Your Submission has been Published!

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Yesterday, I woke especially early and checked my email to find — Your Submission has been published!

That was a pleasant surprise but not completely unexpected, since I felt that I had submitted the right artwork to the right venue. (Check my blog here to find out who published my art.)

If you haven’t been submitting your art to publications such as blogs and online magazine and journals, the only trick is in selecting and submitting the right work! It’s really that simple. With more submissions made, you will get to know who is likely to accept what you submit.

To help assist artists, Artist Marketing Resources has compiled a gratis PDF list of Art Magazines, blogs, and other publications. Get it free here.

Gratis Submit List of Art Blogs, Art Magazines For Artists


Artist Marketing Resources began building this list early in the new year, continually researching and adding new links, so that the list is now 21 pages.

Yes, this is your gratis list of Art Blogs, Art Magazines, and other art media including art TV, art radio, art publishers for you to use. How? Submit your art for more exposure.

Art Galleries like to represent artists that receive magazine and other feature coverage.

Here is your access link to this free list–

Feel free to share the link to the Art Magazine list with other artists.


You’ll need a copy of Adobe’s Acrobat reader to view the ebook. You can download that free 

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NOTE: Older versions of Google Chrome will *not* open this or any PDF. If using Chrome you will need to make sure that it is the latest version of Chrome with an option at the bottom that allows you to read PDFs.

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Marie Kazalia


Artist Marketing Resources blog

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Peripheral ARTeries February Issue – Featuring Interview + Paintings by Marie Kazalia

I have a 4 page spread in the February issue of Peripheral ARTeries art magazine–

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The new issue of Peripheral ARTeries has been published and it will be available on several websites:

1) ISSUU ->

2) The old Peripheral Arteries website that will be soon renewed – >

During this week Peripheral Arteries February issue is available on many other web site, such as Rhizome, Neme and others. We hope you will like it.


Offering Artists Open Access to a New Art Magazine Submissions list PDF


You are an artist and you would love to see your art featured in an art magazine, right? Artist Marketing Resources is busy compiling a list of art magazines that accept artist submissions.

To get permanent access to this list–even as it grows and expands over the years ahead, this is all you have to do—help us expand the list by sending Artist Marketing Resources the name and link to one art magazine that accepts artist submissions–send in an email to:  

You will receive a thank you email response that contains the PDF access link.  Use the PDF list to submit your art for features in publications.

6 International Art Magazines

image courtesy of

artclue is an Eastern European art magazine based in Romania  Visit the artclue Website:

Kunst Magazine, as you may have guessed from the name, is a German art magazine. There is an *English* button on the  site to read an English version of their blog:

THE BEAUTY OF SCUM! – International Artscum Magazine (including artwork from Europe, USA, Australia, and the World) –the magazine containing Paintings, (Digital)Collages, and Sculpture–is based in Germany.  The publishers describe their magazine as a bizarre, low brow, surrealist publication. Take a look at their website here: and their blog:

Artist Portfolio Magazine!  You can get your art into this magazine by way of their art contests:

PARK art magazine, launched in 2010, is based in Portugal–their aim is to bring together as many creative minds as possible, from different backgrounds. Artists willing to share their work through a home-grown printed publication dedicated to art & culture, making its way into the web as a digital online edition in the form of a flip mag as well as a downloadable PDF. The very anatomy of the magazine will rely on a (hopefully) an ever-growing list of contributors. PARK wants to make its publication as diverse and challenging as they can. Submit your art via the submissions guidelines on their site:

Art magazine  is published by the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol England. You can download the Autumn 2012 Issue of the Magazine free on their site 

V.A.M Art Mag is Searching for a Cover Image–Submit!



Valour-art Magazine is searching for a Cover image for the first issue of V.A.M.

Would you like your Art-works to feature on our Magazine Cover?  Simply submit images of your works here:

Valour-art Magazine is an initiative that allows Artists the exceptional opportunity to share stories, achievements and experiences influenced through Art.
V.A.M also generates a platform where Artists can showcase their latest and greatest Artworks.

V.A.M will feature on the Valour-art homepage with the Cover and top stories posted to Valour-art Social Media pages and sent to our mailing list.

With absolutely FREE marketing opportunities to Valour-art Artist members.  



NIJI Art Magazine Features Artists

Caio Fern painting, February 15, 2012

Painter Caio Fern says, “I knew this art magazine because some artists I admire had their works posted on it.”

A few days ago Niji Magazine featured the paintings of Caio Fern–view his feature here.

Niji Magazine is about discovering emerging talent in Fine Art, Street Art, Photography, Illustration, Graffiti, Performing Arts, and Fashion.

You can apply for a Niji Magazine feature of your of creative work here.