The Coffee Art Project London 2016 Accepting Artists

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Tea staining has been used in art-making for centuries in India, and there are many contemporary artists who use tea, coffee and rust in their work. To view sample images of tea staining, rust staining and art made with coffee staining view my Pinterest board here. Those are the things that came to my mind when I first learned of the multi-city Coffee Art Project, that has included London, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris, New York, and Melbourne. And of course the artwork in this project does not have to literally contain coffee, but be about coffee or the coffee drinking experience. You can view past winners by city on the project website here.

Artists may now apply for the Coffee Art Project London 2016! Artists can enter one piece of artwork that connects to coffee or  coffee shop/coffee-house experiences. There is no restriction on media providing the artwork links to coffee.

The Coffee Art Project is a high-profile art competition on the theme of coffee. The project provides a platform for artists to showcase their work and raise charitable funds for Project Waterfall, an initiative to bring clean water to coffee growing communities around the world.

The top 30-40 selected works will be exhibited at The London Coffee Festival, that is taking place on 7– 10 April 2016. Competition winners will cash prizes.

It is completely free to enter.

Follow this link for more information and to register.


Arts Row: Connecting Artists to Art Patrons by Location

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Last year, Arts Row curators invited me to add my art to their site. So I set up my free account and added several artworks which you can view here, the images are quite large! Which I like. As a WordPress user, I noticed right away that Arts Row uses WordPress. If you have WordPress skills you may enjoy the freedom you have to create your Arts Row profile listings.

The Arts Row blog will have a monthly feature in Art Market Magazine beginning with issue #20.


Arts Row was established to connect artists to patrons in their geographic areas.

What also interests me, is how Arts Row seems to combine an artist directory, with art consulting services and an art magazine. I wish them success and am happy to invite other artists to Arts Row. Visit their site and click on Contact in the top menu to complete the online form. I also follow Arts Row on Instagram here.


Marie Kazalia’s Painting Featured in Professional Artist Magazine Article Wins Design Award


One year ago, two page spread in Professional Artist magazine with one full page reproduction of painting by Marie Kazalia

One year ago, two page spread in Professional Artist magazine with one full-page reproduction of painting by Marie Kazalia

Professional Artist Magazine won several awards–which you can read about on their feature page here.

An article that used my painting full-page and cropped portions in the headers of every page won a design award. The editor did get my advance approval to use my cropped artwork as a design element.

Also, I was recently notified that an interview I did with John Wisniewski, Editor of Urban Graffiti magazine– who asked me lots of great questions about my creative writing–will be published in the California Journal of Women Writers.

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Post Your Art For Sale On Instagram: Add Your Shoppable Store With this App

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I’ve simplified the steps below, but you can find full tutorials on the Spreesy site if you need more details.

To Get Started–

Sign up for a free Spreesy account here. In your Spreesy dashboard, select your currency, such as United States Dollar(USD), add your email contact address and your PayPal account email address. Now you are set up to sell your art on Instagram.

It’s recommended that you add your Spreesy store link to your Instagram profile.

After you have set up your Spreesy account,  post an image of your artwork directly on Instagram and in your post’s caption box list the price of your artwork (like $290), a quantity (like 1x) and add the line of text: anyone can purchase by commenting with their email address. It’s that easy!

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Each time you add these 3 things to your Instagram image–a price, quantity, and the line of text anyone can purchase by commenting with their email address–  the item will appear in your Spreesy store. Here is my Spreesy store. I’ve added one artwork to get started–

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 5.06.17 PM
So, the next time you snap a photo of your art to share on Instagram,  in your image caption box add:
Price defined with a currency symbol (like $) followed by a number. Simply include your product’s price somewhere in the post’s caption. You can use the following currency symbols followed by the price, such as $99, €99, ₪99, ¥99, £99, or ฿99.
Quantity is defined as a number followed by an x. If your quantity is 1 painting, just include “1x” somewhere in your post’s caption. If your quantity is 10 prints, include 10x in your caption.

Always include in your caption that anyone can purchase by commenting with their email address.

Shipping If you want to specify shipping costs:

1) For domestic shipping, simply include a flat rate shipping cost in your product’s total price.  If you’re selling a product for $15 and you want to charge an additional $5 for shipping within your country, then the total price of your product should be $20.

2) If you want to charge extra for international shipping just include the format +$15. So if international shipping costs an additional $15, just type +$15 somewhere in your post’s caption. Make sure to use a plus sign before the international shipping cost such as +$5 or +£5.

