Artist Devin Fleenor to Debut His Psychedelic Interactive Artwork S.E.E.D.


Artist Devin Fleenor will début S.E.E.D., an artificially intelligent installation, in Mexico City in Fall 2017. The piece will be on view at Museo Franz Mayer at part of MUTEK.MX and Abierto Mexicano de Diseño in Mexico City from October 11 to 23, 2017.

S.E.E.D. offers its participants an algorithmic exploration of time and the physical senses. Through self-reflection, layers of consciousness are revealed and unlocked through mysterious mechanisms. Full-spectrum lasers and mirrors create three-dimensional geometric light structures reverberated by analog video feedback. The many reflections of the participants and synthesized, processed, and glitches, forming a perplexing, yet minimal psychedelic visual experience.

Housed in an eight-foot magnesium, acrylic, and glass cube, the piece is activated and modulated by human interaction. Participants do not control S.E.E.D.; rather they converse with an autonomous “machine entity” using motion sensors, infrared cameras equipped with facial recognition, and a hexagonal haptic pressure sensitive interface on the face of the cube.

The visual experience is integrated with an algorithmic, immersive quadrophonic sound field.  Both sonic effects and emotive musical landscapes are generated by the lasers themselves, which are in turn reacting to the environment.  S.E.E.D. has moods of its own, with matching behaviors, stories, reactions, and soundscapes. S.E.E.D. also understands the mood of the participant.   Positive emotion is monitored and remembered, allowing the installation to adapt its algorithms to give the user more of what they like.

S.E.E.D. is conceived of as an art form with research and therapeutic value: drawing from neuroscience research demonstrating that music, light, art, movement, and creativity can generate new neural pathways and enhance neuroplasticity.

Fleenor is partnering with Dr. Sri Krishnan, Professor and Dean of Biomedical Signal Analysis in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto.  Starting this fall semester, pending ethics review, Dr. Krishnan and his team of graduate students will be analyzing the biofeedback data generated by S.E.E.D. with the intention of demonstrating significant physiological changes and wellness improvements from interactive art therapy sessions. S.E.E.D. has potential as a tool for healing in those who suffer from brain trauma, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, PTSD, autism, and other neurological conditions.

Lead by Devin Fleenor and a team of designers, coders, artists, musicians, and academics, S.E.E.D. technology synthesizes advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence, high coherence laser projectors, LED video, proprietary robotic laser mirrors, motion sensor cameras, multi-site interconnectivity, live HD video processing, and generative sound. The brain of S.E.E.D. is programmed in and powered by openFrameworks, Max for Live, VDMX, Ableton and BEYOND.
About Devin Fleenor
Devin Fleenor is an interactive audio-visual artist based in Phoenix, AZ. He has toured the world with Mr. Meeble, and collaborated with Decibel Festival, Missy Elliott, Nosaj Thing, The Acid, ODESZA, Tycho, Mija, the Black Madonna and various other visionaries, artists and explorers. In 2017, he will partner with MUTEK, Nuit Blanche Toronto, and Abierto Mexicano de Diseño to feature S.E.E.D. Recognized for synthesizing mediums of sound, light, lasers, algorithms and robotics, Devin is creating artificially intelligent art to be discovered in unique spaces across the planet.  For more information, visit or follow him on Instagram @epicdevin

Video: Frida Kahlo in Her Home and Studio

This is an amazing collection of vintage film clips of Frida Kahlo in her studio-home Casa Azul or Blue House. I visited Casa Azul in Mexico City, which is open to visitors as the Museo Frida Kahlo museum, and contains many of Frida Kahlo’s things, including her bed, easel, wheelchair, paintings, jewelry, clothing and many other items from her collections.


How ArtWorld and Artist Marketing Resources Work Jointly With Artists in Mexico, the Netherlands, USA and Internationally


Keith McFarlane, creator and developer of the ArtWorld app, and Marie Kazalia, Artist Agent and owner of Artist Marketing Resources are making joint efforts to connect artists with curators and collectors using both the app and e-postcard marketing plans to bring more visibility for artists internationally.

McFarlane recently met three artists who are represented on the ArtWorld app at the Window Gallery in Amsterdam, an exhibition space made available by the well-known arts patron and Amsterdam gallerist Ella Arps.  McFarlane met Mexican artist Xavier Yarto there and took home a painting on paper by Yarto, which now hangs framed in McFarlane’s space, as shown in the photos below.



Artist Marketing Resources and the ArtWorld continue to make efforts to connect with more artists in Mexico, such as Mexico City sculptor Luz Zaga Vaca whose two sculptural works are depicted on e-postcards here.







As part of this joint effort, when artists participate in either E-Postcard Marketing Plan A  or E-Postcard Marketing Plan B  they will also gain visibility with a free ArtWorld app account and are welcomed on the Artworld community page on Facebook.

All artists, art lovers and collectors are invited to download the Artworld app in the iTunes App Store.


