knew how or where to purchase art locally. Pat knows that not everyone can afford to make a large art purchase, so she wanted to offer an easy option to buyers to own her smaller works. “There are still many people whom we know who cannot afford art at big prices. The clientele of MIXX varies in income range. Plus, we have factored in other business possibilities to help make this work. It’s a new venue for the boutique owner and for me as an artist,” says Pat Timbrook.



April 2016, Pat Timbrook


Apart from all the works shown on her websites here, and her ART-to-Go sales project, Pat has also taken up another new art project. This year, she completing 10 contemporary abstract acrylic paintings in her series called Flowers for Vince. These paintings will be used for prints sales to raise funds for a children’s charity organization in the Philippines called www.H_manility.org, founded and run by her close friends Bryan and Diane Thomas. The purpose of this painting series is to honor Vince, a five-year-old child at the children’s home, who was killed by a car in the Spring of 2016 as he played in the street. Sale of prints from the paintings will also help fund the children’s organization.



Enchanted Forrest, Pat Timbrook


Also in 2016, Pat Timbrook has painted over 90 acrylic paintings on canvas  in her Flowers in Vases series and will be painting many more before the end of this year.


Flowers For Vince, Pat Timbrook

Flowers For Vince 1100, Pat Timbrook


Flowers for Vince 1400, Pat TImbrook

Flowers for Vince 1400, Pat TImbrook


Pat Timbrook began painting in 1997. She acquired her art education through self-directed independent study at Frostburg University, in Frostburg, Maryland with mentoring by Gay Holland. She attends annual seminars of the Society of children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in California. In 2011, her painting Pairings was selected out of over 500 entries as winner of the DesignaWineLabel National Art Competition sponsored by Darden Restaurants and Capital Grille Restaurants for its fundraising charity event Share Our Strength

Paintings of Pat Timbrook have been exhibited in national and international juried shows, including at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City; and the Art Rom Gallery, Italy, and her paintings are in several corporate and public art collections.

Pat Timbrook will have her first duo-show exhibition in October 2016 at the Manhattan Gold & Gallery in Cumberland, Maryland.


Find out more about the artist and view more of Pat Timbrook’s paintings on her website www.patriciaanntimbrook.com

Follow Pat Timbrook on Twitter here @REDRubyart, on Facebook here and here.

Follow Pat Timbrook on Instagram here.

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