Alexandria Museum of Art deadline to enter 30th September Competition is March 18th

Alexandria Museum of Art

30th September Competition

Juried Exhibition

June 2 – September 22, 2017




For its 40th Anniversary, the Alexandria Museum of Art will be installing its first permanent exhibition galleries in October, 2017. Because of this and the 30th year of the September Competition, the Alexandria Museum of Art has changed the dates for the September Competition exhibit.  In 2017, the exhibition will be on display from June 2nd through September 23rd, 2017.  In 2018 and following, the September Competition exhibition will be on display for four months, from July through October. 


Megan Valentine

Curator & Registrar

Alexandria Museum of Art

933 Second Street, Alexandria, LA 71301







Paintings of Louisiana-based Artist Francque Lynn

Photo of Francque Lynn

Photo of Francque Lynn


American artist Francque Lynn exhibits her paintings primarily in local Louisiana art galleries, including Pineapple Gallery and Pizzella Fine Art, as well as the home decor shops Rustic House LA, and Gild Home Decor.  You will find her work currently on display at the St. Tammany Art exhibition through the 20th of August. Find the full exhibition details here.


Francque Lynn recently exhibited at RAW

Francque Lynn recently exhibited at RAW Underground Exhibition


Above is an event photo at the RAW Underground exhibition where Francque Lynn recently exhibited her paintings.


Nautical, Franque Lynn painting with metallic hues, 40 x 16 inches.

Nautical, Franque Lynn painting with metallic hues, 40 x 16 inches.


One of Francque Lynn’s latest textural painting, available for purchase, Nautical (above) is a work that the artist created in a vertical format incorporating impasto depth and a mix of swirling paint in contrasting dark and light tones in her own controlled painting process. Another lovely, light and airy example of the artist’s use of a variation on this technique is the painting titled Elation, and Divinity with muted color tones.


Elation- 40x36"- Acrylic

Elation, Francque Lynn, acrylic painting 40 x 36 inches


Divinity, Francque Lynn

Divinity, Francque Lynn


Francque Lynn’s series of paintings with built-up impasto surfaces include the titles Vertigo and Roots.


Close up detail view of a thick textural impasto area of Franque Lynn's painting titled Vertigo

Close up detail view of a thick textural impasto area of Franque Lynn’s painting Vertigo


Above, is a close up detail photo that gives an idea of the three-dimensionality of the thick blue paint impasto area in Vertigo, and below, a photograph of Roots another of her highly textural paintings.


Roots, Francque Lynn

Roots, Francque Lynn


Francque Lynn is an autodidact painter, and although she has no art school education has gained extensive knowledge of the arts while working under apprenticeship to artist John Lambert. With Lambert, she primarily concentrated on mural painting and  currently has three standing murals in various parts of the state of Michigan. But Her abstract painting skills and process-based painting techniques Francque says she “learned through trial and error.”


Horizons, Francque Lynn

Horizons, Francque Lynn


Her love of art is like a deep tap-root directly to her painter Grandmother. Francque Lynn describes some of childhood memories of watching her Grandmother paint, and how she felt, “awestruck by her abilities.” Her Grandmother would hold Francque Lynn’s hand in hers guiding the brush and showing her how to produce various brushstrokes. “This was my defining moment, the moment I decided I wanted to paint,” says Francque Lynn– “Since that time I have grown into an artist.”


Wildfire, Francque Lynn

Wildfire, Francque Lynn

To this day Francque Lynn’s Grandmother Fran Burdo, keeps Francque Lynn’s very first painting on display in her home. Here is a sample painting by Fran Burdo that clearly shows the source for textural and other influences in Francque Lynn’s paintings.


Painting by Grandmother "name?"

Painting by Francque Lynn’s Grandmother Fran Burdo


Francque Lynn also says,  “I’m proud of where I have been, and have every intention of continuing to move forward. I take much of the inspiration for my artwork from memories and my surroundings.”

Across the Water, Francque Lynn

Across the Water, Francque Lynn


For those interested in purchasing painting from Francque Lynn, she would like you to contact her via her website here and feel free to follow her on Instagram here.


Francque Lynn

Francque Lynn




The 17th Annual No Dead Artists National Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Art at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery. The group exhibition will take place September 3rd – 28th, 2013 with an open call for artists’ submissions from January 20th – June 15th. Deadline June 15th 2013The exhibition’s name is derived from the old adage that artists never achieve success until they are dead. No Dead Artists turns that notion on its head and gives emerging artists their first break in the art world. In the 90’s, the exhibition was open only to New Orleans artists and subsequently grew to include artists of Louisiana. In 2010, the exhibition expanded to become a national juried exhibition open to artists from the entire United States.The exhibition was created in 1995 to give a voice to emerging artists. Now in its 17th year, No Dead Artists has become an exhibition that has time and again discovered new and emerging talent and is one of the most celebrated art exhibitions in the South.Each year, hundreds of artists submit thousands of works with the hope of being in the select few to exhibit at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery each September. This year, one jury-winning artist will also be awarded a solo exhibition at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in 2013 as the grand prize.

No Dead Artists is open to living artists working in the United States. All mediums are accepted including, but not limited to, painting, sculpture, design, glass, metalwork, photography, video, mixed media and installation art.

The No Dead Artists exhibition has been a springboard for numerous artists leading to national press coverage, recognition, gallery representation and acquisitions by museums and other prominent collections. The exhibition is reviewed annually by D. Eric Bookhardt (Artpapers and Gambit Weekly).

For the 17th edition, three renowned arts professionals have been tapped for the No Dead Artists jury:

Lawrence Benenson – Board Member of the Museum of Modern Art, American Folk Art Museum, Museum for African Art, Cooper Union, ART/OMI International Arts Center and the Center for Arts in Education

Megan Koza Young – Director of the Dishman Art Museum

Jordana Zeldin – Director and Curator at ArtBridge

Call to Artists for Museum Exhibition


Alyssa Fridgen, Curator at the Alexandria Museum of Art in Louisiana, USA, asked me to share this with my blog readers–

Call for Artists!

26th Annual September Competition

Submission deadline: May 31, 2013

Artworks selected in a national juried competition by artist-juror Stewart Nachmias will be featured in a full-color catalogue and exhibition at Alexandria Museum of Art, along the Red River in the heart of central Louisiana, September 6–November 23, 2013. Visual artists over age 18 working in all media, including but not limited to painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, digital art, video, textile art, and printmaking are invited to submit. All artworks MUST be original and completed in the last two years (2011 or later). $2,000 in cash awards. $35 entry fee for 2 entries, $20 per additional entry. For more information, please call 318-443-3458 or view the complete prospectus: