#Artists Looking For A Lower Cost Print-On-Demand Option For Your Self-Published Art Books?

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Artists, photographers, writers and creative people working in every genre have been self-publishing print books of their work for a very long time. For several years now, many artists have used the print-on-demand services of such sites as Blurb, Lulu, and others.

Lately, there is another option gaining attention. I recently learned from the fine art photography community that many who option to self-publish a collection of their work in printed book form are now opting to use Docu-copies as a new low-cost option.

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They ship free in the USA.

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Professional Alternatives to LuLu, Booklocker etc

If rumors are true, Amazon appears to be systematically removing POD books by indie authors who used AuthorHouse, Lulu, Booklocker, etc. Personally, I would not use any of those *middle-man* sites. If you are planning to self-publish a pbook, ask me about the best way to go. There is too much information for me to share here.

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