Review of 3 artists’ blogs–on more unusual blogging platforms:

Artists Talking is a collection of blogs. http://www.a-n.co.uk/artists_talking Any artist can start a blog about a project, share insights into their practice, and gain visibility for their work on the Artists Talking site. Two featured blogs this month: Jane Boyer’s ‘Working in Isolation’ http://bit.ly/JaneBoyer and Jo Moore’s ‘What does it mean to be an artist?’ http://bit.ly/JoMoore .

Deborrah Daher’s blog “…illustrating the unfailing beauty of life,”   http://deborrahdaher.tumblr.com/ —on the Tumblr micro-blogging platform.

Deborrah posts to her blog a couple of times per week–her posts also feed to her Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Margie Livingston “…investigate(s) the properties of paint pushed into three dimensions.”