Here’s my Instagram post and you can see how it appears in my Spreesy store in the image above:

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#Artists Add Your Art to Facebook Art Page + Retail Price, Link

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Artists are invited to add their art image to our Facebook page–be sure to include a link to where buyers may purchase your work, a price and details about the artwork to increase visibility and drive traffic to your site.

We often share the links to our Facebook page and Pinterest group boards on Twitter which increases the number of visitors viewing your artwork there and clicking through to visit your site.

As we reported last week, our group Pinterest boards have gotten artists higher click-throughs according to Google analytics.

Artist Leon Sarantos wrote: “Marie’s Pinterest boards are one of many important aids to artists that I’ve discovered through her Artist Marketing Resources blog. Kudos! .. and thanks for all you do.”

Two of our five Twitter pages have over ten thousand followers each: @TransArtGuide and @Artozon

Tweet your art images, links to your site, exhibition news and art sales news with the hashtag #ArtistMarket or #ArtistNews and we will retweet your tweet!

Send your work to and I will post it on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!





Beth Surdut Creates an Art Shawl for Stevie Nicks via Talenthouse and Artist Marketing Resources


Night Bird, Beth Surdut

Nightbird, Beth Surdut


Artist Beth Surdut shared her news –” I initially learned of Talenthouse through this post–thank you, Marie Kazalia– and am participating in a current competition to design a shawl for Stevie Nicks, who will choose the winner.”

You can add your own VOTE here  I voted for Beth’s shawl to win and you can too!

The talented Beth Surdut created her storyteller shawl Night Bird especially for Stevie Nicks.  Hand-drawn with gold-flecked resist and hand-painted with French dyes on habotai silk, the painted area measures 22 x 72 inches and is enhanced on both ends by the addition of a varying 7 inch double ruffle of chiffon interwoven with white ribbon.   In the “black ink darkness,” a lone snowy owl limned by starlight flies over a blue and “silver spring” running through cobalt and amethyst mountains.  Nightbird: And when I call/ Will you walk gently through my shadow/ The ones who sing at night. Quotes from Stevie Nicks songs: Sorcerer, Silver Spring, Nightbird

How Artists Use Twitter Article in Professional Artist Magazine + Full Page Feature of Marie Kazalia’s Painting

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Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 2.58.58 PM

While author Vicki Amorose was at work writing her article on how artists use Twitter, she contacted me for a quote. I complied, sending her an entire list of ways I use Twitter, never realizing that her request would result in a full-page feature of my painting in Professional Artists Magazine– on page 34 with credit caption text on facing page 35.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 9.07.29 AM

Get the October art marketing issue of Professional Artist Magazine available in print edition and digital edition here.

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Follow Marie Kazalia’s Art blog here.

houzz now has Free Websites for Artists optimized for mobile and desktop

I’ve previously written on and recommended the houzz site to artists. Houzz is where artists may connect with interior designers and home owners who may be interested in purchasing art. Houzz also has options for artists to upload project collections containing images of room views with their 2-D art on the walls or 3-D art on table tops.

Now houzz has done something truly amazing for artists! Yesterday, I received a notice that houzz had created a website for me! To set up my new houzz website, I selected a template, updated with new images and then clicked the Publish button. It was that easy. I also discovered that houzz provides the option on my new houzz website–which you can view here-– to use my site URL to direct visitors to my personal art website. With only minutes required to set up how could I not use this great houzz resource to drive traffic to my site!?

Publish Your New Professional Website

Dear Marie Kazalia’s Art Studio,

Houzz knows how important it is to have a professional website that is optimized for mobile and desktop, so we have created a free website just for your business!

To preview your custom site, make sure you are signed in to your Houzz profile and then click here to see it. Click the green “publish” button if you are ready to share it with the world, or make any changes to the design and content by clicking on “edit my site”.

If you need any help, just sign up here for a free consultation with a Houzz expert.

Below are some examples of beautiful websites created by our professionals:
site designer new c.png        site designer new b.png


Happy publishing,

The Houzz Team

Artists and Photographers are asking–How do I get a feature on Artist Marketing Resources blog?


Artists and Photographers are asking– “How do I get featured on Artist Marketing Resources blog?”

You will find the options for any artist to receive exposure on our blog Artist Marketing Resources, by clicking this link:

If you have any questions, send an email to Marie Kazalia at email:



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Donate to Philippines Relief Effort to Receive Monoprint Art Print by NYC Artist

Nov 14th, Monoprint by Michael Krasowitz

Nov 14th, Monoprint by Michael Krasowitz

Have you been thinking of donating to the Philippines Relief effort? Donate in any amount to support this cause. Donate $150 dollars or more to receive this mono print by Michael Krasowitz. The first person to donate at least $150 and send their donation confirmation line to Marie Kazalia via Facebook messages, will receive the signed mono print in the mail. Michael Krasowitz has two more mono prints that he has offered to donors as well.

Now is your chance to donate directly to the relief campaign account of UN Ambassador Mr Carlos Slim Helu who is currently in the Philippines working on rebuilding efforts.

They do not have time to set up a website, and are accepting donations to this bank account. You can send securely using Pop Money for a transaction fee of less than one dollar.





ACCOUNT NUMBER  :04296 24184

ROUTING NUMBER    :026009593


Pastor Jordan M. Wank is Project Coordinator Fundacion Telmex Emergency Committee United State Of America


GreenBox Art + Culture + More Art Licensing Opportunities

WordPress alerted me to a spike in visitors to my blog to read my recent blog post article on winning a competition that put 4 of my designs on iPhone cases, and how artists can submit their own art.

Today I am also sharing another of my art licensing contracts that I have with —


Six of my paintings are now available as Giclee on canvas prints on the Greenbox Art + Culture site–click here to see them.

The site is one of a group of art print companies that include Oopsy Daisy (for children), Wheatpaste Art Collective and Greenbox Art + Culture.

4 of My Art Designs Won! Casetagram iPhone Cases–Artists Enter Now–New Theme: Water


Hi Marie Kazalia,CONGRATULATIONS! You’re one of the Casetagram Challenge winners! We were humbled to see over 4400 creative designs submitted from all over the world, and THIS DESIGN (and more) was loved by the community!As a BIG thanks for your effort and awesome case work, your design(s) will be showcased and made available for purchase in the Casetagram Collection, alongside other inspirational artists here: will be paid $5.00 USD for each case sold to reward you for your talent via PayPal at the end of the month after commencement of salesCongratulations from all of us at Casetagram!Don’t forget to enter our next challenge in partnership with People Water here:


Painting by Marie Kazalia featured in On Collecting article, Georgetown University blog Ars Hoya

Marie Kazalia

Art Librarian at Georgetown University, Anna Simon, used a painting by Marie Kazalia in her article On Collecting Art in her blog Art Hoya

View original post

Marie Kazalia’s Paintings Available on the Curated Site ArtFinder

Marie Kazalia’s Art Now on the Curated Site ArtFinder

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 5.19.10 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 12.05.34 PM

I’ll be adding more art to my ArtFinder store–here is the link

Gratis Submit List of Art Blogs, Art Magazines For Artists


Artist Marketing Resources began building this list early in the new year, continually researching and adding new links, so that the list is now 21 pages.

Yes, this is your gratis list of Art Blogs, Art Magazines, and other art media including art TV, art radio, art publishers for you to use. How? Submit your art for more exposure.

Art Galleries like to represent artists that receive magazine and other feature coverage.

Here is your access link to this free list–

Feel free to share the link to the Art Magazine list with other artists.


You’ll need a copy of Adobe’s Acrobat reader to view the ebook. You can download that free 

Also: To read this or any PDF your Adobe Flash Player must be up to date–free upgrade here:

NOTE: Older versions of Google Chrome will *not* open this or any PDF. If using Chrome you will need to make sure that it is the latest version of Chrome with an option at the bottom that allows you to read PDFs.

Best wishes

Marie Kazalia


Artist Marketing Resources blog

Image in this article  via

How We Got This Magazine Cover + 6 Page Feature For Artist Agent X

After many email exchanges Artist Agent X wrote to me:

Hey Marie, Thank you so much !! I really appreciate all the work you have done for me and would not have the awesome interview and cover if it wasn’t for you 🙂 Thank you 🙂

Yes, we did it–Artist Marketing Resources got the artist this magazine cover and feature and he is pleased!  If you are an artist and need help marketing and promoting your art,  email  Marie Kazalia, email:
The magazine featuring the art of Agent X is Unfolded, an online, print, and digital publication showcasing artists– here is the link to the April issue of Unfolded Magazine, just released, with the art of Agent X on the cover + 6 pages inside–
Unfolded Magazine, April 2013 cover featuring the art of Agent X

Unfolded Magazine, April 2013 front cover featuring the art of Agent X (that continues onto back cover!)



Peripheral ARTeries February Issue – Featuring Interview + Paintings by Marie Kazalia

I have a 4 page spread in the February issue of Peripheral ARTeries art magazine–

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 8.13.14 PM

The new issue of Peripheral ARTeries has been published and it will be available on several websites:

1) ISSUU ->

2) The old Peripheral Arteries website that will be soon renewed – >

During this week Peripheral Arteries February issue is available on many other web site, such as Rhizome, Neme and others. We hope you will like it.