Group Pinterest Boards: Art Direct From Artists, Abstract Art Direct From Artists, Art Realism

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Featured group board image by Jose A. Kuesta

Last September, I set up the group Pinterest board Art Direct From Artists, a collection of artworks available for purchase directly from each artist represented on the board. What’s unique about this group board is that I am inviting artists to pin their art with retail price tags on each image.

That board was so popular that I also created the group boards Abstract Art Direct From Artists and  Art Direct From Artists-Realism to help categorize the available art.

Recently, I received feedback from one of the artist who has his artwork images pinned to the group boards, Leon Sarantos who wrote:

“Hi Marie, I’m very pleased to be able to pin on 2 of your 3 boards, Art Direct From Artists, and Abstract Art Direct From Artists. I would also appreciate being on your boards titled, Art Direct From Artists – Realism. I’m especially interested because Pinterest analytics indicates that I’ve gotten more click-throughs from your boards than from others. Nice going! Regards, Leon”

I appreciate Leon’s taking the time to let me know what my groups are doing for him, and I would love to receive feedback from the more than 100 artists pinning their available art images to my 3 group boards.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artworks on this Pinterest board, you may contact the artist by sending them a message on Pinterest, or by clicking on the image to visit their website. If you have any problems, please email:

Follow me on Pinterest so that I can invite you to the appropriate group board. To follow Marie Kazalia on Pinterest click here.

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Abstract Art by Leon Sarantos in “Mad World” National Juried Exhibit Until 4/6

Organic Creatures Going To The Beach. Leon Sarantos

Organic Creatures Going To The Beach. Leon Sarantos

Paintings from Leon Sarantos’ Organic Creatures series are on view until next Saturday, April 6, in the Mad World, National Juried Exhibition, at Union Street Gallery, 1527 Otto Blvd, Chicago Heights, IL 60411.   Sixty artworks from among 271 submissions were selected by juror Natalie Domchenko (Director: Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago).  Over 250 people visited the gallery during the opening night reception.

The Mad World exhibit features art that is absurd, surreal, and simply MAD!  Mad World displays art by 33 artists from 11 different US states.  Some of the art on exhibit depicts bizarre or imagined worlds, crazy structures not bound by the laws of the gravity, whimsical inventions, and strangely absurd scenarios that appear to be straight out of fantasy or science fiction!

Organic Creatures Slurping Up A Mango Smoothie, painting on canvas, Leon Sorantos

Organic Creatures Slurping Up A Mango Smoothie, painting on canvas, Leon Saran’s

Leon Sarantos’ Organic Creatures paintings combine a feeling of whimsy with a sense of bizarre absurdity.  Here is how the artist described his process in creating these paintings– “For the first of these artworks, Organic Creatures Going To The Beach, I actually envisioned it in an instant behind my eyelids as I was rubbing my eyes after some tiring work.  I tried to apply the image to canvas immediately, adding all kinds of color and quick composition, while keeping the main figures true to my vision. When finished, I looked at the painting and felt that here were some strange creatures doing something, and sensed that they were on their way to the beach.  I then created more oils of this same family of creatures moving about in different settings.  My other paintings for this exhibit include Organic Creatures Taking The White House Tour, and Organic Creatures Slurping Up A Mango Smoothie.”

Organic Creatures Taking The White House Tour, Leon Sarantos

Organic Creatures Taking The White House Tour, Leon Sarantos

 Leon Sarantos also writes–“I’ve gotten a lot of helpful information from your blog, which recently led me to join Artsia and Xanadu, along with lots of other helpful posts.”

Find the artist on Facebook at:

Leon Sarantos website —


Art World Chicago Features News of Artist Leon Sarantos’ Exhibited Art

Nude Man Seated, oil on canvas by Leon Sarantos, one of two paintings in our virtual gallery exhibition (link below)

Art World Chicago featured artist Leon Sarantos and his paintings that are part of a group exhibit at the CornerStone Art Center & Gallery  20 minutes outside of Chicago.  The title of exhibit, Struggle for Art IV, curated by Jim Panos, has to do with the struggle of being an artist.

The center is organized by the 119th Street Artists, a non-profit group.  For further information about the center and this event, view their website at

Leon Sarantos currently lives in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.  Mr.Sarantos has exhibited his work extensively in solo and group art shows.  View more figurative paintings on his website:

Two of Leon Sarantos’ paintings are also on view in our virtual gallery:

Here is the link to a preview of our current virtual gallery exhibition:

You can attend the online show by clicking this link:

Nude Male Reclining on Blue Coverlet in Virtual Gallery Show

Nude male reclining on blue coverlet, oil painting on canvas by Leon Sarantos is available and for sale. Contact exhibition curator Marie Kazalia by email:

“This is a really innovative and exciting approach to online galleries. I appreciate being part of the exhibit,” says Leon Sarantos. Leon has two paintings in the virtual gallery group exhibition. Both nude male figure studies.

Included in the show along with the two paintings by Leon Sarantos are 34 other artworks.

Walk through the virtual gallery here: