Year in Review: Our Top 5 Fav + Most Popular Visual Artists of 2015

beneath the turbulance, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper, 30 x 36

beneath the turbulence, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper, 30 x 36

To start off the new year we’re reviewing our top five featured artist articles of 2015. These 5 featured artists have the highest number of views, tweets and Facebook shares of all artists we featured. At the time these feature articles published, we tweeted each, shared on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. During the last week of 2015, we began tweeting these artists again as part of our review.

Hildy Maze was our most popular artist and with readers sharing her featured article to Facebook 123 times!   Hildy ‘s art images on Twitter got lots of re-tweets from followers. You can follow Hildy Maze on Twitter here.  Tweets us your art and we will ReTweet your art tweets from our 3 growing Twitter accounts @Artozon, @Transmediartist, @TransArtGuide.

like the ocean looking at it's own waves, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper collage, 25 x 27

like the ocean looking at it’s own waves, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper collage, 25 x 27

Another of our most popular artist feature in 2015 was The Fantastical Human Art Forms of Olga Zavershinskaya aka Armene–read it here.  Follow Olga Zavershinskaya on Twitter @ArmeneImages.

Jellyfish, Olga Zavershinskaya

Jellyfish, Olga Zavershinskaya

Another of our wonderful featured artists, New York City artist Jane Dell exhibits regularly in galleries and is a popular artist with curators seeking new, skilled, and innovative work. You may view more of the art of Jane Dell on her website here.  Follow Jane Dell on Twitter here.

painting by Jane Dell View more of the art of Jane Dell on her website:

painting by Jane Dell

Our feature article here, of the Fluid Paintings Chilean Artist Mauricio Paz Viola contains lovely and colorful images, much retweeted on Twitter.

Mauricio Paz Viola

Mauricio Paz Viola

Another popular feature article Photographic Art of Miles Schuster (read it here) includes this lovely image–

Miles Schuster photo

Miles Schuster photo

We have a forthcoming feature article on New York City artist Ula Einstein and her sculpture paper works and color prints . We’re looking for more great artists to feature in 2016, and to share widely via social media. If you’d like you work in an article please contact Marie via email:


Feature image: Drop, Olga Zavershinskaya


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