New Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Residency

Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg (Photo credit: DayDreamPilot)

According to an article in W Magazine, the Florida island estate of the late artist Robert Rauschenberg is the site of a new artist residency program. Find full details about he residency on The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation website —

Artists: Adding Motion to Your Art and Art Marketing Process

Most artworks in exhibitions and on artist websites are displayed as static objects after completion of the process. Many artists and artisans make and offer commissions of artworks, such as jewelry and woodwork items on sites like Custom Made and others, allowing opportunities for buyer involvement in the process. Yet most buyers will take delivery on purchased works without seeing the process of production. Today, as in the past, many artists have found ways to incorporate motion and process into exhibiting their artworks.

Nearly a century ago, in the 1920’s, Marcel Duchamp “challenged conventional thought about artistic processes and art marketing….through subversion actions.” Wikipedia

In 1920, Duchamp created  Rotary Glass Plates (Precision Optics) and the Rotary Demisphere two kinetic constructions. Simply stated, by adding motion and movement to his artwork, Duchamp created a marketing sensation.

Duchamps rotary demisphere 1925

Duchamp’s rotary demisphere 1925

Duchamp, Rotary Galss Plates (Precision Optics) 1920 (in motion)

Duchamp, Rotary Glass Plates (Precision Optics) 1920 (in motion)

Duchamp, Rotary Glass Plate (Precision Optics) 1920 (stopped motion)

Duchamp, Rotary Glass Plate (Precision Optics) 1920 (stopped motion)

In Duchamp’s kinetic piece Rotary Glass Plate (Precision Optics), the cleverness of his use of the word *precision* in the title of this rudimentary wood construction may draw the viewer in to think more about the device. Some may even detect a note of humor in such a title.  Whether by necessity or by design, artist Eske Rex used a similar unfinished wood construction for his recent Drawing Machine, featured in the video below. The Rex exhibition of drawings incorporates his kinetic drawing machine, thereby adding the unexpected to the art show and  making for an exciting and attention-getting whole


The site CreativeApplications.Net reports innovation and catalogs projects, tools and platforms at the intersection of art, media and technology. CreativeApplications has offered workshops in how to create small simple tabletop kinetic drawing devices. Artists may also submit their own projects to CreativeApplications.

I especially like the Creative Applications curated *On the Web* section featuring a special collection of projects, including the simple yet amazing–

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