YOGURT MAGAZINE CALL FOR ENTRIES: uncanny derivations: desirable body, masculine or feminine, in contemporary photography


Larisa Oancea, curator and content contributor at Yogurt Magazine, a creative magazine based in Rome focused on contemporary photography and visual arts sent us their Call for Entries to share our with our readers (and on social media)—

Taking its cue from Jung’s concept of “sublimation”, Yogurt Magazine is an ambitious visual research about the new anthropology of Eros. Our current call for artists reflects, as well, on the concept of desirable body and its uncanny derivations in contemporary photography.



The desirable body and its uncanny derivations in contemporary photography

Yogurt Magazine is seeking for photographies which grasp an original interpretation of the concept of sensuality and its uncanny derivations: desirable body, masculine or feminine, whole or fragmented.

You are invited to propose your photos to info@yogurtmagazine

DEADLINE: March 30th 2017


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Larisa Oancea

Yogurt Magazine




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Mixed Media 2017 International Call for Artists: No Entry Fee



Peripheral ARTeries is now accepting submissions for Mixed Media 2017. They are inviting submissions from visual artists worldwide who are working in a variety of media and disciplines.
Full details here.

Peripheral ARTeries is particularly interested in highlighting work in all media that is experimental and risk-taking– pushing boundaries in form, content–using unconventional materials.

  • There are no entry fees: submitting projects to Mixed Media 2017 is absolutely free of charge.
  • The deadline for proposals is December 29th, 2016
  • Shortlisted applicants will receive a communication directly from our board by the end January 2017

Artists will find the full Call details here.

Find more opportunities for artists here.

#Artists – How to Submit Your Art to Art Magazines and #Art Blogs

stack of magazines


Artists–When you see a really great artist feature online do you wonder how to get your art featured?

I’ve had many years experience submitting my own writing and art to magazines (and getting published), as well as working on behalf of artists to get their art submitted and published. Sometimes, I assume that all artists know how to make a submission. Well, maybe not completely–after all I did write an ebook guide for artists on how to make submissions— available here.

What I found out recently, especially for very young artists with lesser experience, is that many artists just don’t know how to get their art into magazines–online or in print!

I’m Not Passing Judgement But I Want to Help

To help artists find publications that will feature their work, I’ve spent years compiling a sharable e-list of art magazines. Each art magazine in this e-list has a link to the publication’s website. What I’ve recently discovered, especially for those very young artists again and also artists who love the seclusion of private time in their studios, is that many artists just don’t know how to use my e-list! (They have less difficulty with my e-list of art galleries, art consultants, and other resources for artists).

Some artists don’t seem to understanding that when they find an art magazine that they’d like to see their work in, that they need to read that magazine’s submission guidelines. What I’m finding out is that some artists don’t know where or how to look for the submission guidelines and how to make submissions to magazines. (There are art magazines that make it super simple with a big SUBMIT button on their site, but many do not.)

So what should artists do?

If you are new to submitting your work to art magazines and blogs, my advice is to start out with the easy ones that features artists selected from submissions of a few low resolution images. Submit to a few of those and once you begin to learn the process of making submissions your understanding will expand and grow.

To make it easier for artists to use my art magazine e-list I’ve made it super simple by adding submission details to each magazine listing. So, if a magazine has a specific submission procedure–such as– submit 3 image of your art to email@submit(dot) co– I’ve included that all spelled-out for that magazine in the alphabetical listings of my e-list. If the submission guidelines aren’t too long I’ve include them and/or a direct link to where you can read those guidelines. For more advanced submissions the art publication listing will contain the editor’s contact information and other details or a link to where you can find them. (Some art magazines have a huge long list of editor’s names and email addresses).

If you feel you need some help that’s fine–it never hurts to ask–just let me know! Right now, I’m offering a free email consultation to any artist who purchases my E-list of Art Magazines and Art Blogs. Get it here and here  and then let me know your questions and how I can help. Review the e-list, select a few art magazines that you’d like to see your work in — then we can talk about how to make your submissions to those magazines. Email Marie: MarieKazalia@gmail.com

Buy Art Magazines, Art Blogs, and Art Publication Resources E-list on @Gumroad here for a Word file or PDF version of the e-list.

Buy it here for an iCloud Share file of the Art Magazines, Art Publications Resources e-list.



Why get your art into magazines?

Some artists are puzzled and think having a website is enough. Really? I’m not passing judgement, but I am trying to understand why some artists just don’t get it. Then I’m offering to help in any way I can.

A magazine feature gives you credibility with art collectors, art galleries, art consultants, interior designers and other arts professionals. There are art gallerists who will expect to see your print magazine and online art features–that is, they expect you to have some publication credits in your CV (Curriculum Vitae or résumé )! Simply put, if you have publication credits then that shows that others (editors and publishers) are interested in your work, consider you a professional artist who is doing interesting and newsworthy work and want to work with you.

