Free Teleseminar on Marketing for Artists – June 25th @ 3 p.m. Pacific Time

Insider Secrets to SmART Marketing for Artists
FREE Teleseminar
Tuesday, June 25th at
3 p.m. noon (PT) 3 p.m. 6 p.m. ET)
SmART Marketing for Artists, an online course offered by
Gwenda Joyce – The Art Ambassador – teaches you how to
develop a marketing plan that empowers you to market
and sell your work as quickly as possible, so you can get
back to your studio!
Learn how you can achieve the results you’ve been looking for
by developing a marketing program using the newest online
techniques to build your audience and your art career with
more exhibitions, gallery relationships and sales.
SmART Marketing for Artists begins July 10th
6 online sessions – recorded for your playback –
Here’s the link to learn more & Register,
This is what you will learn in the online course, SmART Marketing for Artists:
***Creating an identity for your art and set yourself apart from other artists.
***How to integrate Marketing into your process so that you can
continue to spend most of your time in the studio
***How to develop your audience using online techniques
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How to size your images for social media: A cheat sheet

Last week, artist Harriete Estel Berman sent me a tweet asking me to share some information she discovered – a guide to images for social media titled: How to size images on social media: A cheat sheet.

Harriete stated that it “Usually it takes me multiple tries till I figure out what size image will  work…a huge waste of time. Next time, I will refer to this chart.This cheat sheet is a super fantastic resource because it removes the trial and error in creating a fabulous background or header. An eye-catching image is a great way to build visibility for your art or crafts creating a personal style across all platforms. For artists and makers this is absolutely essential!”

Infographics may be all the rage, but this one is actually useful. The Cheat Sheet was created by LunaMetrics—who invite you to print it out and share. View the entire Cheat Sheet sizing chart here.

Includes image sizing for all the biggies–Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIN. Here is just the upper part of the Cheat Sheet:

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 7.11.52 AM

Your Marketing Budget: How To Guide

How to Budget for Marketing

Written by 

Whatever it is, the budget you put in place for your marketing for the year ahead will shape the results you achieve.How to Budget for Marketing

Now is the ideal time to define your marketing approach and the budget that will support it. In a recent Toluna survey of businesses, 40% of businesses surveyed stated that they did not feel that their marketing budget met all their marketing needs.

In tougher times, the marketing budget is often the first thing that is cut. Yet it is commonly known that companies which consistently market themselves in a recession perform better than those that don’t. So:

  • How can companies budget better to create the results they want?
  • What can companies do to budget effectively for the year ahead?

Artists can benefit from reading this article on Jeff Bullas website here.

Heart @ Work

Social Media e-Tips

Issue #60  Volume #5
From Mari-Lyn Harris

Tip # 101 Use descriptive key words and write about them.

Try to use them in your title of your Blog post, articles or where ever you are posting your content.

Google has changed how they are rank your content..the more fresh, new content that you post the better it will be for you. If you have a website or blog that is only a place to get people’s e-mail information, or a sales page, you will go down to the bottom of the ocean floor. Or if you have a static site with your contact information. Be sure to be active. 2-3x per week, sometimes more. Otherwise Google simply won’t come around as often.

Upcoming Interviews:

Carol Deckert on Networking, Relationship Marketing
April 5, 2011 – 10:00am PST 1:00pm EST

Marie Kazalia on Art Marketing
April 12, 2011 – 10:00am PST 1:00pm EST

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Group for Artists

Readers and subscribers here now have a community access.

You are invited to join the new Artist Marketing Resources group on LinkedIn. Joining will allow you to find and contact other artists.

Some of the goals of this group are to help members:

– Reach other member artists for cross-promotional efforts
– Accelerate artist careers/business through referrals from artist members
– Know more than a name –make good contacts and connections
– Discussions to share knowledge,  ideas, seek advice, support

– Freely promote yourself as an artist in the group (good practice for out there)
Here’s the link to join:

Hope to see you in the Group

Best Wishes

Marie Kazalia,  Owner

LInkedIN group Artist Marketing Resources: