Open Call for Emerging Artists


Beers.Lambert Contemporary announced a new award for emerging artists worldwide:

the First Annual Beers.Lambert Award for Emerging Art is a prize awarded to

up to 8 emerging, contemporary artists working in all disciplines and open to artists

internationally. Up to 8 winners will each walk away with a monetary prize and

become part of the growing award-package (further details of partners and the

full-award package will be released soon).

This newest initiative coincides with their gallery relocation in a brand new space

on Baldwin Street at Old Street in the heart of the East London.

 The award will consider criteria such as progression, innovation, excellence

and general talent in 4 predominating artistic fields: 1) painting and drawing;

2) photography, collage and 2D; 3) sculpture, installation and 3d; 4) and

a final multidisciplinary category that acknowledges video art, performance,

technology-based and/or new-media, as well as other forms that may defy


$5,000 IN AWARDS
By way of open call and juried selection, the award will be given to 2 artists

working within each discipline – one primary and one secondary recipient will

be awarded in each category to a total of 8 awarded artists.

The 4 primary award recipients will each receive $1,000USD and the 4 secondary

award recipients will each receive $250USD. All 8 of the awarded artists

(primary and secondary) works will be exhibited at Beers.Lambert Contemporary

in 2013, and their work will be featured extensively on their website and in other

promotional material. One or more of the awarded artists will be offered a solo

exhibition with the gallery in the Fall 2013 exhibition programme.

The deadline for submissions is midnight, Monday August 13, 2012.


Gallery website


Deadline Extension For Art Gallery Submissions + A Tumblr Curated Exhibit

Charlie Smith Gallery says that due to massive popular demand for applications for Anthology and a consequent server overload they will extend the deadline for applications to midnight June 15th 2012.

If you have not already applied please send your applications to or email to receive forms and terms & conditions. This is your opportunity to win:

  • £2,000 cash
  • £500 worth of Winsor & Newton artists’ materials
  • Lifetime membership with (All Anthology applicants get 25% off first year’s membership)
  • Winner announcement with (42,000+ subscribers)
  • A feature in WelcometoCOMPANY’s newsletter (70,000+ subscribers)
  • Ten finalists will be exhibited at CHARLIE SMITH london


336 Old St, 2nd Floor
London, EC1V 9DR

+44 (0)20 7739 4055


I Am Curating… An Exhibition With Petra Cortright – Joncates (2012)






Deadline: Fri Dec 21st, 2012


Hello you gorgeous creature you! Life is great, the waves are getting great and summer is just around the corner! Before I head off to London for my first Artist Residency I’ve got some exciting news:Animamus Art Salon is proud to participate in the 6th Annual Bushwick Open Studios! 
(Where I’m showing new works!!)Festivities begin on Saturday 2 June with THE PARADE OF ART. 
WHERE: Morgan L stop (on Bogart St outside of Brooklyn Natural)
WHEN:  Meet @ NOON, Promenade at 1 p.m., JUNE 2
WHAT:  March with ‘Speaker of the Dead’ band to The Animamus Art Salon hub @Starr Street Studios!
The Parade of Art will be streamed live (

Date:  Sunday 3 June
Time: 7-11 p.m. (PRESENTATIONS START AT 8:00 p.m. SHARP!!)
Location: STARR STREET STUDIOS 207 STARR STREET (3rd floor, above The Bushwick Starr)


ARTISTS:   Emma AndreaThomas BellErik BergrinMichael BlaseAndrew BridgeNick BurgessChristina deRoosCoco DolleLara Goetzl, Laura Lee GulledgeAimee HertogKim HolemanHarriet FaithElsie KaganLopi LaRoeAlix MaubreyMyett RiskerEllen Robin RosenbergErika SabelNicole Salgar,Constance Edwards ScopelitisDread ScottGabriel J. ShuldinerJustin Orvis Steimer, Christian StolarzVentiko, Abigail Weg, and Brenton Wolf.

PERFORMERS: The Amazing Amy, Ben McKelahan and his army of 20, Sylva Dean and Me, and Heather Weston!

Tickets can be purchased in advance here for a SPECIAL surprise!!

About Animamus Art Salon:
Animamus Art Salon’s was created by Ventiko in 2011 with the mission to create a safe, supportive and inspiring environment for artists of all mediums to debut and discuss their current work while encouraging audience participation and simultaneously enabling a performance of ideas, which can not be repeated.
Animamus Salon seeks, in this digital age, to create a physical meeting space that will serve to foster the exchange of ideas, facilitate discourse, and create a sense of community.
Salons will be held monthly. Although each salon will be curated, anyone interested in participating in future salons can propose a presentation/ performance by emailing



Spread Art’s 5th annual “Summer Group Show” will include works The Floating Wall of Affordable works by Animamus Art Salon artists: Michael Blase, Nicholas, Burgess, Coco Dolle, Aimee Hertog, Laura Lee Gulledge, Alix Maubrey, Justin Orvis Steimer, Christian Stolarz, Ventiko, Abigail Weg and Brenton Wolf.

I’ll also be showing work @  Broadway Bank Lofts Show!
1449 Broadway(@Putnam), Bushwick Brooklyn 

Along with Sumit Chandra Agarwal,  Andrew Freud, Cat Glennon, Matti Havens, Emma Hoette, Rebecca Lee, Dana Liebermann, Santi Jaramillo,, Fred Simon, El Superior, Nicholas Weissman +20 MORE!

The Museum of Virulent Experience and DystoRpia: Calls for Artist Submissions

FoolishPeople is currently inviting submissions from artists working in all mediums to create artworks and installations for their forthcoming exhibition, Virulent Experience, a unique collaboration between Conway Hall and FoolishPeople.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work to a wide audience in an historic Central London venue throughout August 2012.

Virulent Experience explores the evolution and devolution of ethics, morals and the impact to the mind, imagination and free will of humans via a fictional future version of London on the eve of the  Olympics.

FoolishPeople will transform the historic Conway Hall – a landmark of London’s independent, intellectual, political and cultural life – into The Museum of Virulent Experience, housing the entire banned index of thoughts, emotions and desires in an age where Information Prohibition has begun.

They are looking for artists working in any medium to create a series of works that exist within the narrative and fictional world of the Museum of Virulent Experience. They will also accept proposals for completed works that fit within the context and are pertinent to the piece.

All artists featured within the Virulent Experience exhibition will be included in the exhibition book published by Weaponized, this further explores the themes and context of the project.

Please contact to obtain the full artist’s brief.


 Fluid New Media Lab is a New York City-based project that supports, produces and promotes the creative works of emerging artists working in new media and beyond. Their newest Call for Artist Submissions for media that relates to the concept of DystoRpia–a neologism that mixes the Latin root torpere with the word dystopia. It is a critical view of society as anti-utopian community with torpid visions of a vaguely utopian root. Link:

London Gallery: Call for Artist Submissions

open submissions on theme Arbeit Gallery London  has an open call for submissions.

PLAN.OPEN is an innovative series of group exhibitions at the new Arbeit Gallery. International and UK-based emerging artists working in 2D and 3D are invited to submit work. The theme is decided on a monthly basis and judged by representatives of Arbeit Gallery. The exhibitions are open to everyone with a low submission fee of £5 to create equal opportunities. The first group of selected PLAN.OPEN artists launched the concept at Arbeit gallery in April 2012. The artist selection was based on the quality of the work entered over previous experience or awards. For the first exhibition artists submitted work on their interpretation of the theme of Formation.

The current call for submission invites artists to explore and stretch the dichotomy between the Hidden, the Exposed and everything in-between in PLAN.OPEN. Hidden/Exposed.

The Exhibition will be in early August 2012.

The selection will be foremost based on the quality of the work entered, over previous experience or awards. For the second exhibition artists are invited to submit work on their interpretation of the theme of Hidden/Exposed.

PLAN.OPEN will be awarding solo exhibitions to outstanding candidates, as well as feature pages on the website, newsletter and a low standard industry commission on sales for all exhibitors. Arbeit creates an affordable platform to showcase artwork and forge interdisciplinary relationships with other artists, as well as gaining exposure from the gallery’s involvement with East London’s First Thursdays.

The deadline for submission is 5pm on 15/06/2012

There is a £10 (£5 concession) administration fee for entering up to three works (three images).

Find more gallery calls for artist submissions in our Artist Marketing Resources list.

WOW! Project: Add Your Art

Benetton in Town plaza. Česky: Benetton na Tow...

Benetton in Town plaza. Česky: Benetton na Town plaza. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

International Art Incubator Foundation – London in collaboration with FABRICA by Benetton on the PROJECT WOW!
You are invited to join the network and participate in the project:
About WOW! project
WOW! = Windows of Wonder, a non-profit art project created by Fabrica, Benetton’s grant-based innovation lab, developed in collaboration with YAI-Young Artists Incubator. WOW! was conceived by a team of under 25 year-old multidisciplinary designers.
 WOW! also stands for Windows of Wonder, the new United Colors of Benetton project for artists and designers from all over the planet. WOW! is a technologically innovative transmedia experience in creative expression based on a dedicated web portal and the network of “Benetton Live Windows”—the spectacular video wall shop windows of the Benetton Icon stores present in the key fashion capitals: Milan, London, Paris, Barcelona, and many more.
How does WOW! help artists?
On the WOW! website, artists from any field of artistic expression (animation, motion graphics, video, digital art, music, theater, performance, dance, painting, graffiti, etc.) can access information on the initiative, register and easily upload their creative contributions for direct publishing. The most interesting works will be regularly selected to be made visible also on the “Benetton Live Windows” global network. Taking part is easy and to make it even smoother the great design team at WOW! will brilliantly and respectfully adapt the work, if needed, for the different video wall formats.

Be Part of an Art Project for the Olympics

Be Part of an Art Project for the Olympics

TESTIMONIES was created by Lorenzo Belenguer in response to everybody looking to have a more active role in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It aims to empower conversation about this historic event, to compare with the 1948 Olympic Games and also to provide a legacy. He is now asking everybody to participate via Social Media. The most interesting comments will be invited to a video interview!

1. Visit TESTIMONIES Facebook page on:

2. Press like and write your comment about the Olympics

3. Visit TESTIMONIES Twitter account on:!/TestimoniesLDN

4. Follow us and write your comment using #ThisIsMyTestimonyLondon

5. Thank you

All the best,


Web | TESTIMONIES | facebook | twitter | vimeo | flickr | linkedIn

At PARALLAX Art Fairs London/NY/Miami Artists Sell Directly to Buyers

P(AF)4–the 4th Annual PARALLAX art fair will be held at Chelsea Town Hall in London, from May 16-18, 2012. Applications are open.

New York: The first US edition of PAF will take place this year in New York City, at 82 Mercer, SOHO, a 50,000 square foot space, August 2-5, 2012

The PARALLAX Art Fair NY is curated. To apply for selection complete this online form.

Miami: Look for Pre-applications for the first PAF Miami art fair on the PAF site.

Artist Conversations on Abstraction

Andy Parkinson posts a lot of interesting content on his blog patternsthatconnect. Recently he included links to articles on the art site Abstract Critical a wonderful resource site for artists who paint. On the Tate site you can read the article Mary Heilmann: Conversations with Paintings.

 Here is a video  of painter Alan Gouk talking about his work.

How This Scam Targeting Artists Works

There are many variations on similar scams targeting artists. Many artists wonder how these sorts of scam works. Even owners of large artist sites have been asking how the scam works. Well, an artist named Judy played the scam out far enough to get a check and explains the scam below:

“There is an Art Scam that is going around that you need to be aware of. I know because I’m currently in correspondence with the scammer who calls herself/himself “Gretta White”.
I received an email from “Gretta” saying, “Hope this message finds you well. I saw these creative works on your website and I will like you to get back with more details if they are still available for purchase.” She then proceeds to give me the titles of 2 of my art pieces. I wrote back with details of the pieces. She then writes back and asks what inspired me to make the pieces.
In following emails, she tells me that she is expecting her first child and that she and her husband are currently moving from New Jersey to London. Then she says she’s in Cancun for her sister’s wedding. Then she was in the hospital in Cancun because she almost had a miscarriage. Of course I wrote back to say how sorry I was that she was ill and I’m glad she’s feeling better.
Then she wants my address so her husband can send me a check and she can notify her “cartage company” so they could arrange the pick up of my work.
I suddenly had a feeling that I needed to learn more about Gretta White so I googled her name. There she was under “Gretta White Art Scam”. The person calling herself/himself “Gretta White” supposedly has her husband send the artist a check with an over-payment of thousands of dollars. She then says her husband made a mistake and included the shipping charge so would the artist please go ahead and deposit the check in their own bank and Western Union the over-payment back to her husband. Of course the check is fake but it takes the bank a while to find out. In the meantime the artist has just sent real money to Gretta’s husband.
I now have the check that Gretta’s husband sent me. The check is $2,000.00 more than the price of my art. I received an email from Gretta today asking me to go ahead and deposit the check and she’ll tell me where to send the Western Union.
The check was sent by a Fred Stellato in Bethlehem, PA. (Gretta told me they lived in New Jersey.) The check is from OMICS Publishing Group in Westlake, Los Angeles, CA.  I plan to keep it as a souvenir.

International Art Incubator Foundation invites artists to apply to participate in YAI’s London + Berlin Art Festivals 2012

Visual Communications (non-profit organization)

Image via Wikipedia

Young Artists Incubator is part of INTERNATIONAL ART INCUBATOR FOUNDATION a non-profit organization based in London UK.
International Art Incubator Foundation through the project YAI is organizing the LONDON & BERLIN ART FESTIVAL 2012

These festivals will take place in September 2012. The FREE application is online. Sign up and fill out the form here:

Notice: festivals are dedicated to artist up to 35. If you are older you can sign-up anyway to receive further information about future initiatives and events.

The final deadline is April 30 – 2012.

YAI needs many applications to find strong sponsors and to make the best selections from each category.

YAI will select 40 artists as follows: 10 from Visual Art; 10 from Music; 5 from Dance; 5 from Theatre; 5 from Literature; 5 from Culinary.


There is a planned refund for travel and lodging expenses for all selected artists. The amount of the refund will be published when they reach 15,000 applications and consequentially sponsors will decide the entire budget. There will be printed a rich catalog of the event with attached DVD and a CD. The catalog will be distributed free to the involved industry professionals and on sale in the bookshops.

SHARE this opportunity: more applications = more sponsors = more benefits


1. This application is FREE.

2. All young people between 16 and 35 ages can participate.

3. The application is open to all types of artwork and all techniques are allowed. This includes videos, performances, dance, prose and poetry, installations, theatre projects, culinary recipes, music.

4. The artists can add up to 5 pictures of their work or video stills, up to 3 links of videos or mp3, text documents, and a link to their web-site and, as well, a general statement of their research.

5. The artists can time to time update their submissions.

6. These will be visible as changed starting on the next selection process.

7. The artist’s data will not be visible online, but  the organization’s staff, professional curators, publishers, talent scouts, record companies, galleries and institutions will have access to the information.

The selection will be made from international board of 20 experts when YAI reaches 20,000 applications.

Check the counter on the website.

The selection for YAI’s London & Berlin Art Festivals 2012 will be done by a jury.

Jury (provisional draft):

– Uta Grosenick (Taschen and Distanz art editor)
– Agnes Kohlmayer (curator)
– Carlo Massarini (critic, journalist TV)
– Markus Miessen (critic consultant, writer)
– Jennifer Rubell (artist, writer)
– Vanessa Satten (XXL Magazine editor)
– Rob Sharp (arts correspondent The Independent UK)
– Nicola Trezzi (Flash Art International NY editor)
– Angela Vettese (IAUV Venice)

Serious Collectors of Realism Art

realism painting of ran kotzer film dirctor of...I just received this new call to submit from Sara Boyce, President of The Brigham Galleries and Laurel Lovett, Facebook Group Creator of Serious Collectors of Realism Art:

Call to submit to an Online Exhibit of Realism Art. The exhibit will be online by February 1 [This allows for holidays, jurying and uploading.]

Art should be available for THIS [and only this] online exhibit until April 1st. [If a collector bids online for your piece, they are legally obligated to purchase it. Also, you are legally obligated to sell a piece if a collector offers to purchase it.]

The Brigham Galleries will create an e-newsletter that promotes the exhibit. This will be shared with all participating artists and Serious Collectors of Realism Art for everyone to distribute.

Submission Guidelines:
LIKE The Brigham Galleries Fan Page:

2) Upload 1 – 5 photographs to YOUR own Facebook page. For each photograph you would like to submit:
a) Once they have loaded, click SHARE [for each photograph you want to submit].
b) Select, from the Share Drop Down Menu, “In a Group”. Make sure to select “Serious Collectors of Realism Art.”
c) On the drop down menu on the right hand side, choose “Public”, so you can get as much exposure as possible with your photograph.
d) So we can know you have submitted, in the text box, when it prompts you to “Write Something”, write the artist name, title, size, medium, and cut and paste this sentence:

I have submitted my artwork to an online exhibit for Serious Collectors of Realism Art, a Facebook group, created & hosted by The Brigham Galleries [], a Facebook page!

