Artist Mauricio Paz Viola Tests the New Legion Stonehenge Aqua 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper

Watercolor 1, Mauricio Paz Viola

Watercolor 1, Mauricio Paz Viola


Last month, we sent a list of artist’s names to Legion Paper company. Legion sent each artist fine art papers with the goal of getting firsthand feedback. California-based artist Mauricio Paz Viola, one of the first to report back, wrote in part-

“I would like to report that the paper test went well. The company Legion Paper got in touch with me and sent me three types of watercolor paper. I tried them and they are of high quality. I did some watercolor work.

I am happy with the results – good, professional quality… My favorite was the HP 300gm – loved its texture! It held up several layers of paint that I superimposed on it and did not saturate. The result was great! I also liked the CP 600gm. I would recommend these papers to any artist, and thank you for considering me in this initiative before it is released on the market. Please feel free to feature my work on your website and include the link to my web

 I am attaching some photos now. I want to thank you for considering me, and for making me part of this project.”
Mauricio Paz Viola received a package from Legion Paper containing sheets of watercolor papers.

Mauricio Paz Viola received a package from Legion Paper containing sheets of watercolor papers.




Mauricio stretched each sheet of watercolor paper in the traditional manner, using tape on a rigid board. The paper is then dampened and dries flat, ready to be painted on without buckling or wrinkling.


Mauricio included photos of his paint brushes and the watercolor paints he used, working on white ceramic plates as painting palettes.



watercolor 2, Mauricio Paz Viola

watercolor 2, Mauricio Paz Viola


watercolor 3, Mauricio Paz Viola

watercolor painting 3, Mauricio Paz Viola




Mauricio Paz Viola’s Website:

Mauricio’s art printed on shirts and clothing available at Live Heroes here.

Legion Paper


How Artists Get Featured on the Legion Paper Blog + Across Their Social Media Profiles

Tahiti Pehrson, paper installation

Tahiti Pehrson, paper installation

Legion Paper has had a long program of featuring artists using their papers. As a major distributor, Legion provides fine art papers to the art suppliers you shop, such as McPherson’s, Blick Art Supplies, etc.  Legion has plans to add new papers to their list of papers here.

The good people at Legion Paper say–“Making paper is an art. We represent centuries of tradition and mastery in fine art papers. Since our 1994 inception, we have traveled the globe searching for the finest papers from the finest manufacturers. To date, we offer more than three thousand existing papers from sixteen countries but our quest continues. Collaborating with some of the most legendary artists and renowned mills, we are known as the world’s most relentless innovator in the art of papermaking. We constantly aim to be ahead of the curve. We listen to your needs and seek out new ways for you to enhance your work. We add value to creative work. We put vision into paper. We are paper.”

If you are an artist using any of Legion’s fine art papers, we want to hear from you. From communications with Legion’s CEO and Marketing Department, we will now be sending them artist’s contact information for those artists who use their papers.

Recently, Legion featured artist, Tahiti Pehrson, who used Lenox 100 paper in 72 inch rolls for all of his hand-cut paper structures. Tahiti Pehrson just complete art at Viacom’s Artist-in-residence and Legion did an interview with him–read it here.


Tahiti Pehrson

Tahiti Pehrson

If you are an artist working with fine art papers, and interested in a feature on the Legion blog, complete the contact form below. Make sure your email address is correct so we can get back to you.