For further details on the E-postcard marketing plans contact Marie Kazalia, Artist Marketing Resources, email:


Header image credit: Maša Gala, SPACES 8, 120cm x 130 cm. Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas. 2010.

Left: Roman Kirn, Slovenian Ambassador to The Netherlands. — with Roman Kirn at Overdekunst.

apex art open call for proposals for funded exhibition anywhere in the world


Globe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

International Exhibition Opportunity—apexart, NYC, annually holds a worldwide open call for proposals for curated group exhibitions to be presented anywhere in the world other than New York City.From April 4 – May 2, 2012, apexart will accept 500-word creatively written proposals describing your idea for an exhibition. The proposal should be clearly written, with the major emphasis on explaining the concept, as the only instructions given to the more than 100 jurors from around the world is to, “identify the best exhibitions.” The city for the exhibition must be listed as well as the curator/organizer’s location of residence. Often there is a greater effect when exhibitions take place outside of a city center, where fewer people are involved in the commercial art world.Two winners selected by a “crowd sourcing” method will be in charge of a one-month apexart franchise with an up to $8,000 exhibition budget, an honorarium for the essay and organization of the show, and complete creative control with a few apexart guidelines. apex will also provide the necessary guidance and administrative support to make the exhibition happen as successfully as past exhibitions in Amman, Johannesburg, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Mexico City. apexart will also print a mini-catalog in an edition of 9,000 with an essay from the curator distributed around the world to more than 100 countries and available online with all contacts, reviews, and press images.The apexart Franchise is an opportunity to bring an idea to fruition in a new place and to confirm that the center of the art world is wherever you are.


Deadline: Wed May 2nd, 2012


London: Claudie Bastide @ Hayhill Gallery

Claudie Bastide

7 February – 5 March

In February Hay Hill Gallery presents the first UK solo show of the French painter, photographer and “chair sculptor” Claudie Bastide.

In 1996 Bastide had her first exhibition, which composed of sculptures constructed from chairs. As she recollects “One of my earliest memories as an artist is when I was looking at an old wooden chair I suddenly saw it transformed into a character. That was some sort of a vision which has never left me”.

The works on show will be a mix of paintings from different periods and two “chair sculptures”. In her earlier works Bastide experimented with constructivist ideas, blending geometric forms and blocks of colours in search a true of harmony. In more recent works however, Bastide steps aside from the rigorous geometry and leans towards more spontaneous expression. Bastide explains this change of direction “For some years I have let myself go to a recurring geometrical tendency and I ended up feeling somehow trapped in the shapes.”

In Bastide’s paintings colour is the most important element. It is the starting point and the only planned or preconceived part of a painting “I paint essentially according to my own feelings of a particular colour; I mean that a blue or red or green colour comes over me and I must dive into it until I get saturated with it.” The rest builds up naturally when Bastide lets loose the subconscious creative impulse. Bastide associates herself with the French movement Abstraction Lyrique, not only because she often applies the lessons of Kandinsky in her paintings, but also because of the emotional forces and poetical touch which drive her creativity.

Claudie Bastide
The French artist Claudie Bastide is an international jet-setter. She received formal fine arts training in UCAD Paris (Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs) and in the eighties and nineties ran fashion design studios in Brussels and Mexico City before she finally settled down in Paris. Following her ten years collaboration with a French haute couture icon Pierre Cardin, Claudie finally decided to give up the glamour of the fashion world and dedicate herself to art. She expresses herself in sculpture, painting and photography.
Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2009 – Exposition des “Agents perturbateurs”: Foundation Taylor, Paris
2008 – “Man in the Urban Geometry” Gallery ExArte, Geneva
2006 – “Rencontre avec Claudie Bastide” gallery Arte Viva, Levallois – Perret, Paris
2005 – “Ecriture de chaises” Halle Saint Pierre, Paris
2004 – “Histoires de zinc” Galerie Saint-Pierre, Limoges
2003 – “Venez avec moi vous asseoir sur les toits” Galerie Arte Viva Levallois – Perret, Paris
2001 – “Rêves de chaises” at CPP ad agency, Paris
2000 – “Le Bihan” Quartier Bastille, Paris
1999 – Chairs and sculpted paintings, Espace Richelieu, Paris


2007 – Gold Prize for the André Parinaud Prize at Espace Châtelet-Victoria
2005 – City Prize from Avon-Fontainebleau for the sculpture-chairs, Contemporary Art Fair, Boisle – Roi
2004 – Silver Medal for the “Arts-Sciences-Lettres” prize.
1998 – Winner of a competition for chair designers and creators organised by Aktuel

Hay Hill Gallery, located on Cork Street, specializes in the sculpture of the famed artist Auguste Rodin and represents a number of internationally recognized contemporary artists. An exhibition of works by Claudie Bastide will be held alongside the sculptures of Auguste Rodin.

For press information and images please contact Alexandra Tuulos,
Hay Hill Gallery, 5a Cork Street, London, W1S 3NY
Tel: 020 7439 1001
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 10.30am-6pm