Revitalization of Rhopography in the Oil Paintings of PJ Mills

Watermelon and Christmas lights, oil painting on canvas, 51 x 64, PJ Mills


The oil paintings of Miami, Florida based artist PJ Mills present everyday objects such as a toy, spiritual items, food, and personal possessions of the artist, all realistically rendered in still life scenes.  The artwork objects may be contextually placed in a still life setting or within more ambiguous spaces. At first glance this subject matter may seem to have little importance— yet these paintings make viewers take another look at these ordinary items perhaps previously taken for granted. As the artist PJ Mills says,” These paintings focus on those personal possessions that I find curiously engaging.”  And we agree–there is a substantial presence in each of these images. Some of the canvases are as large as 51 x 64 inches and as small as 12 x 12 inches, with each study holding its own as an artwork.

Paper Crane, oil painting on canvas, 48 x 48, PJ Mills


Steak, oil painting on canvas, 18 x 18, PJ Mills


PJ Mills is art historically connected to the practice of painters of the past in that his painterly examination may represent or symbolize the artist’s ideas or the items may have metaphorical implications. Still life painting of such common everyday objects is often referred to art historically as “rhopography.”  According to The English Oxford Dictionary  the art historical definition of rhopography, is a depiction of subject matter considered insignificant or trivial, as still life, the domestic interior, animals, insects and the like.


Rabbit’s Foot and Communion Hosts, oil painting on canvas, 48 x 48, PJ Mills


Pinned Beetle, oil painting on canvas, 12 x 12 inches, PJ Mills


PJ Mills subjects of interest for his paintings may include the contemporary, such as Polaroid photos, as well as objects present through time such as things that maintain religious or supernatural characteristics– divining rods, masks, or spiritual fetish articles. The artist is also very aware of how a simple juxtaposition of two or more objects will express far more complex meanings.   The juxtaposition of objects arranged by visual artists is similar to how many poets lay down verse. It is not the words per se that contain the power, but the unknown image that arises from what was created by the juxtaposition. Defined as the “imago ignota,” it is the combination of words which elevate them beyond the language of the obvious. “I contend that this holds true for images, as well,” says the artist.


Polaroids, oil painting on canvas, 48 x 48, PJ Mills


“In the last few years,” says PJ Mills, ” I have started to isolate and focus on personal effects that relate specifically to personal consumption and identity. A woman’s compact may be an aid for the adjustment of lipstick but also holds the secrets of her self-absorption snapped shut in the tidy compartment of her purse. Risque and subjective photographs (Polaroids) may be titillating, they are also quite personal and speak of privacy as well. Jewel like insects, the tiny treasures of boyhood fascination or even the food we eat raise questions of adult obsession with consumerism. Issues of identity and consumerism all stem directly and indirectly from strange as well as obvious places in our lives. These visual investigations of isolated objects and/or juxtapositions of personal effects, represent the seemingly obvious. But also the often enigmatic, and yet always metaphorically pregnant meanings.”


Clown & Thorns, oil painting on canvas, 51 x 64, PJ Mills


“My approach to painting is highly personal and intuitive. During the creative process I try to think as little as possible about this work and let the subjects surface from my subconscious. The result is quite suggestive by its contents and symbolically loaded with historical references. This material develops from entirely personal experiences and through obsessions I have with objects and my musing regarding the human condition as it relates to identity issues. The personal subjectivity of this work is not a grand philosophical statement. It is instead more closely related to a genre sensibility characteristic of the mundane used as metaphors for larger ideas.”


Monster, oil painting on canvas, 48 x 48, PJ Mills


“Common Still life painting that was popular in the 17th century Dutch and Flemish often contained hidden allegories such as the Christian Passion, Resurrection or the transience of things in life. They were little paintings with big ideas. The paintings during this time that concerned themselves with life, death and transient events between were often referred to as “Vanitas” paintings. Not in the sense of vainness or conceit; “Vanitas” often a latin term used to describe a notion of evanescence of earthly possessions and the life linked to the work. The meanings in these paintings were conveyed by the use of objects, mostly familiar and everyday items and were given a symbolic connotation. My paintings are similar in the sense that they isolate a particular object or group of objects containing a history of symbolic references. Within the body of my work, historical reference and symbolic references are typically ignored and the object is valued for purely personal reasons. The result often has an element of cognitive dissonance if not absurdity to the reasons behind its selection. I find the confusion intriguing.”

Then the brilliant artist PJ Mills simply sums up his work by stating– “I depart from seventeenth century concepts and slip in contemporary wackiness.”


Captive Bolt Pistol & Toy, oil painting, 48 x 48, PJ Mills


PJ Mills received his MFA degree in painting from Cornell University and has exhibited in numerous US art galleries. You can view more paintings on the artist’s website here.

Follow the artist PJ Mills on Instagram here.

Visit PJ Mills’ Facebook page here.


Wishbone, oil painting on canvas, 12 x 12, PJ Mills

The Arts Initiative, a newly formed collective dedicated to placing interactive visual art in public venues

Newly-Formed The Arts Initiative Announces Inaugural Installation At Fashion Outlets Of Chicago (via PR Newswire)

MIAMI, June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Arts Initiative, a newly formed collective dedicated to placing highly interactive visual art in public venues, today announced a lineup of more than 10 nationally and internationally recognized contemporary…

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New Material Art Fair Miami: Has Two Options for Individual Artists To Enter

December 5-8, 2013

During Art Basel and located two doors down from AQUA, the New Material Art Fair Miami premiers this December 2013

The focus of NEW MATERIAL is to expose brave departures in the practices of established and mid-career artists and galleries; particularly bodies of work unfettered by trends, and to date untested in the commercial realm.

NEW MATERIAL is the most recent addition to the satellite fairs concurrent with Art Basel, premiering this December 2013 at the recently renovated, 30-room boutique Eva Hotel.

Located two doors from the Aqua Art Fair, NEW MATERIAL will occupy the entire hotel, showcasing artists and galleries engaged in our premise.


There are two ways for individual artists to apply to participate in NEW MATERIAL Miami Beach 2013:

For NEW MATERIAL’S first year, they are offering a solo exhibition open call for one artist selected by jury. This artist will be selected from the open call applications to receive an entire room at the cost of NEW MATERIAL to use for a Solo exhibition of their proposed work. Apply for the SOLO open call:

Expanding on their show premise, artists are invited to submit proposals for a juried process to rent available Artist’s Exhibition Spaces. Individual artists applying to this category will be selected by jury from the list of all applicants.

Upon completion of the jury process, successful proposals will be allocated either 1/3, 1/2 or a whole room based on the amount of space requested in the initial application. Please refer to the below links for application fees, and for a list of participation fees associated with these room size allocations. Apply for the Artist’s Exhibition Space open call:

Deadlines and Entry Fees are as follows in USD:
Early Deadline:
July 15, 2013 – Entry Fee: $30

Regular Deadline:
August 15, 2013 – Entry Fee: $50

Late Deadline:
September 15, 2013 – Entry Fee: $65*
The fees includes 3 images; an additional fee of $20 per image for up to 10 total images entered.

Deadline for submissions: Mon Jul 15th, 2013

New Material at th Hotel Eva
1506 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Be Part of the Constantly Consuming Culture Art Show Now Nearly Funded

Space may be available in the show he is producing, says Patrick Ogle,who is planning a series of art exhibits in Chicago and Miami

“Also here is an interview with me going into more detail on what this is?”  “I really need help with the last push!”

paogle's avatar

His Kickstarter project is nearly funded  Patrick says, ” it is my kickstarter for an art show sponsored by my website.”

ArtSlant 2013 Showcase Series: Enter by May 11th

This past weekend, I entered the next installment of the ARTslant Prize – 2013 Showcase Series that has over $20,000 in cash and exhibition prizes. Why not–I only paid the $2. entry fee.I’ve known about the ArtSlant competition series for years, and I know some artists who have come close to winning one of these competitions. Today, you will also find a blog post here on Artist Marketing Resources featuring the recent ArtSlant 1st Place winning artist Kevin L. O’Brien aka kLoB.

1st Prize Winners from the first 7 rounds of the ArtSlant competition will receive a month-long exhibition in a storefront gallery in Chicago’s Loop on the corner of State St. and Adams St. thanks to Pop-Up Art Loop! The Top 3 overall winners exhibit at Aqua Art Miami. NEW this year: Juried Select Winners will all receive a free one-year subscription to the ArtSlant SalesRoom.The are cash prizes of 1-3 thousand dollars + $15,000 in Exhibition Stipends and $5000 in Purchase Awards

How do you enter?

  1. Go to your ArtSlant artist profile. Dont’ have one yet? See how to open yours (here).
  2. Find the Manage My Profile box on the right side of your page. Click on enter Showcase in the box. The entry form opens.
  3. Complete the Showcase entry forms as indicated.
  4. There is an entry fee of $2 for each Round. You must have a Paypal account or a major Credit Card.
  5. Showcase Winners in each round can select the $20 premium placement to enter into the Juried Round. The winner of the Juried Round will have his or her work shown in a storefront in Chicago’s famous downtown Loop. Year’s end winner gets to show their work at Aqua Art Miami during Art Basel Miami in December.

If you have not opened your ArtSlant Profile yet, please see our FAQ’s for assistance. Or sign in to ArtSlant and click on ADD on our menu bar, then Add Your Profile.


For more information on the ArtSlant Prize Showcase Series and to learn how to enter, please visit our FAQ here. 

New NURTUREart Registry of Artists and Curators


New Registry Online Now–The new NURTUREart Registry–the beta version– is live now! Emerging artists, independent curators and viewers are invited to sign up, share work and explore all the features.Like all of NURTUREart programs, use of the registry is offered completely free of charge.New NURTUREart Registry of Artists and Curators

REGISTRY LIVE ONLINE NOW–This is the unveiling of a completely new registry with many exciting features aimed to create a unique online resource of both emerging and underrepresented artistsand emerging and independent curators, which will directly feed the exhibition program in the NUTUREart gallery.There are three kinds of accounts to suit the needs of different types of users: artists, curators and viewers. Choose the one that fits you best or make more than one for your multiple personalities. Artists can upload unlimited numbers of artworks and organize them into thematic portfolios.Curators have the opportunity to use this soon-to-be-filled-with-wonderful-artwork database as a powerful research tool for future projects and make profiles about themselves and share their own work by creating online galleries documenting exhibitions they have curated.

Blossom Verlinsky: Art at The Miami International Art Fair and The Palm Beach Art Show

Hi Marie
Finally organized the photos I took at the shows into a coherent presentation.
I hope you are able to use them, so those who could not attend, can have a little
glimpse into some of the flavor of the events. There were many other paintings and
sculptures – I chose these as before, because they touched me – whether content,
technique or allusions.
Blossom Verlinsky

This is the entrance gangway to The Miami International Art Fair – Art is exhibited on the SeaFair, a 228′ mega yacht with 28 galleries–a truly unique venue for art-anchored adjacent to the Intercontinental Hotel.

This is 4th show aboard the yacht – as usual, visitors were artistically dressed – vying for attention with the art. One male visitor in black leather was attracted to his own image in every reflective surface and took advantage to admire himself and preen–ignoring the art around him.


Michael Mistrc,  untitled,  Oil Pen Drawing  18″x18″   Setford & Brdges, Paris, France
An intensely, deliciously colored and patterned composition alluding to flora and fauna.


Paul Rousso, Crumpled Bill,   printed on synthetic material  approx 36″x48, Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami, Florida
A soon to be discarded element of our culture – an icon to be replaced with digital monetary transactions. Quite magnetic – its scale and detailed engraving pull you into the sculptural image.


Michele Mariaud, Salvador Dali carved out of a phone book  approx 14″ high with photograph of the image, Living With Art Gallery, SoHo, New York
How surrealist is this?


Kun Lunzi   Painting  approx 30″x 40″  Taihe Art Gallery, Beijing, China

A master in this ancient technique transformed into the present with its directness and power–mythical landscape using washes of color and opaque layers of paint conveying the Taoist philosophy of transcending reality, space and time. It is an evocation of a spiritual place that is encountered during meditation or dreams. The landscape is transformed through the artist’s aesthetic.

The Palm Beach Art Show at the Palm Beach Convention Center is in its 16th year – has over 70 galleries showing artist’s work. The show is crowded with enthusiastic viewers spending much time looking at the work. There was a serious interest in the art itself–well dressed, bejeweled and bedazzled by the work.


Hanns Kotter   Large Minimalist neon sculpture encapsulated in a transparent  box, Debuck Gallery, Chelsea, New York
An abstract painting using light – suspended in space – colors changing – technical and lyrical – magical in its conception – mesmerizing.


Janis Miltenberger,  Lampworked glass rods,  approx 24″ high, Riley Galleries, Cleveland, Ohio
There are three works – Poetry in glass overlays of shaped translucent colors – elements of nature frozen in a vessel.


The iconic hands – visceral – stately, isolated fragment – a fetish figure




Ann Wolff   Prelude II  (2nd piece in an edition of 4)  Created and cast in 2010
Cast Glass  30″ high x 24.75″ wide approx 7″ deep
Habatat Galleries, Royal Oak, Michigan

Remembrance of things past – personal mythology – recollections in the translucence of glass. Insight into identity and immorality as an artist and as a woman.


Emmanuel Fillot   various natural objects   approx 36″x 48″
Lelia Mordoch Gallery, Wynwood, Miami, Florida and Paris, France

Symbols of ancient rites – bits and pieces of cave scratchings and implements captured in a transparent box. Artifacts of an old soul written lyrically – frozen in time.


Yang Yang    Painting  approx 5′ x 8′    YY Gallery, Chicago

A soulful painting of figures engulfed in a mist of memories – layered and evocative of ancient rites, Deeply felt and conveyed with washes of paint and startling bright crimson – a chiaroscuro effect -perhaps circus performers.


Albert Delamour   Olympia,  mixed media with gold and silver leaf.  20″x 24″
1 of edition of 5    Living with Art Gallery, SoHo, NY

Studied at the Louis Lumiere School of Cinema and trained with masters of photography in France. This lovely photograph has a painterly quality – luminescent figure emerging from darkness.

VIP Contemporary ONLINE Art Fair February 1-17

Before the 1st VIP Online Art Fair ever opened, I alerted my blog readers in articles to attend. The opening hour of day of the very first VIP Online Art Fair had so many trying to access the art fair site that there were issues. I wrote a review of the 2nd VIP Art Fair, sharing screenshots of some of my favorite artworks. Now, it’s opening day of the 3rd VIP Contemporary Art Fair.

Amazingly, some artists have asked me, somewhat puzzled, why they would want to attend this art fair. To look at art of course! Don’t you love art? You don’t have to fly to Miami or New York City or Italy or London to research the art scene and art galleries, and to make connections with curators–you can do it at the online fair. No, it doesn’t replace seeing real art in a gallery or museum, but there are lots of benefits to attending the fair. Give it a try.


Offering Artists Open Access to a New Art Magazine Submissions list PDF


You are an artist and you would love to see your art featured in an art magazine, right? Artist Marketing Resources is busy compiling a list of art magazines that accept artist submissions.

To get permanent access to this list–even as it grows and expands over the years ahead, this is all you have to do—help us expand the list by sending Artist Marketing Resources the name and link to one art magazine that accepts artist submissions–send in an email to:  

You will receive a thank you email response that contains the PDF access link.  Use the PDF list to submit your art for features in publications.

Science Museum has $2.4 Million Dollar Budget to Commission Interior + Exterior Artworks


The Patricia & Philip Frost Museum of Science in Florida  is requesting qualifications (RFQ) from visual artists for interior and exterior artwork to be commissioned for the new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science currently under construction.

Applications will be accepted online only through CaFÉ Call for Entry

If you have a Cafe Call for Entry account, find the direct link to this opportunity  here.


The Miami Science Museum is a new 250,000 sf science museum in Museum Park in Miami, Florida. The site is approximately four acres, immediately adjacent to a four-acre parcel that will house the new Perez Art Museum Miami. Both buildings and their grounds are within the approximately 28-acre Museum Park in downtown Miami, and the two new institutions will sit atop a new joint parking structure with a plaza linking the two museums.

Key components of the new Miami Science Museum include a 35,000 sf aquarium, a planetarium, and approximately 30,000 sf of indoor and outdoor science exhibits. The aquarium is planned to be one of the iconic elements of the Museum, visible from the exterior, and spanning all the floors of the Museum. The planetarium, one of the centerpieces of the current Museum, will expand its technology and its programs. It is strongly desired to have the flexible museum exhibits both indoor and outdoor to take advantage of the climate, and the possibilities that outdoor exhibits bring to the site and the museum experience. A highly sustainable building is planned, including LEED rating, to reduce energy costs, and to act as a showcase for the latest energy management and control technology.

Full Details:

On-The-Scene Artist-Correspondent Reviews the Art Basel Fair 2012 + Art Miami

New York City artist Blossom Verlinsky sent some shots she grabbed at the current and in-progress Art Basel Art Fair, Miami, and the Art Miami Fair in Florida. Blossom included her commentary on each piece she sent an image for, including mixed media, paintings, collage, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, and textiles– all diverse works by such artists as Kiki Smith, Alexander Calder, Masami Teraoka, Benjamin Edelstein, Li Hui, Adolph Gottlieb, Sigmar Polke, Sissi, Frank Stella, Olga De Amaral, Franck Loret, George Sherwood, Philip Taafe, Fred Tomaselli, Robert Diago, and a painting influenced by mentor Fernand Leger painted by William Klein in 1949.

Here is what Blossom sent yesterday:

The Art at The Art Basel Show was not as exciting as the crowds streaming through, more costumed than dressed(perhaps as the people they wanted to be). There was a great deal of frantic hunting and gathering – not much contemplating of the art itself – I was disappointed by the quality of the art (not the best examples of that particular artist). The Art Basel Show last year had more substance and was much better. Although, one always finds art that speaks to you, that grabs you.

The Art Miami Shows in Wynwood were much more interesting, personal and inventive. I am sending you several images that were of interest to me for various reasons – some artworks
that I had wanted to include were unfortunately un-photographable.

Blossom Verlinsky

Masami Teraoka  'Geisha in Ofuro'  Jacquard Tapestry 115" x 78"  Zadok Gallery, Wynwood, Miami

Masami Teraoka, Geisha in Ofuro, Jacquard Tapestry 115″ x 78″ Zadok Gallery, Wynwood, Miami

Masami Teraoka,Geisha in Ofuro, Jacquard Tapestry 115″ x 78″  Zadok Gallery, Wynwood, Miami
Wonderful take on a traditional japanese subject – had an old world feel.

Li Hui - 'Void and Substance' - An Installation Zadok Gallery, Wynwood, Miami

Li Hui, Void and Substance, An Installation, Zadok Gallery, Wynwood, Miami

Li Hui, Void and Substance, An Installation, Zadok Gallery, Wynwood, Miami
A poetic, dazzling and dramatic construct – The crimson laser and LED lights pierce through the darkness of the 28′ height space. As you wander within the space you become part of the
luminescence – you become lost in it – disoriented.

Benjamin Edelstein, Panoramic Photo of Colorado Canyons printed on pearl paper 40"x90"

Benjamin Edelstein, Panoramic Photo of Colorado Canyons, printed on pearl paper 40 x 90″

Benjamin Edelstein, Panoramic Photo of Colorado Canyons printed on pearl paper 40″ x 90″
Rich colors and textures on a grand scale.

Kiki Smith   'Telepathy'.  Bronze.  95.1 x 56.3 x 4.25"   Galerie LELONG

Kiki Smith, Telepathy , Bronze. 95.1 x 56.3 x 4.25″ Galerie LELONG

Kiki Smith   ‘Telepathy’.  Bronze.  95.1 x 56.3 x 4.25″   Galerie LELONG
An iconic figure, perhaps Aphrodite with her energies as amulets.  Beautifully textured surfaces of varied toned bronze.

Shintaro Miyake  Untitled  Tomio Koyama Gallery, Kyoto

Shintaro Miyake, Untitled, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Kyoto

Shintaro Miyake, Untitled, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Kyoto
Fanciful painting of comic creatures in time travel – taking off from time itself. Escapism.

Adolph Gottlieb

Adolph Gottlieb

Adolph Gottlieb
A shimmering red orb – a lovely painting.

Sigmar Polke   'Two Heads'   acrylic, lacquer on canvas    Michael Werner Gallery

Sigmar Polke ,Two Heads, acrylic, lacquer on canvas Michael Werner Gallery

Sigmar Polke, Two Heads, acrylic and lacquer on canvas, Michael Werner Gallery
Two heads floating in a landscape of colors and forms.

Sissi, Figure 12, FaMa Gallery, Verona, Italy

Sissi, Figure 12, FaMa Gallery, Verona, Italy

Sissi, Figure 12, FaMa Gallery, Verona, Italy
Snarls of rope, knotted, twisted and tangled – part of her performance pieces that she wears. A lovely arrangement of colored fibers.

Frank Stella

Frank Stella

Frank Stella ( Blossom’s note: I haven’t been able to locate my notes about this painting)
It caught my eye and was so happy in the midst of rather colorless art.

Alexander Calder, Le Chaval-Cailiou,  gouache on paper   29.2 x 42.5"  Waterhouse & Dodd

Alexander Calder, Le Chaval-Cailiou, gouache on paper 29.2 x 42.5″ Waterhouse & Dodd

Alexander Calder, Le Chaval-Cailiou,  gouache on paper   29.25″x42.5″  Waterhouse & Dodd
Reminded me of his circus works – fantastic figures and animals.

Olga De Amaral, Arboles(Trees), linen, gesso, acrylic, gold leaf  90.55 x 66.93"  Nohra Haime Gallery

Olga De Amaral, Arboles(Trees), linen, gesso, acrylic, gold leaf 90.55 x 66.93″ Nohra Haime Gallery

Olga De Amaral, Arboles(Trees), linen, gesso, acrylic, gold leaf  90.55 x 66.93″ Nohra Haime Gallery
A beautiful piece.  An architectural tapestry of golden surfaces of light. Rich interplay of twisted weaves as though from a Pre-Columbian forest.

Franck Loret, Galerie Lelia Murdoch, Paris and Miami

Franck Loret, Galerie Lelia Murdoch, Paris and Miami

Franck Loret, Galerie Lelia Murdoch, Paris and Miami
A large filigree of delicate strands. A mystical wall hanging with reminders of architectural structures – bridges and parapets.

George Sherwood,Seismic Memory, stainless steel 62 x62"  Cynthia Reeves Gallery

George Sherwood, Seismic Memory, stainless steel 62 x62″ Cynthia Reeves Gallery

George Sherwood, Seismic Memory, stainless steel 62 x 62″  Cynthia Reeves Gallery
A wonderful interplay of metallic surfaces – shimmering and mesmerizing.

Philip Taafe, Untitled, Mixed media on panel.  39"x29"   Luhring Augustine Gallery

Philip Taafe, Untitled, Mixed media on panel. 39″x29″ Luhring Augustine Gallery

Philip Taafe, Untitled, Mixed media on panel.  39″x29″   Luhring Augustine Gallery
Lovely painting of textures and colors – reminds me of embroideries.

Fred Tomaselli, Penetrators, photo collage, acrylic, resin on wood panel.  James Cohan Gallery

Fred Tomaselli, Penetrators, photo collage, acrylic, resin on wood panel. James Cohan Gallery

Fred Tomaselli, Penetrators, photo collage, acrylic, resin on wood panel.  James Cohan Gallery
A stunningly colorful painting – richly detailed. Struggle of good and evil in a cosmos.

Robert Diago, No 13 (de la series Entre Lineas), mixed media on canvas

Robert Diago, No 13 (de la series Entre Lineas), mixed media on canvas

Robert Diago, No 13 (de la series Entre Lineas), mixed media on canvas, 78.75 x 59″ Magnan Metz Gallery
Reminiscent of a tapestry – beautifully and richly textured surface. Draws you into the painting where you can linger.

William Klein,Gymnast, 1949

William Klein, Gymnast, 1949

William Klein, Gymnast, 1949.   30″x40″  Hackelbury Fine Art, London
An interesting painting with a direct thread from his mentor Leger.

Sent from my iPadArt–December 10, 2012, Blossom Verlinsky, Miami, Florida.

Also, here is a YouTube video of Basel Miami Beach 2012 –

Queens Museum of Art Open Call + Projects


Artists, the Open Call and the e-flux projects are worth investigating via the links below:

Open Call: Projects for the Museum of Arte Útil

Submission deadline:
February 15, 2013

Read the full Open call here.

ef_logo_small.gif (311 East Broadway, New York, NY 10002, USA)  has two interesting artist participation projects—the Time Bank Project , you can register for onlineand Pawn Shop Project which began in 2008. e-flux is promoting the Pawn Shop Project on their website like this:



Forget gallery hassles—GET CASH NOW! High! Fast! Immediate cash payments! Come on down today!

Starting this fall, e-flux’s storefront in New York’s Chinatown will operate as a pawn shop, its inventory comprised of artworks, bought and sold.


12 New Calls For Artist Submissions

Darger HQ Call for Artists
Deadline: November 5th, 2012
Submission fee: $15

Darger HQ’s mission is to provide an influential platform for presenting important, emerging artist’s work to new collectors. Owned and run by artists, Darger HQ is submitting it’s first call for artists to be represented.  Deadline for submissions is November 5th, 2012 and the new gallery will be launched on November 18th, 2012.

Darger HQ will exhibit art in every media and is looking for art that is intelligent, well-crafted and not afraid to push the boundaries.  Please visit for details.


particle call


Women’s Caucus for the Arts has 3 Calls for Submission

1. The First Annual WCA “Best of 2012” Online Exhibition

2. Diaspora

3. Bound

MIAMI Project NEW EMERGING ARTISTS is Currently Accepting Artist Submissions for a 5-Person Show at the Inaugural MIAMI PROJECT 2012.MIAMI PROJECT, which runs along Art Basel, is a new contemporary and modern art fair held December 4-9, 2012 in Miami’s midtown/Wynwood Art District.
Miami Project will feature 65 galleries from around the world selected based on the strength and relevance of their programs. This year’s show will be housed in a comfortable and centrally located modular structure located at NE 1st Avenue & NE 30th Street.The Artists Chosen to Exhibit will Receive:

  • PHYSICAL ARTWORK seen by Thousands of Collectors, Press, and Industry Insiders.
  • 70% of the sale price On ALL WORK SOLD is awarded to the ARTIST.
  • MARKETING and PR package worth $10,000.
  • Featured in MIAMI PROJECT catalogue.

To Apply Now:

All artists must be 18 years old older. All media considered.

For More Information:
Submission Deadline: October 20, 2012


Gallery Aferro Studio ResidencyThe Studio Residency program is offered in collaboration with Newark’s Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art. Residents will be awarded studios, each approximately 600 sq ft, for 6 months, with 24 hr access, access to visiting curators and other gallery directors, a solo exhibition in our project space, and inclusion in an end-of-program catalog highlighting their work over the length of the residency. The current Gallery Aferro building can accommodate 6-10 artists at a time. Artists will be selected on the basis of quality of work, commitment to their field, demonstrated need, and the ability to interact positively with the community at large. The program will aim for a mix of Newark and non-Newark residents. Aljira Emerge participants and alumni are encouraged to apply.For installation based, or site specific work, the historical context of the building and the city at large, as well as the current context of an artist-run space, may be useful to the creation of new work. Sat Dec 1st, 2012Location:

Gallery Aferro
73 Market Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102
United States of America


Exhibition proposals 2013, periscope:project:space, Salzburg, Austria

Open Call for exhibition proposals 
Deadline: 1st October, 2012
Application fee: none

periscope is an event-led off-space for young (visual) artists, which exists and operates since 2006 in the City of Salzburg. (Austria) Ever since then periscope continuously helps realising, presenting and promoting projects of young contemporary artists. It is an ambiton to work as a vital inclusive space.