Think about these things, submit your art, get some features and then you will understand. An artist feature also brings visitors to your website, gives you some news to share in your newsletter and on social media.

So again, If you feel you need some help, that’s fine–it never hurts to ask–just let me know! Right now, I’m offering a free email consultation to any artist who purchases my E-list of Art Magazines and Blogs. Buy it here and here then let me know your questions and what you need help with. Review the e-list, select a few art magazines that you’d like to see you work in — then we can talk about how to make your submissions to those magazines. Email Marie: MarieKazalia@gmail.com

Art Premium Magazine: Contemporary AFRICAN ART Issue


I snapped a shot of Art Premium magazine when my complimentary copy arrived in the mail from France yesterday. Inside their Contemporary African Art Issue is an artist I featured last year!

Just goes to show you that getting featured in a blog article can be a stepping stone! If you are an artist and willing to make a donation I’ll feature your work in an article that will drive lots of visitors to your website.


Jill Krasner’s Paintings Featured on 8 Pages of June 2016 Watercolor Artist Magazine

June 2016, Watercolor Artist, 8-page feature article of Jill Krasner’s paintings. View more paintings on Jill Krasner’s website here.

Precipice, painting by JIll Krasner, 22 x 30 inches

Precipice, painting by Jill Krasner, 22 x 30 inches

New Online Magazine for the Highly Creative Coming This Summer

Screenshot 2016-04-01 at 8.47.27 AM


Gasmask is a new online digital magazine wishing to feature art,  the highly creative and the eccentric. Gasmask Magazine is coming this summer. Sign up to their newsletter here.

Follow Gas Mask Magazine on Instagram here.

Gas Mask Magazine on Twitter here.

The founders want their magazine to be a voice for art, life, & positivity. Anything is possible for you today! ☄

For links to thousands of art and design magazines get our e-list here.


Submit to Super Massive Black Hole Magazine + $1K Photography Grant (no fee to apply)


They are seeking people passionate about contemporary photography and have something different to say about modern image culture.

So if you are a critic, historian, curator, educator or artist with ideas for a regular or short-run feature that you think will suit the style of Super Massive Black Hole magazine then get in touch here. Regardless of form, they will entertain the wild, weird and wonderful.



Screenshot 2016-03-11 at 12.51.16 AM

There is no fee to apply for this $1,000. photography grant and all photographers may apply internationally here.


E-list of Art Magazines, Art Blogs and More to submit your work.

Arts Row: Connecting Artists to Art Patrons by Location

Screenshot 2016-02-22 at 10.17.08 AM

Last year, Arts Row curators invited me to add my art to their site. So I set up my free account and added several artworks which you can view here, the images are quite large! Which I like. As a WordPress user, I noticed right away that Arts Row uses WordPress. If you have WordPress skills you may enjoy the freedom you have to create your Arts Row profile listings.

The Arts Row blog will have a monthly feature in Art Market Magazine beginning with issue #20.


Arts Row was established to connect artists to patrons in their geographic areas.

What also interests me, is how Arts Row seems to combine an artist directory, with art consulting services and an art magazine. I wish them success and am happy to invite other artists to Arts Row. Visit their site and click on Contact in the top menu to complete the online form. I also follow Arts Row on Instagram here.


Platform: Open Call Art Magazine for Artists



Platform or Platvorm is a print magazine which has its headquarters in the Netherlands. Platform describes itself as “an open call art magazine where artists are in control.” Artists create their own magazine spreads about their own work, resulting (hopefully) in diverse and original content.  Participation is free!

Find out more here.

  • Platform published their second issue December 2015, so now is the time to contact them to get your work into their forthcoming spring issue.



Find our huge E-list of Art Magazines, Art Blogs, Artist Directories for $29.95 on  here.

Life Imitates Art, #Art Auction and Artist Series

 Surma Man of Grace from The Fluidity of identities series, watercolor painting by Lioda Conrad

Surma Man of Grace from The Fluidity of identities series, watercolor painting by Lioda Conrad


Artist Marketing Resources owner Marie Kazalia wrote and published a feature article for the online multimedia magazine Xposy–

Life Imitates Art: Lioda Conrad and Her Fluidity of Identities Series–read it here.


Screenshot 2016-01-30 at 11.14.53 AM

Art Magazine Open Call to #Artists to #Submit for April Issue


FreshPaintMagazine has an open call for their April international issue. There is a fee to submit to this open call.  Alternatively, Artists may submit to their blog here by completing the site form. There is no fee to submit for a blog feature.

Emerging and established artists are welcome to apply with works in any medium including painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media.

Artists from all countries are welcome to submit.

The April 2016 issue will be distributed in London, New York and Philadelphia in galleries and art centers. Published artists will be promoted through the FreshPaintMagazine international digital and print distribution, as well as by extensive exposure through social media.

Reviewing their Twitter feed images here will give you a quick idea of the art they like and have featured on their blog. If you do not wish to submit to the open call, Artists may submit to the blog here.


Most of the art magazines on our e-list do not require fees to submit. Since this magazine also has the blog feature we have added it to our e-list of Art Magazines, art blogs, art publication resources available here.

London-based Art Magazine Accepting Submissions

Curieux Magazine is a London-based magazine accepting contributions and submissions. Read the submission guidelines here. The magazine encompass all aspects of visual art including photography, painting and design. Curieux always looking for new and regular contributors, including photographers, stylists, writers, illustrators and graphic designers.

If you haven’t heard about it by now–we have a long list of art magazines and art blogs here.

New Platform Helps #Artists Get High-Rez, Print Ready Image Files of Their Artworks


Artists, ArtSquare helps you get high-resolution, print-ready image files of your artwork and store them in a convenient image portfolio storage platform. It’s free to store your portfolio images on the ArtSquare site. Then, when you need to get one or more images digitized into high-resolution files for Giclee printing, art licensing products, or for art prints on canvas, paper, or metal, the ArtSquare site connects you with an affordable source.

ArtSquare offers 100% Artist Protection guarantee while sourcing local services near you.

This resources allows you to get high-resolution images of your art made from your existing photos, for as low as $15, and without having to physically take your art in to be scanned (which often costs $100 or more).

This is such a valuable resource for artists that Artist Marketing Resources is sharing the link with you today.

ArtSquare offers artists a portfolio and secure storage vault for art images.

Once you have your high-resolution images of your art, you will find many platforms for print sales on paper, canvas, on fashion clothing items and home products on our Artist Print Sales Sites and Resources here: http://selz.co/1AbFGM9

Many art magazines and publications require high-resolution images as well–findArt Magazines, art blogs, art publication resources e-list here:http://selz.co/1AbjqlA

Image above courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Drips of cyan, magenta, yellow, black printers ink below courtesy of Idea go at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


New Follow Magazine Helps Independent Creators Find Social Media Audience

Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 12.42.37 PM

Follow Magazine is a digital publication that launched just days ago, and the founder is a filmmaker who describes the purpose of Follow Magazine specifically as being about helping artists build and engage with their audience online–followmagazine.online

 You can sign up for their newsletter on their site and follow Follow Magazine on Twitter here.
Sounds like fun and I’m interested to see what they do.

For a Limited Time: Pay What You Wish for Artist Resources E-lists and E-book




Generosity pays, according some who have adopted a pay what you wish model for their e-books, even calling this the future model for e-commerce e-books, and said to that holds such virtues as increased income and a new method for determining one’s full target market.


But I’m always interested in trying new things. So, for a limited time–now through November 5th–pay what you wish ($1.95 minimum) in Artist Marketing Resources online store here.


Keep in mind that I’ve put a lot of work into these resources for artists and continually work to update them!

That’s right, I’m giving everyone reading this the opportunity to obtain the Artist Marketing Resources e-book guide for artists and all e-list resources–art galleries, art consultants, art magazines, art prints, art licensing, Photography Resourcesart sales sites, and the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook  — for whatever amount you wish to pay!


This is supposed to make everyone happy, result in more money overall and other rewards. We’ll see what happens!  I’ll report back next month.


Best Wishes

Marie Kazalia

Artist Marketing Resources


Call For Artist Submission to Made In Mind Magazine

Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 11.56.53 AM

Made In Mind Magazine Publication – is accepting artist submissions for Issue 06. All submissions must be received by 18th of October 2015.

Made in Mind Magazine is an independent publishing project dedicated to the promotion of young contemporary visual art. It’s focus is to provide visibility to young art , particularly for lesser known visual artists to showcase their work to an international audience which includes artists, galleries, museums, curators and others interested in art. The aim is to become bridge between the art world and artists. Visual artists of various media are encouraged to enter this juried competition to be included in next issue.

View the magazine here and the Submission Guidelines here.

Art Magazines, art blogs, art publication resources e-list.

Also in the new Artist Marketing Resources Shopify store and Webs store.

Artists Submit Now to These: Fine Art Literary Journal and Art Gallery Magazine


Here are three recent additions to our resource e-list of art magazines which you can find here.

We continually add new art magazines to the expanding categories of our e-list, which provides opportunities for artists at all career levels–


ArtAscent, a journal of fine art and literature, has ongoing theme-based Calls for Artist Submissions with the current theme of Hauntings. Submissions may be in the form of various media, including paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, installations, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, poems, stories, and more. ArtAscent promotes their magazine as a place to discover international emerging and indie artists. Submit now to the international call for artists and call for writers. Selected artists and writers will feature in the ArtAscent international art magazine and the online exhibition artists directory.

