Found on Flootie: Urban Scenes and Cityscapes

Last month we featured art Found on Flootie in our blog article here. For August, we’ve found so many great artworks on Flootie that fit the theme of urban cityscapes. These artworks depict images buildings and people in US cities coast to coast, border to border. As well as scenes from such European cities as Amsterdam and Munich, Germany. Then off we go, all the way to Israel, to share some paintings of the city of Jerusalem.

Rememberance, Carolyn Hancock

Remembrance, Carolyn Hancock

We’re starting this image set in Washington D.C. with artist Carolyn Hancock’s scene of the Vietnam War Memorial–titled Remembrance. Click here to find out more about this painting.

The Workshop, Barry Westcott

The Workshop, Barry Westcott

In The Workshop, and 3 O’clock, artist Barry Westcott captures everyday scenes in an unnamed American city, rendered in his photo-realistic style of painting. Find the full details for these paintings on Flootie here.

3 O'Clock, Barry Westcott

3 O’Clock, Barry Westcott

Memories of a favorite Spokane, Washington restaurant Bob’s Chili Parlor, from back in the 1940’s and 50’s, with vintage automobile parked in front, come to life is a brilliant colored pencil creation by Craig Shillam. Click here to view the artist’s Flootie portfolio.

This colored pencil drawing is of an actual restaurant in Spokane, Wa. back in the 1940's and 50's is beautifully framed with conservation matting and framing. The framed size is approx. 32" high x 29 1/4" long.

Bob’s Chili Parlor, Craig Shillam

With Juke Joint, artist Mike Handley takes us inside the club life of a city at night. Find more of his work here.

Juke Joint, Mike Handley

Juke Joint, Mike Handley

Another night scene of neon street lights of the Radio City Music Hall, New York City is a color photograph by Gloria de los Santos. Find her full portfolio of artworks here.

Radio City Music Hall, Gloria de los Santos

Radio City Music Hall, NY, Gloria de los Santos

To the southern border of the USA, these New Mexico scenes, Naco Border Crossing, and,  El Rancho Hotel, give as a different flavor of American life.

Naco Border Crossin, Darrell Sullens

Naco Border Crossing, Darrell Sullens

El Racho Hotel Gallup New Mexico, Darrell Sullens

El Racho Hotel Gallup New Mexico, Darrell Sullens

Along with the artist’s tribute to times gone by and the Ashcan School of American painting, below, and on Flootie here.

Ashcan Revisited, Darrell Sullens

Ashcan Revisited, Darrell Sullens

Off to Europe, with John F. Thamm’s Munich Train Station Wedding Party, and, Marcela Rogel de Pepper’s Rainy Day in Amsterdam.



Rainy Day in Amsterdam, Marcela Rogel de Pepper

Rainy Day in Amsterdam, Marcela Rogel de Pepper

Irene Dahl’s Two Sides of Jerusalem, and Entry into Old Town are both found in her Flootie portfolio.

Two Sides of Jersulem, Irene Dahl

Two Sides of Jersulem, Irene Dahl

Entry into Old Town, Irene Dahl

Entry into Old Town, Irene Dahl

Find these and many more wonderful artworks on








Artist-Writer Stephen Futral: Living an Auspicious Cross-Cultural Life


“I went from being a Zionist, to living in India and being Hindu, to finally being Buddhist,”  Stephen Futral said. “So, yes, my paintings are images of my belief system and my passionate relation to life.”

Stephen Futral’s autobiographical book-length manuscript titled Don’t Die Wondering– A Chronicle of Auspicious Coincidence and Choice, needs a publisher.

Stephen Futral lived and painted on a kibbutz near Jerusalem and in an ashram in India. He was at Woodstock and featured in the movie.

Chapters one through five of Futral’s autobiographical manuscript have to do with his travels to India and with Woodstock. “We opened Woodstock,” Futral said of the 1969 music festival that was captured by documentary filmmakers and became the Academy Award winning 1970 movie Woodstock. Later, he created sets for a Martin Scorsese film.

Read the article, written by Marie Kazalia, here: 

Dov Lederberg–New Work

Dov Lederberg

3 – D Phenomena
Diskin 44

POB 7143, Jerusalem Israel 91071
tel: 972-2-5618303, tel/fax: 972-2-5611411 

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You may enjoy the humor of my new work “hot on the canvas” from my Congealings series.


Congealings # 10 Do You Really Love Me? (2011) 
airbrushed acrylics on canvas 40″ x 30″ (102 x 76 cm)

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