One focus of periscope lies on on the changeability of its project:space – using the project:space as an instrument for exploring and presenting unique artistic ideas. This is an open call for artwork dealing with changes possible within a single room in order to challenge the boundaries set by the room itself – see the layout of the periscope:project:space –

Artists are welcome to use any kind of medium for the transformation of the project:space, such as photography, video, painting, drawing, writing, performing, etc.

Sterneckstraße 10 
5020 Salzburg – Austria

Bosch Art Game Pitch Competition
International game designers challenged to create game on Jheronimus Bosch‘Design an original, artistic game to re-enact the work of Jheronimus Bosch (± 1450-1516). In the first round a maximum of five prizes of 2,500 euro are at stake. The winning designs must be developed into playable prototypes within five months. From the prototypes, an international jury will select the art game to be launched during the Jheronimus Bosch year 2016.The national Jheronimus Bosch commemoration will be the culmination of the international cultural event Jheronimus Bosch 500.We mainly know the master painter from the surrealistic, narrative paintings showing people and animals in earthly paradise and, after the Fall, in hell. The Jheronimus Bosch 500 Foundation is looking for the most original interpretation of Bosch’s work in the form of a game that provides a novel, contemporary re-enactment of the mediaeval painter’s work.Game designers can sign up on the website The deadline for the pitches is 31 December 2012.The website where ideas can be submitted and where the public may vote is Mon Dec 31st, 2012


ArtsinStark county arts council for Canton, Ohio (home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame) is issuing a request for qualifications for artists to create the first “Birth of the NFL” in a series of 11 public artworks celebrating the greatest moments in professional football history – THE ELEVEN. The budget for first piece is $150,000. Call deadline is Oct 15. Click on THE ELEVEN button on their website to see the complete call.



Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic
Research and Production 2012

Application deadline: November 20, 2012

Cda-Projects Grant has offered a 10,000 Euro grant annually since 2011 to support the production of an artistic research project.Projects
The grant aims at supporting and opening up discussions on artistic research to an expanded network through an open call. It encourages speculative approaches to how discourse is staged and how knowledge is produced, rethought and interwoven across disciplines. Without any limitations on the content, the proposed inquiries are expected to suggest new forms and methodologies, by reflecting on contexts and conditions of the knowledge produced.Publication
Cda-Projects Grant will also support a publication after the completion of the project that brings together discussions on the artistic research undertaken, including the questions raised, speculative analysis and the final outcome. The publication will be prepared by Cda-Projects Grant in cooperation with the grant recipient.Eligibility
Authors (includes artists, curators, writers, thinkers etc…) of any nationality, regardless of age, can propose projects to be carried out individually or collectively.Applicants can submit an artistic research project that is currently in the production stage or one that is scheduled to be completed during the six‐month period following the date of selection.

Please send the documents below to
All the submitted documents should be in English and in PDF format. Applications that are not sent in the specified format will not be considered.

  • Project proposal and documentation (Maximum 500 words explaining your artistic research project, motivations of the research to be carried and the expected outcome. Up to 4 images can be included as documentation.)
  • Curriculum Vitae (Include e-mail and mailing address.)
  • Portfolio consisting of three completed research based projects.
  • Time-based media should be submitted in low-resolution format via upload and the link should be provided within the portfolio (Not larger than 350MB.) If the resolution is important, you can send a DVD with excerpts up to 30 minutes to the address below:

Cda-Projects Grant
Istiklal Cad. Misir Apt. No:163 K.2 D.5
Beyoglu / Istanbul 34433 Turkey

Deadline for applications: November 20, 2012
Announcement of the results: January 10, 2013
Completion of the project: July 30, 2013
Book launch: December 31, 2013

Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic Research and Production 2011 has been awarded to Rasha Salti and Kristine Khouri for their project The International Art Exhibition for Palestine. They will present their ongoing research with the title The Dreamer: Ezzeddine Qalaq on October 5th, 2012, 18:30h at KAT1.

Cda-Projects Grant is initiated in 2011 by Cda-Projects, a commercial gallery in İstanbul, which represents established and emerging contemporary artists.

For more information:


The Pearl Conard Art Gallery At The Ohio State University Mansfield Seeks Exhibition Proposals For Spring Semester 2013Proposals on unlimited topics and issues may include 2-D, 3-D, video, technology integrated media, installation, and performance art. There is no fee to submit a proposal.To apply, please send 10 jpegs or URL, work sample list, resume, and statement or project proposal to In the work sample list, please indicate the title of work, medium, dimensions/duration, installation specifications, and equipment specifications. Please submit all documents in the .doc or .pdf format.Although we are always accepting exhibition proposals, for spring 2013 consideration, please submit by November 1, 2012.Questions may be directed to gallery features hardwood floors, UV coated glass walls on three sides, and a large lighted glass block lantern over the entrance hall. The gallery has 12-foot ceilings, 400 feet of wall space and, 2,500 square feet of floor area. Visit to learn more. Thu Nov 1st, 2012Location:

The Pearl Conard Art Gallery at The Ohio State University Mansfield
1760 University Dr.
Mansfield, Ohio 44907
United States of America

Art Takes Miami — Entry Today for Discount


Art Takes Miami | Calling All Artists For A Feature Booth At Scope Miami 2012!

Miami is Calling You.

This is your moment to present your work at the premier showcase for international contemporary art. You’re invited to participate in Art Takes Miami, an international search for artistic talent, skill and vision that will present one visionary in his/her very own featured booth at this year’s SCOPE Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.