ArtSocket is a San Francisco, California-based Art gallery and magazine that is online only. They have a site form for you to submit your work here: https://www.artsocket.com/submit/ 

Savant Garde is a new online publication based in New York City that documents the developments in Outsider art in the USA and beyond. They are dedicated to curating, electronically publishing, and developing an online archive of outsider art. Since they are new, some of their options to be featured or sell in their online store are still under development. On the Savant Garde site, scroll to the very bottom to click on menu options and read the current offerings or to contact someone about your art.


Get the Artist Marketing Resources 100+ page e-list of Art Magazines, art blogs, art publications here: http://selz.co/1AbjqlA

New Art Gallery, Art Magazine, Art Book Publisher


Since Artist Marketing Resources became a part of what’s happening online, beginning in 2008, we’ve noticed more multi-purpose organizations springing up–such as Tumuult, based in Berlin, Germany–which has both online and live art projects. Tumuult is scheduled to open in November of this year as an interdisciplinary art gallery focusing on up-and-coming artists and environmental issues,  working with both artists and scientists. Tumuult will be engaging with their public via pop-up installations and lectures.  Plus, they are a creative agency involved in Interior Design and furniture design, and publishes limited edition prints, an art magazine, and art books in English, French, and German.

Submit to the first issue of their magazine here. Find out more about their Pop-up projects and Tumuult publishing here.

These are all areas of interest to us–art magazines, limited edition artist prints, art exhibition venues, and Interior Design art sales– since we promote and submit artists’ work to art magazines and provide publication resources to artists in our e-list here, and have gathered together an extensive list of art print resources for artists here, provide an e-list of over five-thousand art galleries here, and a resources e-list of art consultants which includes select Interior Designers here, as well as Art Sales venues here, and Art Licensing resources here and photography resources here.

Please get in touch for unique solutions for your projects.



“Set Of Books In The Shape Of Flower” Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Buy it now

Artist Marketing Resources: Full-Stack Art Marketing

Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There is a new term going around the net–“Full Stack Marketing.” By telling you that Artist Marketing Resources is all about Full Stack Art Marketing, we’re letting you know that we’re able to do it all:

1. Keywords / SEO–We understand how to drive traffic to your site using targeted keywords, embedded keywords and #hashtag keywords, and by link building and social media sharing.

2. Article Marketing–We create compelling headlines, unique content in our feature articles and blog posts and understand how to share our content with those who want to read it.

3. Content Marketing–We know how to create content relevant to your market and drive traffic to your site. This could be blog posts, guest posting,tweet campaigns, or any  other form of content that drives links and traffic to your blog or site.

4. Email Marketing–We know how to harvest email addresses using permission marketing via newsletters and special promotions, and understand how to craft individual targeted emails.

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


5. Life-cycle Marketing–We know how to send the right email at the right time in email marketing campaigns.

6. Social Media–We are active across several accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and other platforms–with thousands of followers on each account. We share our content (articles & blog posts across all our accounts!)

7. Positioning–We know how to take steps to attract the audience best suited for your art and arts related products.  This may or may not include paid Advertising–We prefer article marketing (See 2. above) but we have experience with paid ads. Did I mention that we see more value in article marketing than paid ads? Yes. Yet, we know how to create and test write Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads etc–and we can even get new clients some discounts!

8. App Store Marketing–We have experience marketing Apple Store Apps.

9. In Product Marketing–We Understand who, why and how buyers use your art and art products and drive more users to your site.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

10. Public Relations–We know how to submit your art to art bloggers, art magazines and arts journalists and specialized art projects.

11. Blogging–We’ve been actively blogging on our Artist Marketing Resources blog for over 7 years and understand how to write feature articles that are both interesting and compelling to your target market.

12. Customer Service–We’re constantly communicating with our audience, clients, and customers via email, phone, chat and in person.

13. Pitching–We know how to pitch features and articles to other bloggers, art magazines, public art projects seeking art, gallerists, art licensing companies, and to bigger companies to partner up with.

14. Distribution–We know how to generate lots of content in daily feature blog posts, sharing other’s projects and calls to submit–we receive more and more requests to share!

15. Growth Hacking/Business Development–We’re constantly working to find others to partner with in ways that will help us both grow faster–this is harder than making a sale! It’s about putting together projects and being able to implement and coordinate them from start to finish.

16. We’re always learning– Full Stack Market is about searching, researching, finding and experimenting with new ways to expose artists, their art, art projects, and art products. We know how to get the ball rolling!  We’re always learning by doing and trying everything for years!

17. Story Telling–Why and how we know so much about storytelling is a rich and interesting story in itself–ask us sometime! Contact: Marie Kazalia Email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com


Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at FreeDigitalPhotos.net