Serious Collectors of Realism Art will then be able to share this!

The submissions will be juried and the selected artists contacted.

Call for Audio Works: Radiauteur #2 – The Love Issue

Radiauteur  invites submissions of new or existing audio works of all aesthetic persuasions, and/or articles, on the issue of radio and love for the second issue of Radiauteur.

Deadline for submissions: 5th of December 2011

Radio artworks and articles are expected to show evidence of critical thinking and engagement with contemporary and historical radio art practices and theory, addressing a range of questions and topics such as the use of radio to mediate human relationships, the acoustic representation and transmission of affect, the sense of community and belonging via the radiophonic experience, among others.

Please send your submissions to: info[at]

Format: mp3

If the files to be submitted are bigger than 12 mb please upload it via cloud computing and send a link for download.

Works can also be sent via postal mail to:

F.A.O. Ray Ganz

Centre for Cultural Studies

Goldsmiths, University of London

New Cross

London SE14 6NWUK

The selected works will be included in  the second issue of Radiauteur, to be published online on the 9th of January 2012 and broadcast at a surprise venue.

Free Classified Ads for Artists on ArtLyst, The London Art Exhibitions Network


Image by Miss Sydney Marie via Flickr

ArtLyst ,the London Art Exhibitions Network, offers free membership to artists. Membership allows artists to post 4 free classified ads each week offering their artwork for sale.

Artists may advertise original paintings, sculpture, Giclee prints, or artist cards on ArtLyst for the coming holiday buying season. According to ArtLyst, adding your ArtLyst account link to your blog or site list of links will drive hundreds of viewers to your website!

Artists–Are You Interested in Registering With An International Art Consultant?

This panorama is made from 8 photos. Hugin and...

Image via Wikipedia

An international corporate art consultancy is currently registering artists to their database.  Their corporate clients and architects view the database searching for art for public and private buildings and offices. Art collectors search the database for art for private home collections.

This art consultancy also owns and operates two art galleries in Europe–one in London, and one in Paris.

If the opportunity to register for such a database appeals to you, and you would like to receive the full information–including physical addresses, website link, email address, and phone number, I will share these details in my next Transmedia Artist Marketing newsletter, that is published and sent out to subscribers each Sunday. Sign up for the newsletter at Transmedia Artist Marketing

Can’t wait until Sunday? The art consultancy is also listed in the Transmedia Artist Marketing Directory of Art Consultants:

Caio Fern’s Painting Featured on Saatchi Online

Saatchi Gallery

Image by Markyboy81 via Flickr

Saatchi Online selected Caio Fern’s untitled painting as their featured artwork of the day. Caio blogged about this on his Mein Welt blog. Go there to view the painting selected by Saatchi Online curators:

or go directly to Saatchi Online to view Caio Fern’s portfolio:

Dov Lederberg–New Work

Dov Lederberg

3 – D Phenomena
Diskin 44

POB 7143, Jerusalem Israel 91071
tel: 972-2-5618303, tel/fax: 972-2-5611411 

Hi Marie.

You may enjoy the humor of my new work “hot on the canvas” from my Congealings series.


Congealings # 10 Do You Really Love Me? (2011) 
airbrushed acrylics on canvas 40″ x 30″ (102 x 76 cm)

More Congealings at

Did you see my last email about our last trip to USA, including solo show at Great Neck Arts Center and review in NY Times?

Perhaps you would like to feature in one of your Art Marketing blogs.

All the best.

2 Calls for Artists to Submit

1)Brooklyn, NY: July deadline, no entry fee. Call for original pieces of art inspired by the iconography, symbolism, themes or style of the Loteria Mexicana deck of cards (go to for samples of the cards and full call to submit details).

2)London, UK: CHARLIE SMITH’s inaugural juried exhibition ANTHOLOGY, will be a multi disciplinary exhibition that will reach out democratically to artists worldwide. Presented at the CHARLIE SMITH london gallery in Old St, London Artists at all stages in their careers and working in any medium are invited to apply. To receive the Application Form and Terms & Conditions please email Deadline is June 1st 2011