Your Early Entry Deadline is THIS Friday September 7, 2012 11:59pm ET

The Grand Prize Selected Artist Will Receive:
$10,000 Cash
Includes $5,000 to create new work to feature at SCOPE Miami and a $5,000 cash prize

An Exclusive Feature Booth at SCOPE Miami 2012
You and your work will be presented alongside the top players in the art world, showcasing your talent to galleries, buyers, critics and curators from all over the globe.

International Exposure
A publicity campaign featuring your work in both Miami and NYC and an online feature promoting your work internationally.

Special prizes for:
The People’s Choice Award, the Early Entry Award, the 1,001 Artists Project and each of the Category Awards

This year, we’re thrilled to be offering more awards, more opportunity and more exposure than ever before. For the first time, we’re showing 1,000 artists in our exclusive booth at SCOPE Art Show Miami!

Enter now at:

Meet the Grand Prize Jury:
Alexis Hubshman, Founder of SCOPE Art Show
Mollie White, Show Director of SCOPE Art Show
Daria Brit Shapiro, Public Relations Director of SCOPE Art Show

Category award recipients will be selected by: Eva Frosch, Curator and Cofounder at Frosch & Portmann Gallery; Max Bergius, Founder of Art Wednesday; Heather Dell, Director of Bryce Wokowitz Gallery; Karen Newman, Curator at Open Eye Gallery; Sara Friedlander, Contemporary Art Specialist at Christie’s; and more to be announced.

The Story:
SCOPE is the largest and most global art fair in the world. SCOPE’s goal and passion is to present the most innovative galleries, artists and curators alongside museum-quality exhibitions, collector tours, screenings, and special events. In over thirty-five fairs spanning the past ten years, SCOPE has solidified its position as the premier showcase for international emerging art.

Learn more at:

Deadline: Fri Sep 7th, 2012


Call for Artist Submissions In All Media for Exhibition in Miami-Beach Library during the Art Basel/Miami Beach Fair

the End is an international call for works in any media, curated by US-based Gean Moreno. Which new visual forms can the idea of ‘the end’ generate in our particularly turbulent historical moment?For more details about the theme:   
Join online by 15 October 2012
Prize: Euro 1,000 to the winning project!
The End is open to artists, photographers, designers and architects worldwide, without limits of age or experience. 10 projects selected by Gean Moreno will be exhibited 5-8 December 2012 in at the Miami-BeachRegional Library, USA, during the ‘Art/Basel/Miami Beach Fair.’40 Euro entry fee per project (includes up to 10 artworks), application and submission directly online.

The End is a collaboration between Miami-Dade Public Library and Celeste Network.

For more information contact Steven Music and Silvia Li Pira at:

6 New Artist Opportunities and Calls to Submit


The Autonomous Zone project is open-ended allowing artists to propose the project they would like to see happen with assistance from CAZ to provide the space for ideas and ambitions to be realized.


Call for entries for GLITZ: art that sparkles, USA. National Juried Exhibition, Indoor and Outdoor Works, cash awards. Glitz seeks works that contain over-the-top embellishments, elements, colors, and designs. Artists that create art that sparkles, twinkles, shines, glitters, glistens, and gleams are encouraged to respond to this call. Deadline: July 31, 2012 — For more information, click here.


Stigmart/10 Open Call For Under-35 ArtistsEvery year stigmart/selects 10 worldwide artists under 34 years of age.stigmart/10 strongly encourages artists whose works present a synesthetic approach to art, regardless of the medium used, stimulating a dialog between different cultures and artistic focus.

 Each selected artist will be featured in our annual 2012/13 net-issue, including an interview, a 500 words statement, photo portrait and image sample of the work.
There are 4 categories to submit works to:



Please send to your CV, a photography of your work (PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, INSTALLATION) or a video link (VIDEOART, PERFORMANCE, INSTALLATION);
a 500 words or less statement.

Please send your CV and an image/video link of your work via email or your submission will not be considered.

No entry fees are required. Only selected artists will pay a €9 contribute to stigmart/10.

any question, please contact us.




Idmaa 2012: Fast Forward – Perspectives On The Future Of Digital Media And Arts Nov. 8-10, 2012 (#Idmaa2012).The tenth annual International Digital Media and Arts Association Conference, will be held November 8-10, 2012 in Miami, Florida. iDMAa invites you to share your perspectives on the future of digital media and arts.Accepting submissions for presentations and panel proposals until September 7, 2012. To ensure rich dialog and exchange, we ask that presentations conform to 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide format. (See the link on pecha kucha format for more information). Authors interested in organizing panel discussions will need to submit an abstract and vita for each panel participant.

The conference will include keynote speakers, lively pecha kucha presentations, a juried art exhibition highlighting creative research in interactive media and digital arts, topical discussions focused both on future of digital media in the industry and also evolving pedagogies in academia.

Call for Papers and Projects:
Interested in all ideas related to the future of digital media and arts. Creative research that demonstrates the convergence of different disciplines, media, cultures, and technologies is particularly encouraged. The conference will contain several tracks of programming that expand on the conference theme in the following areas:

  • Digital/interactive literature
  • Algorithmic art
  • Motion graphic design
  • Video game design/theory/research
  • Digital humanities
  • Novel human-computer interfaces
  • History of digital art
  • Data visualization
  • Digital media and arts pedagogy/curriculum
  • Social media
  • Online/mobile advertising and marketing

All abstracts will be refereed for acceptance and should report on the results of creative or research projects that explore innovative areas of new media (design, art, tools, education, etc.) and will be posted as is on the conference website.

Submission guidelines:

1. Submit your abstract (maximum 500 words) online ( as a word document by September 7, 2012. Panel proposals should be submitted as one file.

2. All abstracts should follow the formatting conventions found in the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (documentary note).

3. Authors will be notified via email of their submissions’ status by approximately September 14.

4. Authors should confirm attendance by October 12.

5. To be reviewed for possible publication in The Journal of the International Digital Media and Arts Association selected conference proceedings, accepted papers of no more than 3500 words must be submitted in their final form (as a word document using your last name in the file name) by December 21. Details forthcoming at

All conference sessions will take place in Miami, Florida. The conference hotel is the Marriott Courtyard Downtown. The Miami International Airport (MIA) is served by most major airlines and shuttle or taxi service is available.

Deadline: Fri Sep 7th, 2012


WYNG Masters Award Hong Kong: call for submissions, Hong Kong / International. The WYNG Masters Award, Hong Kong’s first significant photography prize, was launched in May 2012 with a series of programs, a dedicated website, and an international open call for submissions of photographic works. Deadline: August 31, 2012 — For more information, click here.


Ode To BlueCall for artists: Ode To BLUE

 “Ode To Blue” theme for this exhibition was inspired by Sharon Edmunds’ painting “Scheherazade’s Moon #6″
You’ll find her work on “A painters passage”,’s how it works:
Accepted art will be posted an online exhibition.
The posted exhibition will feature all the colors of BLUE in paintings, drawings, collage, mixed media, by contemporary artists.
Artists, email Erica ( one good quality image of a predominantly blue painting with title, year, dimensions and medium; and link to your website and/or blog.

The painting (..) must be an original work by you, the artist; and it must be “your Ode To the color BLUE”.
Images accepted from now through August 20. 
l’ll post the online exhibition after August 20 with links to your blog or website.
I’m looking forward to your contributions.

Deadline: Mon Aug 20th, 2012

International Call for Artists

International Call for Artists
Apply Now, Limited Spaces Available!
@ Nina Torres Fine Art, 1800 N Bayshore Dr. Miami, FL 33132
International artists working in all media are invited to apply. This opportunity to participate in the monthly group exhibitions offer:
– 3 weeks as a part of a group exhibition
– Full marketing campaign, branding and design
– Opening Reception
– Permanent Staff
– Full Color Invitation
– E-invitation
– Press Release
– Virtual Catalog
– Up to 4 artworks (maximum 40 in any dimension)

What You Can Learn From This Artist’s Approach

After I accepted Dan St. Andrei’s friend request on Facebook, he sent me this note:

Thanks for accept, Marie!
It is also a great pleasure for me to invite you to visit my online portfolio. Your opinion will be challenging for me.
Have a nice weekend,

dan st. andrei photography portfolio
Dan St. Andrei in an art director, photographer and painter specializing in advertising, art photography and graphic design. Dan is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and also have studios in Miami, FL and Bucharest, Romania.

His line “Your opinion will be challenging for me” caught my attention. It signaled his professionalism and confidence. His site is impressive too!

Dan’s approach impressed me.  Some artists can learn from his approach.

Here are a couple of examples of how *not* to present your art–

I’ll never forget one artist who asked me to review her site to select art for one of my projects. I took the time to go over her site and copied one of her titles directly from her website then let her know that I could use that one for the project.  She immediately emailed her reply  *that’s not my title!”   Her site is in such a mess that her art is mis-titled and she used that as impetus for lashing out. Another artist sent me a PDF of 100 numbered images to review. There were problems with his numbering on his images. Midway down the list numbers began repeating so that two completely different images had the same number.  It may sound harsh, but most would have trashed the PDF and not replied. But I was kind enough to reply and inform him of the problem. In his responding reply, rather than correct his numbering system and resend the corrected PDF,  he sent me instructions that I should count –1,2,3, etc. Like I needed a lesson in how to count to 100!

Get your materials in order before sending them out. If you need help you will find my ebook guide for artist making submissions  and submission resource lists here.

Miami’s Newest Artist Open Studios February 18th

Open Studios-February 18th, 2012

Sri Prabha and the Artisan Lounge announce the GRAND opening of Miami’s newest artist collection of artist studios and galleries.

OPEN STUDIOS: The Artisan Lounge
February 18, Saturday 7-10PM

Free and Open to the public!
Come join 26 artists for the grand opening!
3 Galleries.
1 Debut Night.
Live Performance by TOWN, starting at 8:00pm.
Free & Secure Parking on 5th Street in Christ Fellowship lot. Entrance in same lot.
500 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, FL 33132

More details and ongoing show information here:
Click below for facebook invite:
Follow on Twitter | Friend on Facebook | Forward to Friend
Copyright © *|2012|* *|sri prabha|*, All rights reserved.
500NE 1st Ave, Studio M4 – The Artisan Lounge, Miami, FL 33132
Secured parking at the Christ Fellowship Church parking lot and only a few blocks away from Bayside Shopping Center.
Phone:786 220 2774

2nd VIP ART FAIR –Online Only Art Fair February 3-8th

Dear Marie:

VIP Art Fair is pleased to present you with an Elite Access Pass to VIP 2.0, the second edition of the online-only VIP Art Fair.

As a part our exciting network of galleries, institutions, curators, collectors and advisors, we value your participation in our upcoming fair. We hope you will enjoy the redesigned VIP 2.0 site, which includes new layouts, communication tools, and enhanced viewing options.

The image below is your digital VIP Elite Access Pass. This link is your access to the newest way of connecting with the art world.

Since my invitation says that I may *Share your Elite Access Pass with your clients.* I am offering a link to anyone I know–just leave a comment.
Last year, at the first VIP online art fair I had difficulty accessing the galleries due to an unexpected  (unexpected on the part of the organizers, viewers, and galleries at the fair!) flood of simultaneous attempts to log in to the fair the right at the moment it opened. Now after full year for the fair organizers to address that problem, I am eager to view art at the fair this year and expect to access the galleries easily.