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You will receive a copy of William Phelps Montgomery  limited edition print book of his art images free with each print purchased in the Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store  . Plus  for a limited time get free expedited shipping! Choose from 15 ready to hang limited edition Digital Art Prints laminated to museum grade plexiglass. All prints made on Lambda printers at PC Colour Lab, Los Angles, California, USA.

Bookcover for William Phelps Montgomery's book of his digital fine art

Rusty Forest, by William Phelps Montgomery

Click here to purchase Rusty Forest 

To the Point, by William Phelps Montgomery

To the Point http://amzn.com/B005J14JH0 

Metallic Screen 6, by William Phelps Montgomery

Metallic Screen #6 http://amzn.com/B005J14A3I


Untitled #23, William Phelps Montgomery, limited edition Lambda print laminated to plexiglass

Untitled #23 


String Cheese, William Phelps Montgomery

 String Cheese 2 


Untitled 136, by William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #136

Untitled 59, William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #59 


Untitled 121, William Phelps Montgomery

Untitled #121 


Untitled 24, William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #24 


Untitled 12, William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #12 


Untitled 70, William Phelps Montgomery

 Click here to purchase on Amazon: Untitled #70 


Untitled 61, WIlliam Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #61


Untitled 106, William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #106 


Untitled 15, William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #15 

Untitled 20, WIlliam Phelps Montgomery

Untitled #20

Digital Art Outdoors on Buildings: A Preview Video

One of our store artists, William Phelps Montgomery, has a new digital art video. Several of his digital fine art Lambda prints are available in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

The video is for a moving digital video light display that wraps around the top of the PECO building in the Philadelphia skyline. How cool is that!

New Digital Art Downloads in Amazon Store

New art in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro store is by Russian digital artist Grase Migel

This downloadable digital artwork, titled: Gobble,is by Russian artist Grace Migel

Purchase this Digital Art Download, Titled: Gobble, by Russian Artist Grase Migel  on Amazon.com: Link: http://amzn.com/B005TKHXE2

Kill Me in the Comments is a downloadable digital artwork by Grace Migel

Purchase this downloadable digital artwork on Amazon, here: http://amzn.com/B005TKH10S

Digital Fine Art Print in *Art Styles-Abstraction* Gallery Exhibition Opening Friday

Digital Fine Artist William Phelps Montgomery invites you to the First Friday opening of the group exhibition *Art Styles–Abstraction* at the Projects Gallery, Philadelphia. This exhibition includes the artist’s Lambda print of his digital composition, Untitled #12–pictured below:

 Untitled #12 by William Montgomery available in limited edition on Amazon.com http://amzn.com/B005KC4400

Prints made at PC Colour Lab, LA, CA, USA